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What is Jeremy Wade Net Worth 2023: Best Overview And Interview

Jeremy Wade Net Worth

British angler and television presenter Jeremy Wade is best known for his work on the Animal Planet series River Monsters.

Wade has spent over three decades traveling the world in search of freshwater fish, many of which are considered dangerous to humans. In addition to his work on River Monsters, Wade has also written several books on his fishing adventures.

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Jeremy Wade Overview

Jeremy Wade Overview

Jeremy Wade is a British television presenter, author and naturalist. He is best known for his television series River Monsters, produced by Icon Films. He has also written three books based on the series.

Wade was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, and educated at Brentwood School, Essex and Bristol University, where he studied zoology.

He then worked as a secondary school teacher in Kent for two years. In 1982, he began freelance writing, contributing articles to newspapers and magazines such as The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Field and Cosmopolitan.

In 1991, he was commissioned by the Sunday Times Magazine to write a feature on piranhas. This led to him spending three months in the Amazon basin, where he caught a 6ft (1.8m) long, 120lb (54kg) piranha.

In 1998, Wade presented his first television series, Jungle Hooks, for the Discovery Channel. The show saw him travel to various locations in search of freshwater fish.

He has since presented several other series for the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, including Lost Land of the Volcano, Monsters of the Mekong and Amazon Abyss.

Wade’s most popular series is River Monsters, which began airing on Animal Planet in 2009. The show sees him investigating reports of mysterious freshwater creatures. He has traveled to over 50 countries while filming the series.

Wade has been criticized by some for his use of animals in his television shows. In particular, his catch-and-release policy for the River Monsters series has been questioned, as it is believed that many of the fish die after being released back into the wild.

However, Wade has defended his methods, saying that he only catches a small number of fish and that the vast majority are released safely.

What are Jeremy Wade’s Net Worth And Salary 2023?

What are Jeremy Wade's Net Worth And Salary 2023

Jeremy Wade has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He earns his fortune from his successful career as a television presenter, author, and biologist. Wade has appeared on numerous television shows, most notably River Monsters.

He has also written several books, including River Monsters: True Stories of the Ones That Didn’t Get Away and Jeremy Wade’s Extreme Angler: The Biggest, Baddest Fish in the World. In addition to his work in television and publishing, Wade also earns income from speaking engagements and public appearances.

Why is Jeremy Wade Famous?

Jeremy Wade is a famous English television presenter, producer, and author. He is best known for his work on the Animal Planet television series River Monsters, which he has hosted since 2009.

Wade’s other credits include writing and presenting the documentary series Jungle Hooks and Dark Waters. He has also authored several books, including River Monsters: True Stories of the Ones That Didn’t Get Away.

Wade’s first break came when he was commissioned to write a series of articles for the Sunday Times newspaper on unsolved mysteries. This led to him being approached by the BBC to present a documentary series called The Lost World of Mr. Hardy, about the famed British angler and tackle manufacturer.

Wade’s big break came in 2005 when he was approached by Animal Planet to host a new series called River Monsters. The show proved to be a hit and has since been aired in over 150 countries. It has also spawned a number of spin-offs, including Jungle Hooks, Dark Waters, and Monster Fish.

In addition to his work on television, Wade has also authored several books, including River Monsters: True Stories of the Ones That Didn’t Get Away. He currently resides in Suffolk, England, with his wife and two children.

Jeremy Wade Net Worth

FAQs About Jeremy Wade

FAQs About Jeremy Wade

What Is The Biggest Fish Jeremy Wade Has Caught?

The biggest fish Jeremy Wade has caught is a giant catfish that weighed in at over 660 pounds. This massive fish was caught in the River Nile in Egypt and is one of the largest freshwater fish ever caught on rod and line.

What Is Jeremy Wade Plane Crash?

In 2009, Jeremy Wade was involved in a plane crash while filming an episode of his show River Monsters. He and his crew were filming in the Amazon rainforest when their plane crashed into a tree. Thankfully, everyone on board survived, and no one was seriously injured. Wade has said that the experience was “the closest thing to dying” that he has ever experienced.

Is Jeremy Wade Married?

There is no information available about whether or not Jeremy Wade is married. He has never been married, which we know of, and there is no indication that he is currently in a relationship. He has never spoken publicly about his personal life, so it is difficult to say anything for certain. However, he does seem to be single at this time.

Who Is Jeremy Wade Son?

Jeremy Wade’s son is named River. He was born in 2000 and is currently 20 years old. Jeremy has said that River is “the light of [his] life.”


In conclusion, Jeremy Wade has had a very successful career as a television presenter, author, and biologist. He has earned a fortune from his work in television and publishing and also from speaking engagements and public appearances.

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