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Xaviere Guitar Review 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Xaviere Guitar Review 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

If you’re looking for a quality guitar that delivers crisp sound but doesn’t break your budget, then you should consider Xaviere’s guitars. Here we have a product recommendation of this brand, which is arguably the cheapest Xaviere and has received much praise from users.

PRO845 is the guitar that we are talking about; if you still do not know much about this guitar, then let’s go deeper with Fidlar to see if this is a cheap guitar worth investing in right at Xaviere Guitar Review 2021.

Xavier PRO845 Electric Guitar Review

I have been singing the praises of GFS pickups for quite a while now, but I have never really had the opportunity to test one of the Xaviere guitar products until today.

The Xaviere pro845 promptly caught my attention as both a cheap and fantastic alternative to Fender thin lines. My Pro845 arrived in the gorgeous sunburst finish using a Maple neck combined into the Alder body.

A Graphtech nut, Mother of pearl pickguard, and GFS Gold Foil Humbuckers wrap up the amazingly premium features with this particular sub -$300 attractiveness. The 25.5″ scale span Tele can be surprisingly lightweight and comfy, with 22 simple to achieve frets and string-through-body construction.


The GFS Gold Foil Humbuckers are exceptionally flexible and sound great throughout the resonant, Thinline body. They seem more clear and clean than heat, giving them a different single coil-like tone but with greater output without a buzz or hum.

Even the pickups in both rankings were quite receptive to the strike of your choice or hands, remaining angry and total of the chime when gently played before churning out more mid and low-end muscle once you dig. With just a tiny bit of overdrive and distortion, classic humbucker tones were simple to coax out.

This made it effortless to go between enjoying with The Killers, Rage Against The Machine, and Coldplay without having to change guitars. When played clean, you’re left feeling somewhat trying for more of a full, well-rounded tone that typically gets from humbuckers. The PRO845 is undoubtedly a better choice for gamers who want to have more sparkle than thickness.


I was amazed by how nicely the guitar stayed in tune, although the die-cast tuners should be substituted. The string-through-body layout helps stabilize the bridge and also added a great deal of natural sustain, though. The Maple neck’s conclusion felt a little thin for my liking but was above average in relaxation.

On the other hand, the throat feels lean and fast, regardless of their site describing it as “not fat, only liquefy,” thanks to an additional “chunk.” I much favor the neck’s slight feeling, though, and believe it motivated me to maneuver between several distinct places while playing. Additionally, it balances the lightweight Alder, semi-hollow body well.

Complete & Construction:

The end on the Sunburst version I received is magnificent; it looks better than the Sunburst finish in my Fender Stratocaster. The hardware was well polished and clean, giving it an extensive excellent look.

Complete & Construction

The tuners and pots sense somewhat cheap and probably could use an update, but they had been completely non-offensive since they did not interfere with the tuning equilibrium or tone forming.

That is much more me being picky, but worth noting for those who might want to find this guitar and only spend a couple of bucks on alterations. The construction will not look better than anticipated due to the price, with great action, little without fret buzz, and no dings, scratches, or lousy ending indications.

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I believe that the simple fact that you can get such an excellent guitar for about $230 is crazy. As someone who enjoys cheap equipment, I am utilized to handing out dents just like this to something in the 400 -$600 and being exceedingly delighted with the deal I got.

This guitar is much more akin to some more excellent end Squier version than it is into the similarly priced low-end Squier Affinity or Bullet series. The Gold Foil pickups shimmer, sparkle, and chime, providing you many tone design options, and the general layout is fantastic.

Possessing a Thinline Tele has ever been a fantasy of mine, and I feel as I fulfilled that fantasy for a couple of hundred fewer bucks than I ever expected to cover!

Xaviere Guitars Review: FAQs

Why Are Xaviere Guitars Any Good?

The hardware has also been nicely polished and clean, giving it a significantly higher-excellent look. The tuners and pots feel somewhat cheap and probably could use an update, but they had been entirely non-offensive since they did not interfere with the tuning equilibrium or tone forming.

Are Sleek Guitars Any Good?

Despite several problems with its setup and finish, and fit, the Slick SL50 is a perfect Telecaster-style guitar that provides classic T-style tones and much more competitive sounds.

Is Harley Benton A Fantastic guitar?

The Harley Benton guitars are all simple guitars to perform and will be a terrific beginner’s guitar. Comparable guitars at a new like Squier are the Timeless Vibe Series. These traditional Vibes (where I reside ) are a lot more costly and, funnily enough, aren’t any better.

What’s The Most Comfortable Electric Guitar To Perform With?

If you’d like something besides a Strat as a recommendation, an SG could be very comfy. They’re able to have problems such as neck-dive and whatnot; however, the proportions sense. The Musicman Majesty was, undoubtedly, the most comfortable guitar I have ever played with.


Our experience with the PRO845 in Xaviere guitars review was enjoyable. The guitar lived up to, and in some cases exceeded, our expectations and the company’s website’s claims. It’s an instrument packed with features, it plays effortlessly, and is an outstanding value.

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