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What is Meryl Streep Net Worth 2023: Overview, Interview

Meryl Streep is one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood. Having starred in many acclaimed films and receiving multiple awards, she is well-known for her remarkable acting career. But what does her incredible success have to do with her net worth? 

Let’s be with Fidlar to find out the estimated Meryl Streep net worth and discover how she earned it all.

What is Meryl Streep’s Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Meryl Streep's Net Worth and Salary 2023

Meryl Streep has achieved legendary status as one of the finest actors of her generation, possessing an astounding net worth of $160 million.

She has won an incredible three Academy Awards, two BAFTAs, eight Golden Globes and two Emmy Awards (to scratch the surface!), making her one of the most beloved and acclaimed stars of all time.

Meryl Streep is a glowing symbol of triumph, still one of the highest-earning actresses on the planet. She earned an astonishing $25 million from September 2019 to 2020.

She usually charges a whopping $20 million for a single picture. However she occasionally opts for a lower salary for roles that are especially meaningful or come with the bonus of backend revenue.

Meryl Streep Overview: Why is Meryl Streep Famous?

Meryl Streep Overview

Early Life

Born on June 22, 1949, in Summit, New Jersey, Meryl Streep came into the world with a passion for the arts. Her mother, Mary Wilkinson Streep, worked as a commercial artist and art editor, while her father, Harry William Streep Jr., was a pharmaceutical executive.

With two younger brothers, Harry William and Dana David, who also became actors, Meryl Streep was destined for the stage from an early age.

Meryl Streep’s high school days at Bernards High School in Bernardsville, New Jersey were quite eventful – she was a cheerleader, crowned homecoming queen her senior year, and acted in numerous school plays; all while taking opera lessons from the renowned Estelle Liebling for four years!

In 1969, Meryl Streep took her first steps into serious theater when she acted in the play “Miss Julie” at Vassar College. She graduated from Vassar in 1971 before continuing her education at Yale School of Drama and earning an MFA in 1975.

To support herself, she took on waitressing and typing jobs and still managed to appear in over a dozen stage productions annually.


In 1975, one of Meryl Streep’s first professional steps into the acting world was at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s National Playwrights Conference.

She lit up the stage with her presence in a remarkable five plays during a six-week period. Seizing the opportunity, she then made a move to New York City and has since been gracing the stages of numerous productions across the city.

In 1976, she starred in productions of “Henry V” and “Measure for Measure” at the Delacorte Theater, and then graced the Martin Beck Theatre in 1977 with her performance in “Happy End”. In the same year, she made an appearance in the Playhouse Theatre for “Secret Service”.

Finally, 1977 marked her debut in the feature film “Julia” alongside Jane Fonda, though many of her scenes were unfortunately cut.

Upon Robert de Niro’s suggestion, having first encountered her in her captivating stage production of “The Cherry Orchard,” she auditioned for the part of his onscreen girlfriend in the classic 1978 film, “The Deer Hunter.”

And, for her stunning role portrayal, she received her first-ever Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Meryl Streep quickly became a luminary of the silver screen, thanks to her stunning performance in “The Deer Hunter”.

Why is Meryl Streep Famous

The following year, her remarkable skills earned her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Kramer Vs Kramer” (1979), thus cementing her impressive acting career.

Other notable films she has appeared in include:

  • “Manhattan” (1979)
  • “Sophie’s Choice (1982)
  • “Silkwood” (1983)
  • “A Cry in the Dark” (1988)
  • “Defending Your Life” (1991)
  • “Death Becomes Her” (1992)
  • “The Bridges of Madison County” (1995)
  • “One True Thing” (1998)
  • “Adaptation” (2002)
  • “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006)
  • “Mamma Mia!” (2008)
  • “Julie & Julia” (2009)
  • “The Iron Lady” (2011)
  • “The Post” (2018)

The blockbuster movie “Mamma Mia!” proved to be her most lucrative release, grossing an astounding $609 million!

Meryl Streep has captivated audiences both on the big screen and on TV, appearing in acclaimed shows such as “Angels in America” (2003), “Freedom: A History of US” (2003), “Web Therapy” (2010-2012), and “Big Little Lies” (2019).

She has also lent her voice to documentaries like “Ocean Voyagers” (2007), “Makers: Women Who Make America” (2013), and “Five Came Back” (2017), making her a triple threat in both the acting and narrating arenas.

Meryl Streep is the ultimate recipient of greatness, having earned over 150 awards from major organizations, including the 2004 AFI Life Achievement Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama in 2014, and the Cecil B. Demille Award in 2017.

Truly a paragon of success, she stands as one of the most-awarded actresses in the world.

Other Work

Apart from her acting, Meryl Streep has also lent her voice to various projects, such as narrating a plethora of audiobooks, including William Steig’s children’s classics like “Brae Irene”, “Spinky Sulks” and “The One and Only Shrek”.

As an advocate for the National Women’s History Museum, she has shown her commitment to the University of Massachusetts Lowell students by creating two scholarships.

Personal Life

Meryl Streep shared a loving three-year relationship with actor John Cazale until his untimely death from lung cancer in March 1978.

Just months later, Streep found companionship with sculptor Don Gummer, marrying him soon after, and together the couple has four children – including the accomplished actresses Grace and Mamie Gummer.

In February 2019, the ever-brilliant Meryl Streep was overjoyed to welcome her first grandchild, as her eldest daughter Mamie joyfully gave birth to a beautiful baby.

Real Estate

In 1995, Meryl and Don invested $2.175 million in a New York City townhouse; come ten years later in 2005, the couple managed to rake in a whopping $9.1 million after selling the property.

Determined to make more profit, the couple decided to purchase another four-bedroom townhouse in NYC for a hefty $10.13 million in 2006.

To further bolster their finances, the couple listed the property for a sky-high $25 million in 2018, though they later reduced the asking price to $18.25 million. After all their efforts, the duo eventually found a buyer in early 2020, cashing out with a total of $15.8 million.

The Streep/Gummers made a rather luxurious move in December 2017 when they shelled out $3.6 million for a stunning mid-century-modern home in Pasadena, California. To top off their extensive property portfolio, they also boast a beautiful 90-acre country home in Salisbury, Connecticut.

Salary Highlights

Meryl Streep Salary Highlights

Meryl Streep’s immense talent has seen her earn big bucks throughout the years. In 1978 she pocketed a cool $35,000 for her part in ‘The Deer Hunter’, which is equivalent to an impressive $140,000 in today’s money.

A year later, her pay cheque was $85,000 for her role in ‘Kramer Vs. Kramer, which would be a hefty $340,000 by today’s standards.

And throughout the 1980s, Streep routinely earned a staggering $4 million for each film she worked on. In recent years, she has become renowned for commanding staggering fees of up to $20 million for a movie, or $10 million when backend profits are factored in.

However, for 2011’s “The Iron Lady” she accepted a mere $1 million and generously donated it all to the Women’s History Museum.

FAQs about Meryl Streep

FAQs about Meryl Streep

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Meryl Streep is an actress who has achieved tremendous success in her career. From her numerous award-winning performances to her incredible net worth, she is an inspiration to many aspiring actors.

Fidlar hopes this article has helped you to learn more about Meryl Streep’s career, personal life, and earnings.

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