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Yamaha Ats 1080 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Yamaha Ats 1080 Review 2021 Top Full Guide

If you want to upgrade your home’s sound system to a higher pitch, better bass, a device that’s not too bulky and easy to install, then the soundbar is the ideal solution for you.

If you are spending a lot of time searching for what you want among hundreds or even thousands of products on the market, then just a few minutes, you see our suggestion How our ideal is ideal.

Yamaha ATS1080 YAS-108 is the soundbar that we want to mention, one of the leading brands’ standout products in Yamaha audio equipment.

So what makes us so excited to introduce you to this soundbar. Read on to Fidlar’s Yamaha Ats 1080 Review to see if it is priced as we say it or not.

Yamaha ATS 1080 Soundbar Review

Yamaha ATS 1080 Soundbar Review


  • Affordable
  • Nice design
  • A nice array of inputs and outputs
  • The HDMI pair can channel video and audio from your gaming console to the TV
  • Impressive bass levels
  • Accurate sound reproduction


  • The optical audio port only works in concert with the HDMI-In port, which you’d need to do if you want good surround sound from this soundbar
  • This may seem unnecessary because you could connect to the TV via the ARC port alone
  • There’s a limit to how much bass a soundbar can produce, even with integrated subwoofers
  • The soundbar downgrades 5.1 surround content to stereo and lacks support for many audio formats


In 35 inches long, 4 inches deep, and two inches high, the ATS 1080 catches your attention with its horizontal form element.

Along with showcasing your TV stand, this soundbar has curved edges, which give it the appearance of a giant popsicle stick. It’s the type of soundbar that will sidetrack you when you should spot it into a physical shop.


Front and top surfaces have been coated in gray fabric mesh, which can be both delicate and a dust magnet.

Each of the controls and LED indicators are on the surface, which places you at a disadvantage when seated.

So it is a great thing the soundbar includes an electronic interface which you can access through your mobile device or TV.

The sides and bottom surfaces of the soundbar have plastic surfaces that are pretty hardy. You will discover that the surfaces of this Yamaha ATS-1080 twice as bass interfaces for your subwoofers.

Two insets stretch from the bottom and upwards to the rear of this soundbar. Each inset includes its set of inputs. In case you should mount the soundbar, the inputs will face the walls, which makes them difficult to reach.

On the upside, you’d be face to face with all the indicators and controls.

Connectivity & Audio Format Service

Among the things that impressed us throughout our Yamaha ATS 108 review is the excellent variety of inputs and outputs this soundbar provides. It’s an optical audio input, HDMI ARC output. 5mm analog audio-in and Bluetooth for wireless streaming.

There is no Wi-Fi from the YAS 108 sound pub, however, and that means you can not get content through MusicCast, Yamaha’s multi-room technologies for streaming audio.

Together with the lack of this Wi-Fi, it is also somewhat disappointing that the HDMI cables do not come from the box, meaning you’ll need to purchase different HDMI cables if you opt for this connectivity alternative. The optical cable to the optical port is contained, however.

However, we find it very impressive that the YAS 108 soundbar contains ARC, which is generally located in higher-end 2. 1 station soundbars and seldom at this price range. It would help if you empowered HDMI CEC about the TV and the soundbar for this attribute to operate.

In this aspect, our sound experts concur that HDMI is far better than analog jack as you’re able to switch between the TV’s audio and yet another device, like a Blu-ray participant. This soundbar may also use 4K HDR so that you don’t need to update the YAS 108 sub anytime soon.

It is also possible to use your TV remote controller to flip the soundbar on and off, control the quantity, but we will get to this later in this detailed review.

Another nifty purpose of this Yamaha YAS 108 is to support two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth. This soundbar features Bluetooth 5.0, which supports data speeds of up to 2Mbps.

The double Bluetooth connection does not allow you to play audio from two devices at precisely the same moment.

You need to stop the playback of one device from beginning playback on the opposite. This may be handy once you have family and friends who wish to share digital accessibility into the YAS 108 pub.

In terms of audio formats, the Yamaha YAS 108 sub merely features DTS Virtual X and fundamental Dolby. You won’t need Dolby Atmos, which you would see in higher-end Samsung soundbars such as the Samsung HW-Q900T.

Regrettably, surround audio formats will probably be downplayed into two. One stereo, however, we discover that it is still comprehensive enough to get an entry-level soundbar.

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Sound Quality & Performance

Placing the system under inspection, you will discover two-inch, front-firing cone woofers in the conclusion of this YAS 108 soundbar. The woofers terminate at the bass interfaces, and there is also a one-inch dome tweeter for its higher tones and noise.

And needless to say, the built-in subwoofers from the soundbar are there too. The subwoofers allow it to have that whole digital stereo or surround audio.

Compared to other audio bar products on the marketplace, the motorists of those ATS 1080 are situated at the pub’s ends. This then creates excellent sound in the middle, rather than having real woofers at the center area.

Our reviews show that the functionality and audio quality of this Yamaha ATS 1080 sound bar are excellent considering its price. Whether we played audio or watched films, the soundbar matches from the area well with well-balanced tones and volume.

The dialog is clear, and the audio details are crisp. The smallest sound or notes may be lax without another subwoofer, particularly in films with a great deal of activity and explosions.

If you’d like a subwoofer for this use, the Yamaha YST-FSW150 sub, as well as the Yamaha YST-SW215PN subwoofer, are excellent options.

The frequency range from the treble runs from 61Hz to 19KHz, while the minimal bass frequency response stands at 61Hz. Should you require a bass volume increase, you can incorporate a wireless subwoofer into the YAS 108.

This is a relief because a few soundbars such as the Bose Solo and Bose Solo 5 do not support it.

There also can be a little bass distortion in a high volume, but what is adequate at a moderate quantity. The bass stays better at this stage. Additionally, the YAS 108 soundbar may get reasonably loud, using its summit at 90dB.

In our music specialists’ Yamaha ATS 1080 testimonials, this soundbar provides a general well-rounded listening experience.

Clear Voice Technology

One thing we listen to in soundbar testimonials is dialog and high quality of individual voices. There is nothing worse for a lot of users than hearing great digital audio in TV shows, news programs, house movies, and films.

The ATS 1080 features Yamaha’s Clear Voice technologies, which enriches the dialog in various articles to make it seem more straightforward.

In our opinion, this technology makes the noise, dialogue, and voices soda, and even in low volume. Therefore, you can listen to what the characters are saying without subtitles.

DTS Virtual: X

Entry-level soundbars are not typically that immersive in comparison with higher-end versions. However, in our opinion, the manner that the YAS 108 soundbar constitutes via DTS Virtual:X.

Past soundbars such as the Yamaha YAS-107 features DTS, carried on into the ATS 1080 yamaha soundbar. This tech simulates object-oriented noises to provide content to the illusion of height, which might otherwise be just possible using a physical ceiling or back speakers.

With DTS, you will have the ability to enjoy virtual electronic 3D surround audio. In our opinion, this manner significantly boosts sound performance and expertise when compared with stereo.

On the other hand, the DTS Virtual:X is still close to what Dolby Atmos [1] could provide; a fantastic example of that will be the Samsung HW-Q90R pub.

However, if that is greater than your collection budget, soundbars such as the Yamaha YAS-209 and the Sonos Beam possess DTS technology.


If you do not have the room to get an external subwoofer, then the Yamaha ats-1080 soundbar will match your house just fine as there are just two subwoofers currently built-in.

Our Yamaha soundbar ats 1080 review reveals that the base end is thunderous sufficient for many users, but you could be searching for more bass oomph. If that’s the circumstance, there is a subwoofer output where it’s possible to join an aftermarket subwoofer for this bass.


Many soundbars at this price point do not produce much of an effort regarding the remote controller. On the other hand, the YAS 108 does not skimp on the distance. The remote makes it effortless to navigate the program and correct quantity by your preference.

The tactile buttons on the remote are well laid out, as well as the functions are readily distinguished because they have different colors.

Another excellent part is that the dimmer button allows you to pick if you would like that the LED lights be off, dim, or glowing, convenient if you find them distracting your perspective in a picture.

However, the impressive thing about the Yamaha yas-108/ats-1080 is that the number of ways you can control the audio bar. Either you use the remote, use your TV’s remote, or get the Home Theater Controller program if you would instead navigate.


Not only does this Yamaha soundbar have many useful features, but it also sounds pretty good. Its bass levels aren’t as extensive as those of the external subwoofer, but you may always add them to your setup.

The decision of the Yamaha-ats-1080-r sound bar review is this soundbar is worth everything you pay for this. Few soundbars in the purchase price range of the ATS 1080 deliver similar features and audio quality.