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What is Tiger Woods Caddy Net Worth 2022

Tiger Woods Caddy Net Worth

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Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers in history, and his caddy, Joe LaCava, has been by his side for much of that success. LaCava started working with Woods in 2011 and has helped him to numerous tournament victories, including Woods’ record-tying seventh Masters win in 2019.

LaCava’s role goes beyond simply carrying Woods’ clubs and giving him yardage information – he is also a trusted advisor and confidante, helping Woods to stay focused and motivated during competition. The partnership between Woods and LaCava is a key part of Woods’ continued success on the golf course.

Have you ever wondered what Tiger Woods Caddy net worth is? If yes, the following article will provide the best information about this famous one’s salary.

Tiger Woods Caddy Net Worth – Steve Williams

Tiger Woods Caddy Net Worth - Steve Williams

Steve Williams, a professional golf caddie born in New Zealand, is worth $20 million. Tiger Woods is one of the many renowned professional golfers for whom Steve Williams served as a caddy. Steve carried his clubs from 1999 through 2011 when Tiger was routinely the best-ranked and highest-paid golfer. Steve served as a club bearer for Jason Day, Peter Thomson, and Adam Scott during his career.


On December 29, 1963, he was born in Wellington, New Zealand. At the age of six, he started caddying, and by the time he was ten, he was caddying 36 holes every Saturday and Sunday. He would play golf throughout the week but finally discovered that he preferred caddying overplaying.

Greg Norman’s caddie from 1982 to 1989 was Steve. He subsequently caddied for Raymond Floyd from 1989 until 1999.

Tiger Woods hired Steve for the 1999 golfing season. After that, Tiger and Steve collaborated from 1999 until 2011. When Tiger was out with an injury, Steve caddied for a few other players. According to reports, Tiger first approved but afterward changed his mind. On July 20, 2011, Tiger told Steve he was changing his course. Later, Steve would admit that they would never talk again (as of this writing).

Steve started working for Adam Scott right away. He was employed with Adam till 2017.

He caddied for Danielle Kang in 2017.He has collaborated with Jason Day recently.

Salary of Steve Williams

Salary of Steve Williams

Most caddies get a regular pay of 5% of the pro’s earnings from tournament participation and a weekly wage. Steve Williams received 15% of Tiger’s tournament winnings while working together. Steve Williams made much more money than most of the professional tournament players over most of Tiger’s career. His $1.4 million in commission-only earnings in 2007 would have placed him in the top 75 PGA earners for the year. Williams also received compensation from Tiger via gifts and endorsements.

Tiger Woods’s Salary

Being Tiger Woods caddie, Steve made at least $12 million in incentives and wages alone. Additionally, Tiger allegedly offered Steve 10 automobiles he had won in competitions.

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As of 2021, Tiger Woods’ caddy net worth is around $20 million. This is primarily thanks to Woods’ successful career on the professional golf circuit, during which he has earned over $1 billion in prize money. Woods’ caddy, Joe LaCava, has been with him for many years and has played a significant role in his success. LaCava’s cut of Woods’ winnings is believed to be around 10%, which means that he has earned millions of dollars from Woods’ victories. Thank you for reading!

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