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What Is Trap Music? Best Things To Know 2023

What Is Trap Music Things to Know 2023
  • Max Kuehn

Do you need to know what is trap music? Trap music is a hip-hop and electronic music genre created in the 1990s in Atlanta, Georgia. It was originally called “Trap&B”.

The trap is characterized by its heavily booming bass sound, deep kicks, hi-hats, compressed snares, clapping, synthesized strings, distorted vocals, sudden time changes, and melodies which are often created from syncopated chord patterns.

In this article, Fidlar will dive deeper so you will know everything about this music genre.

Trap Meaning

The ever-growing sub-genres in dance music culture are gaining momentum, and trap music is one of the most popular genres in music industry.

Although trap music or EDM Trap Music has gained a lot of attention recently, the history behind Trap music is not new.

Violence, life challenge, street life, vehicles, experiences, and the sentimental bond between the artist and their neighborhood are popular trap themes.

Trap Meaning

Evolution And History

In the 1990s, the trap was a new genre that emerged in the Southern United States, specifically Atlanta, Georgia. 8Ball & MJG and Three 6 Mafia, Ghetto Mafia were some of the most prominent early trap artists of the 1990s.

The influence of electronic dance music (EDM), which developed trap music in the 2000s, shaped the trap sound. EDM’s electronic beat component became more prominent in trap music, creating new trap beats similar to trance house music.

EDM producers like RL Grime and TNGHT increased the popularity by incorporating trap beats in their sets in 2012.

This compilation album, All Trap Music, was released by these EDM producers in 2013. It quickly became the most popular EDM trap album.

This music genre gained popularity in the mid-2010s, and it crossed over into mainstream culture with hits such as Fetty Wap’s 2015 hit single Trap Queen.

Trap artists continue to create new music today, and this style has influenced mainstream hip-hop artists such as Drake, Cardi B, and Migos.

Three Characteristics Of Trap Music

These are the three most common features of trap music.

Synth Beat

This genre is influenced by dubstep and club music. It features a trilling electronic triplet drum beat that allows artists to alternate between slow and fast rap styles.

The beats use synth drum sounds with the bass drum from 808 drum sets, including kick, snare, and electronic hi-hat beats.

To give the sound some grit, trap beats use distortion and reverb effects. The trap beat’s speed is usually between 130 and 170 BPM.

This music genre can be described as 1/3 hip hop (tempo and song structure similar) – vocals are often pitched lower or higher, 1/3 dance music (high pitched Dutch synth music, hardstyle sampling, andplethora of trap remixed of popular EDM songs), 1/3 dub (Low-frequency focus with a strong emphasis on repetition throughout a song.

Triplet Flow

Trap music’s signature feature is the triplet flow. Artists hit three beats in the same space as it takes to hit two. This creates an irregular, rolling rhythm. Trap’s triplet rhythm is sometimes called the Migos flow.

In the song “Versace” by Migos, the phrase “Versace” is repeated in a triplet stream in the chorus, is known as Trap’s Triplet Flow.

Rolls And Risers

Rolls and risers are used to distinguish trap beats. They use rolls and risers, which are modulations in volume and pitch that allow for transitions between music phrases.

Three Characteristics of Trap music

What is Trap different from Rap?

This is one subgenre of hip-hop. It is an umbrella category for many types of music. Rapping or MCing is one of the main pillars of hip-hop. However, trap and other forms of rap music have their distinct characteristics.

This music genre is distinguished by the themes used in the lyrics. Many artists frequently refer to drugs and violence in their lyrics, which is not a new phenomenon in the rap scene.

Another difference is the musical aspects of the tracks. The trap is well-known for its loud hi-hats. This is what makes trap music different from other hip-hop.

The lyrical theme is a crucial aspect of trap. It is essential as it is the core of trap identity. It is not enough to have a fast tempo or include trap elements that a track is considered “trap”.

It cannot be classified as trap music if the lyrics do not tell stories about trap culture.

Is Trap Music A Rap Or EDM?

This genre originated in the Southern United States. This origin makes it impossible to separate trap and rap. Trap tracks are rapped with their own variations.

Many EDM artists are now using trap music and combining it with their dance tracks to create a trap that is “dance-able”.

Trap music artists also create tracks that lean more towards EDM while still keeping the appropriate themes of violence and drugs.

You can also hear many big rap stars using trap sound in their music. These factors create a new generation of trap-influenced EDM, which we can see dominating charts in recent years.

There are variety of factors making trap music popular. First of all, it is easy to understand or relate to.

It is difficult to find a niche for the trap that is relatable if we consider the lyrics of the music. The other explanation is that trap gained popularity because it is easy to listen to and not dull.

Notable elements include the fast-paced hi-hats pattern and other aspects that make it unique from previous hip-hop tracks. Trap is unique and different. The trap is more energetic, exciting, and fresh.

This genre is a combination of slow beats and fast-paced hi-hats. It makes people feel like they’re listening to two different tunes at once. This trick tricks the brain into listening to more music and not feeling bored.

A contributing factor is a renaissance in hip-hop and their willingness to include trap elements and established trap rappers. This genre is also used frequently in movies and video games.

We cannot ignore the importance of streaming and social media among youth. This supports the growth of many musical genres, including trap.

6 Famous Trap Artists

Hip hop is heavily influenced by trap today. These are the top trap’s artists.

2 Chainz

2 Chainz was a member of the trap duo Playaz Circle. This was one of the first trap duos. 2 Chainz’s first solo album was released after the split. Three of his singles reached the Billboard Hot 100.

6 Famous Trap Artists

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane is one of the founders of Atlanta trap. His major label debut album Trap House peaked at number 20 on the R&B Billboard Charts in 2005. He has collaborated with many artists, including Mariah Carey, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Lil Wayne.

Fetty Wap

Although he was raised in Paterson (New Jersey), Fetty Wap quickly became a well-known trap artist with his hit song “Trap Queen”, which spent 25 consecutive weeks at the top ten of the Billboard charts.


His first album Trap Muzik, released in 2003, introduced trap beats to a wider audience. T.I. has been a household name since the album Trap Muzik. Since then, T.I. has won three Grammys and had seven albums reach number 5 on the Billboard charts.

Waka Flocka Flame

He was born in Queens and grew up in Riverdale, Georgia. He was exposed to early trap music. He was a member of Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad. His debut album Flockaveli reached no.6 in the U.S. Billboard charts for 2010.

Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy is a big name in the trap scene. His debut album, “Let’s get it: Thug Motivation 101”, went platinum one month after its release in 2005.

6 Famous Trap Artists

The Top 20 Trap Songs That You Must Listen To

You can also find trap tracks on this list.

  • Lil Uzi Vert – Money Longer
  • Waka Flaka Fame – Hard in the Paint
  • Fetty Wap – Trap Queen
  • Young Thug – Stoner
  • Migos – Versace
  • Gunna – YSL
  • Boosie Badazz – Wipe Me Down
  • UGK – Tell Me Something Good
  • T.I. – 24’s
  • Gucci Mane – Freaky Gurl
  • Jeezy – Soul Survivor
  • Rick Ross –Hustlin
  • Chief Keef – I Don’t Like
  • Lil Yachty – One Night
  • A$AP Ferg – Work
  • 21 Savage – Red Opps
  • Lil Baby – Drip Too Hard
  • Playboi Carti – Magnolia
  • Future – Magic
  • 2 Chainz – No Lie


This article covers all you need to know about the trap meaning, history, characteristics, as well as famous artists. If you’re looking for more information on this topic, we hope that this post helps clarify some things!

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