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What is Rick Salomon Net Worth 2022: Full Info

Rick Salomon Net Worth

FIDLAR will help you know What is Rick Salomon Net Worth 2022: Full Guide

Rick Salomon is an American poker player, film producer, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $100 million. In this article, we will talk about Rick Salomon net worth, and his plans.


Rick Salomon’s Overview

What is the Net Worth of Rick Salomon and Salary in 2022?

Early years and childhood

Rick Salomon was born on February 24, 1969, in Neptune Town, New Jersey. His full name is Richard Allan Salomon. Robert Jess Salomon, his father, used to be the Executive Vice President of Warner Bros. Not much else is known about his childhood, his early life, or how he was raised.

Marriage and Love

Soon after he won the World Series of Poker, he was in the news, but most of the time it was because of his famous relationships and marriage.

Soon after he won the World Series, there were rumors that he was dating Paris Hilton. He even made a sex tape called “One Night in Paris.”

Salomon got married to the actress Elizabeth Daily in the year 1995. They were lucky to have two daughters, Hunter and Tyson. But things didn’t work out between them, and in 2000 they got a divorce.

He got married to Shannen Doherty in 2002. Within nine months, the couple had split up. Salomon got married to the famous actress Pamela Anderson on October 6, 2007, and their marriage has been rough since the beginning.

Even though they tried to work out their differences, they ended their engagement in March 2008 and then started divorce proceedings. They got married again on an unknown date, but in July 2014, they filed for divorce.

Rick Salomon’s Daughter

Back in 1995, Rick Salomon tied the knot with voice actress Elizabeth Daily. The couple got a divorce in the year 2000, despite the fact that they had two daughters together.

In the year 2002, he married Shannen Doherty, and they had a daughter together named Dylan. The little one was only 1 year old when Doherty filed for divorce.

The actress and her parents got in a lot of legal issues because of his drinking. In 2011, she tweeted, “How many times can you die before it actually matters?” hoping that her father would get help for his alcoholism. In the same year, she filed for divorce.After that, she moved to Italy with her young daughter.

Problems and scandals

Rick Salomon and Paris Hilton are still a hot topic. Their sex tape leaked.

As soon as he saw the tape, Salomon sued the document distributor and the Hilton family. He felt Hilton’s underage status affected his reputation. $10 million is at stake.

Hilton sued Kahatani Ltd. for breaching her privacy and made her feel bad. Salomon sold the tape himself in April 2004.
He used Red Light District Video. “1 Night in Paris” was the cassette. After Paris Hilton’s private case was dismissed, Salomon discontinued the lawsuit in July 2004.

Hilton wanted a part of the ice’s profits. Hilton got $400,000 and a percentage of Salomon’s tape sales.

Rick Salomon Carreer

Salomon grew more entrepreneurial after divorcing Anderson. Founded August Capital.
Hedged fund. The company was short-lived. Since then, he’s been quiet about business. Mat Franco Inc. was reportedly his investment. He denied it.
He’s been seen with various ladies, but he’s unlikely to remarry. He told Nightline he has no time for a relationship, with or without kids.

Salomon has also been an actor. My Sister’s Keeper, Alpha Dog, and Bob’s Video feature Rick. He’s also produced First In, Who’s Your Caddy, DMX: Soul of a Man, and American Girl. In Entourage, he played himself.

Rick bought a $1.3 million home above Sunset Strip in 1994. He listed it for $12.5 million in January 2021. In 2014, he bought an 11,000-square-foot, gated Las Vegas property for $3.8 million. He lives in LA.

The Live Tournaments by Rick Salomon

Rick Salomon has won $9.906 million in all of the live tournaments he has played, sitting in the poker table. The Hendon Mob site says this to be true. Salomon is now in the top 100 of the list of people who have made the most money ever. Rick’s profile only shows 13 different amounts of cash. This means that he is playing poker in tournaments with high buy-ins.

Rick had his first poker games ITM finish in July 2005, when he came in 13th place in a $3000 poker tournament and won $4,800. Rick won a $1000 Bellagio Cup after chasing $125,715 for a year. This was the first time he had a six-figure income on his sheet.

In November 2018, Rick came in second place at the Aria’s $100,000 Fall Madness high roller. He tried so hard then beat lots of poker players and was almost able to beat David Peters for the title. Rick Salomon’s net worth went up that day because he won $672,000.

Rick started to be happy about his best live poker tournament win of 2016 in October. He came in third at the €1,000,000 Big One for One Drop main event at the World series cash Monte Carlo One Drop Extravaganza.

He won a total of €3,000,000 cash games, which is about $3,307,206 in US dollars.
As you can see, Rick Salomon’s winnings had a big effect on his net worth and made him one of the best poker stars in the world.

What is Rick Salomon’s Net Worth?

Rick Salomon is a Swiss-American investor and the former President and CEO of IAC, the holding company that owns The Independent and other publications. He is also a former executive producer of Trump TV shows.

IAC is also the company that owns National Enquirer, Us Weekly, Shape, and numerous other magazines and newspapers. In 2015, IAC from Trump estate for $55 million. In 2016, it was reported that Salomon received a payout of $72.5 million. In 2017, Salomon left his position with IAC and went independent.

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Why is Rick Salomon famous?

Rick Salomon is famous because he was in a sex tape with Paris Hilton. The tape was released while he was still married to his second wife, and it has been ten years since then.

The reasons that the tape became popular are because of the way that he asked for forgiveness for what he had done.

Was Paris Hilton involved in releasing her famous sex tape?

No, Paris Hilton was not involved in the release of her sex tape.

Who is the latest woman that Rick Salomon has been seen with?

The latest woman that Rick Salomon has been seen with is 38-year-old actress and producer Agnes Varda. They were spotted together at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2021.

What is the current age of Rick Salomon?

The current age of Rick Salomon is 56.

Rick Salomon Instagram

Here are his link to the bio of Instagram, you can go follow and see what he doing at:

How did Rick Salomon make his money ?

Rick Salomon made his money as a professional poker player. He is famous for winning the 2002 World Series of Poker against Chris Moneyman.He was also known for his role in the Paris Hilton sex tape.

Rick vices does Rick Salomon have?

Rick Salomon does notptives include alcohol and drugs.He has talked about using painkillers after a number of operations. He has also said about struggling with depression. He mentioned in an interview that he does not have any current vices.

What is the current state of Rick Salomon’s wealth?

The current state of Rick Salomon’s wealth is stable. He lives in Los Angeles, California. He bought a house in 1994 for $1.3 million and put it up for sale in 2021.


Rick Salomon is an American poker player, film producer, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $100 million. In this article, we talked about Rick Salomon’s net worth and his plans.

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