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What is Lou Ferrigno Net Worth 2023: Full Guide, Overview, Interview

What is Lou Ferrigno Net Worth 2023

Louis Jude Ferrigno Sr. is an American actor and retired professional bodybuilder. Let’s find out Lou Ferrigno Net Worth, his career and more with Fidlar!

What is Lou Ferrigno Net Worth?

What is Lou Ferrigno Net Worth

Lou Ferrigno is an American actor, fitness trainer, and retired professional bodybuilder who has a net worth of $12 million. He is best known for his role as The Incredible Hulk in the CBS television series The Incredible Hulk.

Lou Ferrigno’s net worth comes from his years as Mr. Universe, as a personal fitness trainer and consultant, his role in television as the Hulk, and his roles in comedy sitcoms, films, and real estate investments.

Lou Ferrigno Overview

Lou Ferrigno Overview

Early Life

Louis Jude Ferrigno was born on November 9, 1951 in Brooklyn, New York to Victoria and Matt Ferrigno. As a child, Louis suffered from chronic ear infections that led to a severe hearing loss. This made him a target for bullying from his peers during his childhood.

From a young age, Ferrigno was fascinated by superheroes and their feats of strength. He started weight training at 13, using whatever he could find around the house as makeshift weights.

When he couldn’t afford a real set, he filled pails with cement and used them to work out. Ferrigno attended St. Athanasius Grammar School and Brooklyn Technical High School, graduating in 1969.

Bodybuilding Career

IFBB Mr. America was the first significant championship Lou Ferrigno won after graduating from high school. He received the IFBB Mr. Universe title four years later. He was a Columbus, Ohio resident who worked out with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ferrigno finished second in the Mr. Olympia contest in 1974. A documentary titled “Pumping Iron” about Ferrigno’s effort to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger at Mr. Olympia in 1997 earned him a household name. After that, Ferrigno participated in the inaugural World’s Strongest Man competition and placed fourth overall out of eight competitors.

Ferrigno was unable to leave his day job since he did not make enough money from his bodybuilding career to support himself. He worked for three years at a sheet metal mill in Brooklyn earning $10 an hour before abandoning the hazardous position when a buddy and coworker unintentionally severed his own hand while on the job.

Ferrigno spent many years away from the circus of competition before briefly playing defensive line for the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL. He had never played football before and was released after just two games after breaking a teammate’s legs in a scrimmage.

Early in the 1990s, Ferrigno got back into bodybuilding and participated in the Mr. Olympia competitions in 1992 and 1993, where he placed 12th and 10th, respectively.

He then came back for the 1994 Masters Olympia, when his attempt to defeat Boyer Coe and Robbie Robinson became the subject of the 1996 documentary “Stand Tall.” After that, Ferrigno gave up competing in bodybuilding.

Entertainment Career

In the 1977–1982 television series “The Incredible Hulk,” Ferrigno co-starred with Bill Bixby. After that, he and Bixby starred together in three made-for-TV movies based on “The Incredible Hulk”. In 1978 and 1979, Ferrigno participated in the Battle of the Network Stars.

He played John Six in the medical drama “Trauma Center” in 1983. From 2000 through 2007, he had sporadic appearances in the sitcom “The King of Queens,” where he and his on-screen wife were portrayed as the main character’s neighbors.

Ferrigno appeared in cameos in both the 2008 sequel “The Incredible Hulk” and the 2003 picture “Hulk.” Lou made a cameo appearance as himself in the comedy “I Love You, Man” in 2009. In a 2010 episode of Disney’s “Sonny with a Chance,” Ferrigno made a cameo appearance as himself.

He also provided the voice for Billy the Hero in the animated television series “Adventure Time” later that year. In 2012, he participated in “The Celebrity Apprentice.” He appeared in the “Star Wars Continues” episode “Lolani” from the year 2014.

In “Lego Marvel’s Avengers” the next year, Ferrigno played a Lego version of himself. Ferrigno portrayed the Hulk in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” from 2015. With the release of “Thor: Ragnarok” in 2017, Mark Ruffalo took over as the Hulk’s voice.

Other Ventures

Beginning in the early 1990s, Lou Ferrigno worked with Michael Jackson as a trainer intermittently. He assisted Jackson in 2009 in getting ready for a scheduled run of concerts in London, which were ultimately postponed owing to Jackson’s untimely passing. The “Ferrigno Fitness” brand is Ferrigno’s own line of exercise gear.

In 2006, he was hired as a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy. He has also been sworn in as a special deputy in Delaware County, Ohio, a reserve deputy in San Luis Obispo, California, and a member of the volunteer sheriff posse in Maricopa County, Arizona. He was chosen by President Donald Trump to serve on his Council on Sports, Fitness, & Nutrition in May 2018.

Personal Life

From 1978 to 1979, Ferrigno was married to Susan Groff. He wed Carla Green, a psychiatrist who also started out as his manager before transitioning into a personal trainer, in May 1980. Shanna (born in 1981), Louis Jr. (born in 1984), and Brent (born in 1990) are the couple’s three children.

Actress Shanna plays a recurrent character on “Days of Our Lives.” Louis Jr. played linebacker for the football team of the Trojans at the University of Southern California. He is also an actor who appears on “S.W.A.T.” on CBS on a regular basis.

Real Estate

Lou and his wife spent $547,000 on a house in Santa Monica in 1980. They put the house up for sale in September 2019 for $3.9 million, and in April 2020 they found a buyer for $3.2 million. Lou purchased a second home in the area of Pismo Beach for $2.9 million at the same time he put the first one up for sale. On more than 5 acres is this brand-new home with an ocean view.

Why is Lou Ferrigno famous?

Why is Lou Ferrigno famous

Lou Ferrigno is a former professional bodybuilder and actor. He is best known for his role as the Incredible Hulk in the 1978 television series.

FAQs About Lou Ferrigno

FAQs About Lou Ferrigno

How many movies has Lou Ferrigno been in?

Lou Ferrigno has appeared in over 70 movies and television shows. Some of his most notable roles include the Hulk in the television series The Incredible Hulk, King Hippo in the cartoon series Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels, and Hercules in the movie Hercules.

What is Lou Ferrigno’s net worth?

Lou Ferrigno’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million. He has earned his wealth through his successful career as an actor and bodybuilder.

What was Lou Ferrigno’s first movie?

Lou Ferrigno’s first movie was the 1977 film Bodybuilding. In this movie, he played the role of a bodybuilder who is trying to make it in the competitive world of professional bodybuilding.

What is Lou Ferrigno’s height?

Lou Ferrigno is 6 feet 5 inches tall.

What is Lou Ferrigno’s ethnicity?

Lou Ferrigno is of Italian descent.


In conclusion, Lou Ferrigno is an incredible individual with a fascinating story. If you’re interested in learning more about him, be sure to check out Fidlar for the latest information.

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