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What is Nicole Curtis Net Worth 2023: Overview, Interview

What is Nicole Curtis Net Worth 2023 Overview, Interview

Nicole Curtis, the host of the television program Rehab Addicts, promotes the preservation and repair of existing structures rather than their demolition wherever practical. 

She advocates restoring older homes to their original splendor rather than entirely upgrading them. Many people ask the question: “what is Nicole Curtis net worth”.

This article will discuss Nicole Curtis net worth, salary, personal life, dating, and more.

What is Nicole Curtis’s Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Nicole Curtis’s Net Worth and Salary 2023

Nicole Curtis is a television personality with a net worth of $6 million. As the host of Rehab Addict, Nicole Curtis has helped countless homeowners save their historic homes from demolition.

But how much does Curtis earn for her work on the show? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nicole Curtis’s salary is $3 million per season. That means she earns a whopping $12 million per year!

Nicole Curtis Overview

Nicole Curtis Overview

Early Life

On August 20, 1976, Nicole Lynn Curtis was born in Lake Orion, Michigan. Her brother Ryan is an actress, and her parents, Joan and Rod, ran a Detroit garbage company.

When Nicole was a little girl, her family would take weekend vacations to places like Flint, Saginaw, and many other suburbs of Detroit, where she would acquire a love for traditional old-style American homes.

Curtis studied dancing while she was a teen and graduated from Lake Orion High School in 1994.

She went to college in Michigan, Florida, and Georgia, and although she had intended to major in law, she ultimately chose to focus on education. Nicole began her own cleaning company while still a college student and worked at IHOP and Hooters.


Nicole started renovating historic homes that were going to be torn down in the late 1990s. She initially had residences in Minneapolis, Tampa, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, but she has since expanded.

The “Rehab Addict” production company contacted Curtis when she became a realtor to discuss recording real estate-related parts, but when she met with producers, she persuaded them to offer her a program.

On October 14, 2010, the DIY Network hosted the launch of “Rehab Addict,” which later moved to HGTV for season four.

Nicole decided to leave the show in 2018 after 113 episodes throughout eight seasons. Then she revealed “People” magazine: “I was exhausted.

In those ten years, I spent a great deal of time without enjoying it. I was under stress.” Early in 2021, Curtis returned to HGTV with “Rehab Addict Rescue,” for which she also works as an executive producer.

She introduced Nicole Curtis Home in 2015, a line of tools for home improvement projects that includes paint sprayers, stud finders, and removable wallpaper.

Nicole co-hosted the 2015 season of the HGTV renovation competition series “Beach Flip,” and in 2014, she had an appearance on the DIY Network program “Daryl’s Restoration Over-Hall,” hosted by musician Daryl Hall.

Personal Life

In 1996, Nicole gave birth to her first child, Ethan. Steve Cimini, Ethan’s father, reportedly missed his son’s birth when he was incarcerated for DUI manslaughter.

Cimini and Curtis attempted to raise Ethan together when Cimini was released from prison, but their relationship ended in 1998.

Then, over 15 years, Nicole and Steve fought in court over their kid. After Cimini eventually relocated to California, Nicole’s mother raised Ethan. Ethan and Nicole fought in 2015, after which Ethan vanished for a week.

Ethan refused to return home until Curtis permitted him to live with Nicole’s mother once she learned that her son was in California with Cimini.

Although Curtis permitted Ethan to live with his grandmother, he moved to California to live with Cimini during his senior year of high school.

Nicole and her ex-boyfriend Shane Maguire welcomed a kid named Harper in 2015. Nicole and Maguire then engaged in another custody dispute, with Maguire ultimately asking for sole custody and arguing that Curtis was an unfit mother.

In October 2018, the ex-couple made a pact to “share equal responsibility and decision-making authority” for Harper and to refrain from expressing anything that would “tend to discredit or destroy the love that the kid and the parents have for each other” in front of Harper.

In 2018, Ryan Sawtelle, the founder and executive director of the military nonprofit White Heart Foundation, and Nicole started dating.

Asserting that she had received threatening messages and phone calls from Nicole, Nicole’s mother asked for a restraining order against her in 2016. The judge denied Joan’s motion, who advised the mother and daughter to avoid each other.

In 2017, Curtis paid $17,000 for a house in Detroit; after shelling out $60,000 on renovations and other expenses, she learned that the seller was not the real owner.

The Detroit Land Bank Authority, which owns the property, relisted it on the market in early 2021. In March 2021, Nicole sued the group, requesting to either keep the house or get compensation for it.

She took more than a foot of her hair off in 2019 and gave it to Children With Hair Loss so it could be fashioned into wigs.

Tessa Prothero, the daughter of Curtis’ principal contractor, died in 2017 at the age of 9 following a four-year struggle with cancer, so she did this in her memory.

Why is Nicole Curtis famous?

Nicole Curtis is well-known to many fans as the creator of the well-liked home improvement program Rehab Addict on HGTV and DIY Network, but the reality TV star has quite a dual existence.

Curtis comes across as charming and wonderful on camera, and she undoubtedly seems to have everything together. Behind the scenes, however, is a different tale because Curtis has experienced more drama than her fair share.

FAQs about Nicole Curtis

FAQs about Nicole Curtis

How old is Nicole Curtis?

Nicole Curtis age is 46 years old.

Is Nicole Curtis married?

Nicole Curtis, the actress of Rehab Addict, is now talking openly about her new relationship with Ryan Sawtelle, the head of a military foundation.

How tall is Nicole Curtis?

Nicole Curtis height is 5 ft 3 inches which is approximately 160 cm.

Does Nicole Curtis still have a show?

Rehab Addict: Lake House Rescue, a new, three-episode series from house restorer and preservationist Nicole Curtis, will premiere on HGTV on November 3, 2023, at 9/8c.

How many houses does Nicole Curtis own?

In the late 1990s, Nicole began protecting historic properties that were about to be demolished. Initially, she had residences in Minneapolis, Tampa, Atlanta, and Los Angeles; later, she added to them.

Producers of the show approached Curtis after she began her new career as a realtor with the idea of capturing some of her work.

How many children does Nicole Curtis have?

Ethan was Nicole’s first child, who was born in 1996. Ethan’s father, Steve Cimini, was reportedly incarcerated at the time of his birth due to his conviction for DUI manslaughter.

After Cimini’s release from prison, Curtis and Cimini tried to raise Ethan together, but their relationship broke down in 1998.


In conclusion, Nicole Curtis is a strong advocate for the preservation of older homes. She is passionate about restoring them to their original splendor rather than entirely upgrading them. Her work on Rehab Addicts has helped to raise awareness of this issue and encourage others to take action.

If you’re interested in learning more about her work or supporting her efforts, check out Fidlarmusic or follow her on social media.

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