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What is Nayib Bukele Net Worth 2023: Overview, Interview

What is Nayib Bukele Net Worth 2023 Overview, Interview

El Salvador’s 43rd president, Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez, is a politician and businessman from El Salvador who took office on June 1 of this year. 

He is the first president since José Napoleón Duarte (1984–1989) who was not chosen as the representative of one of the two major political parties in the nation: the right-leaning Nationalist Republican Alliance and the left-leaning Farabundo Mart National Liberation Front (FMLN).

Let’s now discover Nayib Bukele Net Worth in 2023, Income, and Properties.

What is Nayib Bukele’s Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Nayib Bukele’s Net Worth and Salary 2023

Nayib Bukele is a Salvadoran politician and businessman who has a net worth of $2 million. He is the current President of El Salvador. Bukele was born in San Salvador, El Salvador on May 21, 1981.

He is the son of Nayib Bukele Ortez and Ines Elizabeth Gutierrez. Bukele has two brothers, Enrique and Nayib. He studied business administration at the José Simeón Cañas Central American University in El Salvador.

He is paid $12,000 per month, which is more than the average Salvadoran makes in a year. Bukele has defended his salary, saying he is worth it and needs to be able to support his family.

Critics say that Bukele is out of touch with the average Salvadoran and that he is only interested in lining his own pockets. They point to the fact that he has been accused of corruption in the past. Bukele has denied these allegations.

Nayib Bukele Overview

Nayib Bukele Overview

Early Life

Bukele was born in San Salvador on July 24, 1981. He is 40 years old. He is the son of Armando Bukele Kattán and Olga Ortez de Bukele.

The Times of Israel reports that Bukele’s maternal grandmother was a Catholic and his maternal grandfather was a Greek Orthodox, while his paternal grandparents were Palestinian Christians from Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Later, his father became an imam after converting to Islam. The Hispanicized form of the Arabic name “Najib” is “Nayib.”

At Central American University, Nayib Bukele studied law, but he soon dropped out to start his first business at the age of 18. According to a report in the online newspaper El Faro, Bukele is the owner of Yamaha Motors El Salvador, a business that markets and sells Yamaha goods in El Salvador. Additionally, he served as the organization’s president and director.


Political Career

He was the first president since José Napoleón Duarte (1984–89) to be elected without being a member of either the FMLN or ARENA, the country’s two major political parties.

He ran as the candidate of the center-right GANA party. Additionally, he founded the Nuevas Ideas political party.

On March 11, 2012, he was previously chosen to serve as mayor of Nuevo Cuscatlán. On March 1, 2015, he was elected mayor of San Salvador and began office on May 1.

Under the aegis of the left-leaning Farabundo Mart National Liberation Front party, he ran for and won the two public offices.

He has drawn criticism for exercising dictatorial rule despite being a populist.

He was criticized in particular for allegedly trying to overthrow the El Salvadorian Legislative Assembly by sending soldiers into the Legislative Assembly to encourage the passage of a bill.

Some academics have characterized him as an autocrat or an authoritarian as a result of this action, his handling of the widespread violence in El Salvador, and his strict response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

El Salvador president and Colombia were given as two instances of an “explosion of irregularities and corruption cases” in connection with the response to the pandemic in Latin America by Transparency International.

The Attorney General’s Office is now looking into twenty Bukele administration government institutions.

President of El Salvador

Bukele announced a plan to boost policing in some areas of El Salvador shortly after assuming office in June 2019 in an effort to reduce the country’s high crime rates.

The National Civil Police and the Armed Forces of El Salvador were used, and both were provided with modern weapons and ammunition.

Although Bukele bragged about the sharp decline in homicides that followed these initiatives, other organizations, including the United States, have claimed that he actually decreased crime by bargaining with the potent criminal organization Mara Salvatrucha.

Bukele founded the National Civil Police’s anti-corruption unit as well as the International Commission Against Impunity in El Salvadorto help fight crime.

Bukele came under fire at the beginning of 2020 for deploying soldiers inside the Legislative Assembly to coerce MPs into passing a bill supporting military equipment.

The next year, when he led the effort to remove five Supreme Court justices and the attorney general, which was perceived as a self-coup, he came in for even more criticism.

Bukele would be eligible to compete for reelection in 2024 as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision in late 2021 to reverse a 2014 decision that mandated presidents wait ten years before being eligible to run again.

This decision was fiercely opposed as a sign of the coming dictatorship. Bukele’s passage of the Foreign Agents Law, which many perceived as an attempt to suppress the media, was also condemned.

Human Rights Watch has documented numerous instances of Bukele’s government’s abuses; the group has written about arbitrary detentions, abuse by the police, and other harsh treatment.

Personal Life

In December 2014, he wed Gabriela Rodriguez, “a psychologist and educator.” Layla Bukele, the couple’s daughter, is a blessing. However, Bukele claimed that Rodriguez has “Jewish-Sephardic blood” in an interview with Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem, in 2018.

Why is Nayib Bukele famous?

Despite receiving a poor reputation abroad, Bukele is regarded as one of the most well-liked presidents in Salvadoran history, with approval ratings that typically range from 90% to 95%.

FAQs about Nayib Bukele

FAQs about Nayib Bukele

Is Nayib Bukele married?

Professional ballet dancer Rodrguez performs with the Fundación Ballet of El Salvador. She and Bukele started dating in 2004, and on December 6, 2014, they were married in El Boquerón, El Salvador.

Days before Bukele won the presidential election, and she made her pregnancy public.

How old is Nayib?

Nayib is 41 years old.

Following a sharp increase in murders, Bukele’s government has detained more than 57,000 people with alleged gang affiliations since March 2023, prompting claims that El Salvador’s security forces have violated human rights.

How long is nayib Bukele term?

The presidential term is five years long, starting in 2021; the president is eligible for one consecutive reelection.


As we can see, Nayib Bukele is a man of many talents and has accomplished a lot in his young life. He is sure to continue to be a force in El Salvador politics, and we will be watching his career closely.

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