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The 20+ What is Pk Subban Net Worth 2022: Full Guide

The 20+ What is Pk Subban Net Worth 2022: Full Guide

FIDLAR will help you know What is Pk Subban Net Worth 2022: Should Read

P.K. Subban is a pro hockey player from Canada who is worth PK Subban’s net worth. P. K. Subban has played for the New Jersey Devils, the Nashville Predators, and the Montreal Canadiens during his time in the NHL. In 2013, Subban won the Norris Trophy as the best defenseman in the NHL. This is just one of his many accomplishments.

Where did PK Subban’s success come from, and how did he amass such a fortune? Here at Fidlarmusic, we’ll explore PK Subban’s life and career to understand PK Subban net worth better.

PK Subban’s Overview

PK Subban’s Overview

Early life

  1. K. Subban was born in Toronto and grew up there. His parents were from the Caribbean and moved to Canada in 1970. Carl has two brothers and two sisters, so he comes from a big family. Even though he lived in Toronto, he always had a soft spot for Montreal.

He always wanted to be like the legendary Canadian ice hockey player Jean Béliveau, who was also his idol. Carl loved to play ice hockey, and when he was in school, he was well-known for it.

Juniors Career

Subban started playing junior hockey with the Belleville Bulls of the Ontario Hockey League as a teenager. In his first season, 2005-2006, Subban played 52 games and scored 12 points.

The next season, he did much better, scoring 56 points in 68 games. The season after that, he did even better, scoring 46 points in just 58 games. Subban also helped the Bulls get to the finals of the J. Ross Robertson Cup, but they lost to the Kitchener Rangers.

In 2008-09, Subban’s last year as a junior, he had his best record, with 76 points over 56 games.

Professional Career

He first played in the Ontario Hockey League for the Belleville Bulls. He has played there for four years and has shown that he is a good player. He did pretty well there, but he wasn’t really happy there. He’s always wanted to play for Montreal.

During the 2009-2010 NHL season, he was finally picked up by the Montreal Canadians and the Hamilton Bulldogs. He did well enough there that his name was put on the list for the all-star game and all-star team. He became a key player by scoring 18 goals and setting up 35 others.

Subban is playing for the NJ Devils right now. During the 2019 transfer window, players were traded for him. This move went as well as he could have hoped for.

Personal life

PK Subban’s life

In the 1970s, both of Subban’s parents left the Caribbean and moved to Ontario. Karl, his father, moved from Jamaica to Sudbury, while Maria, his mother, moved from Montserrat to Hamilton.

Karl used to run a school and is now retired. Subban was born in Toronto, Canada, and grew up in the Rexdale neighborhood of that city. He has four brothers and sisters: Nastassia, Natasha, Jordan, and Malcolm. Malcolm is a goalie who was picked by the Boston Bruins in the first round of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. He now plays for the Buffalo Sabres.

During the first season of the Vegas Golden Knights (2017-2018), Malcolm and P.K. Subban played against each other for the first time in the NHL regular season. The game occurred on December 8, 2017, on the elder Subban’s home ice at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Malcolm won because Marc-André Fleury was hurt and couldn’t play goalie.

In the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, the Vancouver Canucks picked Jordan in the fourth round.

During their junior years, all three of P. K., Malcolm, and Jordan played for the Belleville Bulls. Subban and John Tavares, who plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs, were good friends when they were kids.

He also played with Tampa Bay Lightning captain and star Steven Stamkos and won a Triple-A Novice title with him.

Even though he grew up in Toronto, Subban was not a fan of the Maple Leafs when he was young. He said on the Montreal talk show Tout le monde en parle that he had always wanted to play for Montreal since he was a child. He also said that one of his biggest hockey heroes as a kid was the great Jean Béliveau, who played for the Canadiens.

During the 2018 NHL Awards, Subban was announced as the game’s cover athlete.

In June 2018, Subban started dating Lindsey Vonn, an American skier.

They told people about their engagement on August 23, 2019, and Vonn asked Subban to marry her on Christmas Day, 2019. On December 29, 2020, they both posted on Instagram that they were breaking up. Vonn said that the two had broken up but would still be friends.

On October 21, 2020, it was announced that Subban and Vonn are part of the Angel City FC ownership group. Angel City FC is a Los Angeles-based team that will join the National Women’s Soccer League in 2022.


Subban signing autographs in 2013

Subban’s marketing company, P.K.S.S., has gotten his business deals with Adidas, Bridgestone, Gatorade, and Air Canada, in addition to the RW-CO deal.

Personality and style

Personality and style

Subban is known for his exciting and hard-hitting play style and colorful personality, which some people call brash and self-centered.

He talked about it in an interview with

“A lot of things are said about me. And maybe if I didn’t play in Montreal to start my career, many of those things would not have made the news. But when you’re in Montreal, everything gets kind of blown up and everything becomes news, which is fine.”

“None of that stuff ever really bothered me. I’m not that self-absorbed where I think everybody on the planet will love me or everything about me.

“They’re all not going to love how I play the game or think I’m the best-looking guy in the world. It’s just not going to happen.”

“You’re going to have people disagree. They may not think how I play the game is the right way. Or they may not think everything I do is authentic, but that’s just life. What are you going to do? ”

“All you do is continue to work on yourself every day as a player and as a person, and that’s it.”

“I try to get better every day and continue to do good things, not just for myself, but for the people around me, and just create good energy around me wherever I go, because that’s the only way to live, in my opinion.”

Off the ice, Subban is known for being a stylish dresser. He often is seen in designer suits and unique accessories. Because of his sense of style, he is now the face of a line of suits made by RW-CO.

Sports Illustrated put Subban in the top 50 of the best-dressed athletes and put him on their alternate cover page in July 2018. In May 2019, GQ Magazine gave P.K. Subban the chance to show off his hatmaker Gunner Foxx and his custom tailor and shoemaker, Sartorialto.



On September 16, 2015, Subban said he would raise $10 million by 2022 for the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

The hospital said it was “the biggest act of charity by a Canadian sports figure in history.” After he gave money, Subban kept his promise to be a spokesperson and worked with Air Canada to set up a “Winter Wonderland” at the hospital before the holidays.

In 2017, he was given the Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division) for how his “generous gift shows how professional athletes can change lives for the better in their communities.”

He was also put on the panel of judges for the Impact Challenge in Canada to help decide which groups should get money to help Canada.

Subban kept giving back to the community even after he was traded to Nashville.

The goal of “P.K.’s Blue Line Buddies” was to improve relations between police and inner-city youths.

They did this by taking a police officer, a youth, and their guests to a Predators home game and giving them perks like dinner and autographs in the Patron Platinum Club at Bridgestone Arena.

Subban kept up with his Blue Line Buddies program when he was traded to the New Jersey Devils.

Subban wanted to make sure that his show didn’t just reach people in Nashville. Subban went on The Daily Show in January 2018 to talk about his charity work with the children’s hospital and his Blue Line Buddies program.

In June 2020, Subban gave US$50,000 to a GoFundMe campaign to help George Floyd’s daughter, Gianna Floyd, get money.

What about PK Subban net worth and salary?

As of 2022, PK Subban’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million. He is currently signed to the New Jersey Devils with an annual salary of $9 million. Subban is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman who has played in the NHL for the Nashville Predators, Montreal Canadiens, and New Jersey Devils.

Why is PK Subban famous?

Most people call Pernell-Karl Subban “P.K.” He has been one of the most dynamic defensemen in recent years. His electrifying play on the ice and his equally charming personality off the ice make him both loved and criticized, often at the same time.

But no matter how you feel about him, he is one of the most interesting people in the game.


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FAQs about PK Subban

FAQs about PK Subban

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