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What is Norm Duke Net Worth 2023 Overview, Interview

Famous American ten-pin bowler Norm Duke. According to the records, Norm is a great bowler who was born in 1964. He is listed among the wealthiest people in the United States. Norm is his first name, and Duke is his last name. Let’s know more about him and look at Norm Duke net worth 2023, records, career and more.

What is Norm Duke’s Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Norm Duke’s Net Worth and Salary 2023

Norm Duke is an American professional bowler on the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) tour since 1989. He has won 33 PBA Tour titles, which puts him fourth all-time in the sport, and he has earned over $3.5 million in career earnings.

Along with his incredible achievements on the lanes, Norm Duke has also built a very successful business portfolio that has substantially added to his net worth.

While an exact figure hasn’t been made public, sources estimate that Norm Duke’s net worth is currently around $4 million.

Norm Duke Overview

Norm Duke Overview

Early Life

Norm Duke, a professional 10-pin bowler who competes on the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour, was born on March 25, 1964, in Mount Pleasant, Texas, the United States.

He has won the U.S. Open twice (in 2008 and 2011) and three PBA World Championships. In 1982, Duke’s career began.


Norm Duke was born and raised in Texas. He began his professional career in 1982, and in 1983, at 18 years and 345 days, he won his first game on the PBA Tour in Cleveland, Ohio.

He also made his first television appearance on that occasion, which was good because his career stalled for the following few years until he achieved his second victory in 1991.

In 1994, his best year, Norm won five championships, including the major at the Tournament of Champions, and was named PBA Player of the Year.

In 2000, Duke won three championships and the honor of PBA Player of the Year. From 2007 to 2009, he added two more PBA World Championships to his collection.

Duke has been a member of the USBC Hall of Fame since 2002, and these accomplishments helped him be inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame in January 2009. His achievements have also made a substantial contribution to his wealth.

Norm now holds 38 PBA Tour championships, including seven majors: three PBA World Championships, two United States Opens, one ABC Masters, and one Tournament of Champions.

While Norm won two PBA50 championships in 2014, including the Senior US Open, Duke became just the third player in history to win $3 million or more in career prize money in the 2011–12 season. Duke significantly increased his net worth by winning his third PBA50 championship and second PBA50 major in the PBA50 World Championship in 2016.

Norm Duke has 64 flawless games in his PBA career and is the first bowler in history to have won three Major titles in a row. He was also named the PBA50 Player of the Year in 2014.

Personal Life

In terms of his private life, Norm Duke has been wed to Karen since 1993, and the two of them have a son. He currently resides in Clermont, Florida, and enjoys boating, fishing, golf, and being an ardent supporter of the American football team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Why is Norm Duke famous?

American professional bowler Norm Duke is participating in the PBA50 Tour and the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour.

He has won 40 championships on the PBA Tour, including seven major titles, and an additional six titles, including two major championships, on the PBA50 Tour.

FAQs about Norm Duke

FAQs about Norm Duke

Who is the richest Pro bowler?

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What is Jason Belmonte net worth?

Australian professional ten-pin bowler Jason Belmonte has a $3 million fortune. Orange is where Jason Belmonte was born.

How much is Kyle Troup net worth?

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How tall is Norm Duke?

Norm Duke stands 1.65 meters, or 5-foot-5

How old is Norm Duke now?

Norm Duke age is 58 years old.


From a young age, Norm Duke has worked hard to become one of the top ten-pin bowlers in the United States. With decades of dedication and commitment, Norm has achieved tremendous success and is now one of the wealthiest people in the country.

His records speak for themselves, and it’s no wonder he is highly regarded in the bowling community.

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