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What is Max Landis Net Worth 2023: Overview, Interview

What is Max Landis Net Worth 2023 Overview, Interview

Max Landis is an American screenwriter, director, producer, and actor who is best known for writing films such as Chronicle and American Ultra. He is also the son of Hollywood Director John Landis. Landis has had a successful career in the entertainment industry and has earned considerable wealth over the years.

In this article, Fidlar will discuss Max Landis net worth in 2023 and how he made his money.

What is Max Landis’s Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Max Landis's Net Worth and Salary 2023

Max Landis is an American screenwriter, director, producer, and actor who has an estimated net worth of $6 million. Landis is best known for writing the screenplay for the 2012 film Chronicle, which was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $126 million at the box office.

He also wrote the screenplay for the 2016 film American Ultra and co-wrote the screenplay for the 2017 film Bright.

Max Landis Overview: Why is Max Landis Famous?

Max Landis Overview

Early Life

Born in the celebrity enclave of Beverly Hills, California to the famous director John Landis and renowned costume designer/historian Deborah Nadoolman Landis, Landis left Beverly Hills High School to attend a therapeutic boarding school in Connecticut.

Nevertheless, he still obtained a diploma from the high school of his birth. With a Jewish family background, Landis has shared that he suffers from cyclothymia and dysgraphia.


As a child, Max Landis made brief cameos in some of his father’s films, such as The Stupids, Blues Brothers 2000 and Burke and Hare. By the tender age of 16, he had already begun writing, and at 18, he sold his first script — a joint venture with his father on the Masters of Horror episode “Deer Woman”.

In 2008, he made history by crafting an unaired episode for the second installment of Fear Itself and also wrote Back to Mysterious Island – an adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic novel – for Bluewater Comics.

While studying at the University of Miami, Landis crafted numerous shorts that the school’s film program put together.

After graduating, he experienced an exceptional run of luck, with three of his script ideas being purchased within a period of six months – something that one journalist dubbed a “spec-selling streak”.

In 2011, he was hired as a screenwriter for Mr. Right, a violent romantic comedy released to mixed reviews in 2015; however, one project that was not produced was Good Time Gang, described as “a cross between The Bourne Identity and Jackass”.

He sold Chronicle, which had previously been featured on the Black List of promising unproduced screenplays, to 20th Century Fox’s Davis Entertainment; under the direction of Josh Trank, the movie was released in February 2012 to great critical and commercial success.

Unfortunately, despite Landis’s attempt to write a draft for a sequel, Fox was unsatisfied with it, causing the project to be discontinued.

Davis and Fox’s acquisition of Landis’s script for a cinematic adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic horror tale Frankenstein ultimately resulted in the 2015 blockbuster, Victor Frankenstein.

Landis has created two uproarious short films released on YouTube, the most renowned of which is The Death and Return of Superman (2012).

Taking an irreverent spin on DC Comics’ 1992–1993 story-line, it chronicles Superman’s untimely death and revival through the humorous interpretation of his buddies and famous Hollywood actors.

“Exploring the inner workings of professional wrestling, ‘Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling (2015)’ features Triple H as the main protagonist and several actors and wrestlers as cameos. It was so popular that director, Landis, was later hired as a consultant for WWE Raw!”

In 2012, September saw Landis sell Fox a “superhero police drama” TV series entitled Vigilant; he had planned to executive produce the show along with Homeland’s producer Howard Gordon, but the project was regrettably canceled.

However, that same year Landis began working on his directorial debut, Me Him Her, which saw a limited release in March 2016 and was met with a range of critiques.

The 2015 film American Ultra, based on a screenplay written by someone, was met with lukewarm responses and underwhelming box office figures.

In February 2015, Landis helmed Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time” music video – only to be accused of plagiarizing the style and themes of it from SAFIA’s “You Are the One” music video by the Australian band.

In 2016, Netflix took a risk when it decided to invest in David Ayer’s script for Bright, the streaming giant’s most expensive self-produced movie to date.

With magical fantasy characters, such as orcs, serving as an allegory for racism, Bright hit the screens in December 2017 to a critical reception that was far from favorable. Yet, despite the reviews, Netflix reported that the movie was a hit among its subscribers.

In September 2017, Landis unveiled “A Scar No One Else Can See” – a website containing a 150-page thesis that delved into the depths of Carly Rae Jepsen’s songs and suggested a shadowy, three-part narrative focused on heartache and dismissal.

Despite Landis dubbing the project a “celebration” of Jepsen, The Daily Dot and labeled it a conspiracy theory, with Reid McCarter of The A.V. Club dismissing its conclusions as insignificant.

Landis penned an initial draft of the screenplay for Shadow in the Cloud (2020) yet was forced to depart the project after sexual assault claims arose. Despite having his script re-written by Roseanne Liang, he was given a writing credit due to Writers Guild of America regulations.

In February of 2020, Landis unveiled Glass Planet Consulting: a one-stop-shop for Los Angeles-based screenwriters, offering creative coaching and consultancy services.

Misogyny Accusations

Max Landis Misogyny accusations

In 2013, Landis shared multiple derogatory remarks about women in an interview with self-proclaimed sexologist Shelby Sells, including the callous assertion that he had caused a woman he cheated on to become overwhelmed with social anxiety, self-loathing, body dysmorphia, and an eating disorder.

Landis’s words caused a firestorm of controversy, as many denounced them for being misogynistic and objectifying towards women; the Jezebel article was particularly scathing, characterizing his statements as “obnoxious”, “twisted”, and “gross”.

In 2015, Landis took to Twitter to label Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens a Mary Sue – a figure coined from critiques of fan fiction to depict female characters as unusually perfect with no flaws or weaknesses.

After being interviewed, he expressed that he still held his original views, yet admitted remorsefully, “I should have been more aware that the phrase ‘Mary Sue’ had been adopted by others.”

Sexual Assault Allegations

For years, rumors of sexual and romantic abuse surrounding Max Landis have been whispered. At one point, The Hollywood Reporter was poised to print an exposé, but it was suddenly scrapped. Finally, in June 2019, The Daily Beast released an in-depth look into Max’s alleged pattern of mistreating women.

FAQs about Max Landis

FAQs about Max Landis

Why was Max Landis Canceled?

At long last, Max Landis has finally met his deserved punishment, which far exceeds the cartoonish term of being “canceled”. Landis is accused of carrying out shocking psychological and sexual abuse of countless women in the tight-knit community known as ‘The Colour Society’ where he was sheltered.

What was Max Landis Accused of?

Hardly a year after eight brave women accused him of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, screenwriter Max Landis is attempting to re-emerge as a ‘holistic creative coach’.

What was John Landis Accused of?

The spinning blades of the out-of-control helicopter brutally cut down Vic Morrow and one of the child actors, while the crash itself snuffed out the life of the other child. In an instant, all three were gone. Despite criminal charges being brought against Landis and the stunt coordinator, they were eventually found not guilty of manslaughter.

How Much is Quentin Tarantino?

By the end of 2023, Quentin Tarantino – the renowned American filmmaker, actor, film programmer and cinema owner from Tennessee – is estimated to have an impressive net worth of approximately $120 Million.


Max Landis has achieved great success in the entertainment industry and is now one of the wealthiest figures in Hollywood. His success has come from writing, directing, producing, and acting in his own projects and the projects of the director he grew up with, his father John Landis.

If you’re looking for inspiration to pursue your dreams, take a page out of Max Landis’ book and never give up.

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