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What is Lindsey Buckingham Net Worth 2023: Should Read, Overview, Interview

What is Lindsey Buckingham Net Worth 2023


Lindsey Adams Buckingham is an accomplished American musician and producer, best known for his work as the lead guitarist and male lead singer of the legendary music group Fleetwood Mac. Let’s find out Lindsey Buckingham Net Worth, his career and more with Fidlar!

What is Lindsey Buckingham Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Lindsey Buckingham Net Worth and Salary 2023

Net Worth

Lindsey Buckingham is an American musician, singer, composer and producer, best known as lead guitarist and one of the vocalists of the rock band Fleetwood Mac. He has a net worth of $150 million dollars.


Lindsey Buckingham has an annual salary of $2 million dollars.

Lindsey Buckingham Overview

Lindsey Buckingham Overview

Lindsey Buckingham Facts

Below are some interesting facts about Lindsey Buckingham:

1. His father was a professional singer.

2. He started playing guitar at the age of 13.

3. He was a member of the folk rock group “Buckingham Nicks” with his then girlfriend Stevie Nicks.

4. He joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975 and played a major role in their success with the album “Rumours”.

5. He has released 6 solo albums.

6. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Fleetwood Mac in 1998.

Early Life

Lindsey Buckingham was born as Lindsey Adams Buckingham on October 3, 1949, in Palo Alto, California, the U.S. He is the second child and only son of Rutheda Elliott, a housewife and former model and Morris Buckingham, a photographer for the Stanford University Medical Center.

He has an older sister, Penny Buckingham. His family moved to San Francisco after he turned 5. Buckingham attended Menlo-Atherton High School, where he and his friends formed a band called Fritz that became popular locally for their regular performances. He also learned to play several musical instruments including ukulele, banjo, flute and guitar.


After graduating from high school, Buckingham attended San Jose State University. He dropped out of the university to pursue a career in music with Fritz.

In 1965, Lindsey Buckingham joined his first band called “Baby Grand.” He played the flute and guitar. In 1968, he began studying classical guitar at the Aspen Institute in Colorado, but soon left to pursue a career as a rock guitarist. As a teenager, he also worked at night at a country club, where he met future Fleetwood Mac bandmate Mick Fleetwood.

Fritz recorded two singles: “Evil Eye” and “Summer’s Day”, which were released by Epic Records in 1968. The band broke up in 1969 but Buckingham and his friend, Stevie Nicks, went on to form a duo.

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks got signed to Polydor Records and recorded the album Buckingham Nicks. However, the album was not received well by the critics and failed commercially.

After their contract with Polydor expired, they joined Fleetwood Mac and recorded their self-titled album, Fleetwood Mac. The album was released in 1975 and featured hits like “Rhiannon”, “Landslide”, and “Go Your Own Way”.

Their second album, Rumours, was released in 1977. It sold more than 40 million copies worldwide and featured hits like “You Make Loving Fun”, “The Chain” and “Go Your Own Way”.

In 1979, the band recorded their fourth album, Tusk, followed by Mirage in 1982.

Their 13th album, Say You Will, was released in 2003. In 2009, Buckingham and Nicks rejoined Fleetwood Mac for a tour and a new album, titled “Extended Play Live”.

During his solo career, Lindsey Buckingham has released five solo albums. His first album, Law and Order, was released in 1981. It featured hits like “Trouble” and “Holiday Road”.

His second album, Go Insane, was released in 1984 and featured hits like “Go Insane” and “Slow Dancing”. His third album, Out of the Cradle, was released in 1992. His fourth album, Seeds We Sow, was released in 2012.

Lindsey Buckingham’s Career Earnings

Lindsey Buckingham has amassed a staggering net worth of $140 million. His earnings come from his work as a member of Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist, who has released six studio albums.

He has also earned money through his side projects with other artists, like the album “Twang” with Christine McVie. He has also been in high demand as a session musician, performing on albums such as “Tusk” by Fleetwood Mac and “The Dance” by Sheryl Crow.

Buckingham has also earned money from his work as a producer. He produced an album for Sheryl Crow, called “Feels Like Home”. And he also produced three albums for Stevie Nicks.

Personal Life

Buckingham has been married twice in his life. He was first married to Kristen Messner in 2000 and divorced in 2001. He then married Kristen Buckingham on December 31, 2000. The couple has three children, Leelee Buckingham, Stella Buckingham, and William Buckingham.

Awards & Achievements

Lindsey Buckingham has won many awards for his musical career. He has been nominated for several Grammy Awards in the category of Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

Some of his won awards include:

  • 1989 American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Album
  • 1989 American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Band, Duo, or Group
  • 1992 MTV Video Music Award for Best Male Video
  • 1995 American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Band, Duo, or Group
  • 1995 American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Album
  • 2000 ASCAP Film and Television Music Award for Movie of the Year
  • 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award at NARAS’s MusiCares Person of the Year event

How Does Lindsey Buckingham Spend His Money?

Lindsey Buckingham has a very lavish lifestyle. He owns a huge estate in Los Angeles, which he purchased for $3 million in 1983. The house is situated in the gated community of Beverly Park and is spread over 7,000 square feet. The estate has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a tennis court. It is said to be worth $20 million today.

Buckingham also owns an apartment in New York City, which is located in the Trump Tower. The apartment is said to be worth around $6 million. Buckingham also owns a fleet of luxury cars, which include a Ferrari, a Rolls-Royce, and a Bentley.

Lindsey Buckingham spends around $1 million every year on his luxurious lifestyle. He spends a large chunk of his money on maintaining his huge estate and also pays a hefty amount in taxes every year.

Buckingham also spends a lot of money on travel and vacations. He often takes his family on exotic vacations, which can cost him a lot of money.


Lindsey Buckingham has had many musical successes during his career. He was a member of the rock group Fleetwood Mac from 1975 to 1987, and then again from 1997 to present. He has also released six solo albums, the most recent being Seeds We Sow in 2011.

Some of Buckingham’s most popular solo songs include “Trouble,” “Go Insane,” and “Holiday Road.” He has also had success as a songwriter, co-writing such hits as “Don’t Stop” and “The Chain” for Fleetwood Mac.

Favorite Lindsey Buckingham Quotes

1. “I’ve always been a solo artist at heart.”

2. “I’m looking forward to some solo dates where I can present my material in a more intimate setting.”

3. “I’m trying to make solo records that have the dimension and feel of Fleetwood Mac records.”

4. “My influences are very eclectic, but I am a huge fan of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.”

5. “The band has always been able to look past differences to what we do. And what we do is make music. It’s not like we’re curing cancer or anything.”

6. “I think it was ‘Go Your Own Way’ that finally got my foot in the door. I was playing slide guitar on the song. I remember when we were recording, Mick Fleetwood came up to me and said, ‘You should play this slide part.’ That was kind of my first step into the world of Fleetwood Mac.”

7. “I’m going to try to do things that are as varied as possible. With Fleetwood Mac, you’re pigeonholed a bit. You do have certain limitations, and I don’t want to be limited.” Author: Buckingham

8. “We always find a way to make it work. We are like an old married couple.”

9. “I don’t know if there is any one thing that has kept us together as a band. I think we all have a good sense of humor and ability to laugh at ourselves. We’re not afraid to be self-deprecating.”

10. “I think every member of Fleetwood Mac has had a passion for their own music and been very committed to what they’ve done and been very successful outside the band.”

3 Amazing Lessons From Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham is an icon in the music industry. He is best known as a member of Fleetwood Mac, and has had a successful solo career. Here are three amazing lessons we can learn from Lindsey Buckingham.

1. Be Passionate About Your Art

Buckingham is passionate about his art. He is constantly creating new music and experimenting with different sounds. This passion has led him to be one of the most successful musicians of all time.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Lindsey has had many setbacks throughout his career. However, he has never let these failures stop him from pursuing his dreams. He has always gotten back up and continued to create great music.

3. Believe in Yourself

Lindsey Buckingham has always believed in himself. Even when others doubted him, he never gave up on his dreams. He has always followed his heart and achieved success.

Why is Lindsey Buckingham famous?

Why is Lindsey Buckingham famous

Lindsey Buckingham is famous for being a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who was a member of the rock band Fleetwood Mac. He is also known for his solo work, and for his work as a producer.

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1. How did Lindsey Buckingham get your start in music?

He started playing guitar when I was about 13 years old. His older brother had a band and he would watch them rehearse in their garage. He was fascinated by the way the guitar made different sounds and he wanted to learn how to play like them. His brother’s band never really went anywhere, but he kept playing and eventually joined a band of his own.

2. Who are some of his musical influences?

Some of his musical influences include the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin.

3. What is his songwriting process like?

He usually starts with a guitar riff or melody that he comes up with. Then he starts working on the lyrics and fleshing out the song from there. He typically writes alone, but sometimes he’ll collaborate with other writers.

4. What are some of his favourite songs to perform live?

Some of his favourite songs to perform live include “Go Your Own Way,” “Tusk,” and “I’m So Afraid.” He also enjoys playing acoustic versions of songs like ” Landslide” and “Big Love.”


In conclusion, Lindsey Buckingham has had a very successful career as a musician. He is a talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist, and has achieved great success with both his solo work and as a member of Fleetwood Mac.

Thanks for reading! If you want to learn more about Lindsey Buckingham, be sure to check out Fidlar for more information.

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