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What Is Groove Music? Best Things to Know 2023

  • Max Kuehn

Groove Music is getting a big overhaul and will soon be an app. Here is everything you need to know about exactly What is Groove music ?

It’ll still have a cloud-based component, but it’ll be more like Apple Music or Spotify.

Despite being a deep Windows exclusive, it was also a surprisingly good music service. It offered a large catalog of music from major labels, and it even had its own versions of deep cuts and covers. Keep reading this article for more information.

What Is Groove Music?

What Is Groove Music

Microsoft Groove Music Pass was previously called Xbox Music and Zune Music. However, its goal is the same: To bring over 40 million songs to music lovers’ ears.

Although I understand that everyone loves iPods, I found the Zune more appealing. Although it had more storage and was less expensive, Microsoft stopped supporting it. The Zune music manager was also discontinued.

Groove Music app was created to replace it. It was very similar to the Zune app at first. It allowed you to buy music, subscribe to additional listening, and manage your song collection.

Microsoft ended the Groove Music Pass on December 31st, 2017, and remove music purchases from its Store. The Groove Music app, which comes pre-installed with Windows 10, will lose many of its features.

As Windows 10 would be released and Microsoft decided Windows Media Player would be phased out. Instead, they will transition to Groove Music Pass.

Windows Media Player will still be installed on many systems, even though users don’t want to lose it. At first, I wouldn’t say I liked it, as you could rip music off CDs purchased on your computer.

This app is a powerful yet simple-to-use music manager and player, many years after it was released. It modernizes Windows Media Player, the Zune music manager, to make it even better.

Groove Music, the Universal Windows app that allows users to stream music online on Other devices such as Windows Phone or Xbox

Microsoft Groove Music is available on many platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.


  • Excellent sound quality.
  • More than 40,000,000 tracks.
  • Easy collection and playlist construction
  • You can listen to MP3s you have uploaded to OneDrive.
  • You can also watch on-demand.


  • There is no free version.
  • You cannot browse by genre.
  • Lieutenant lyrics are not available.
  • No live content.

Microsoft Groove Music Features

Users who had a Groove Music Pass could access the streaming features. However, Microsoft ended this service on December 31, 2017. The company now promotes Spotify.

This app is still very useful. It is one of the most universal Windows apps and allows you to play any mp3 files locally, as well as listen to songs stored in OneDrive. It can stream music from OneDrive or import songs from your computer.

It’s pre-installed on Windows 10, so you don’t need to download it. It doesn’t require a Microsoft account, but you can create one if you wish.

It is designed to play music files on your computer. The following file types are supported currently by the app:

  • MP3
  • wma
  • Flac
  • wav
  • Aac
  • m4a
  • 3gp
  • 3g2
  • amr
  • ac3

This covers the majority of audio files that you would typically play. If you have a hard drive on your computer or laptop, it will also play CDs.

Windows Media Player automatically imports your existing playlists. You can also create your own playlists. My favorite feature is the ability to shuffle audio files without having to create a new playlist.

Other features that you will enjoy are:

  • Use the search box to locate artists, albums, or songs
  • You can filter your entire collection by artist, album or song title.
  • Quickly go back to your most recent playlists and albums.
  • The player can be set to full screen, normal or small.
  • Check out your playlist to see your next songs
  • To quickly find what you are looking for, sort playlists
  • You can adjust the equalizer to create a custom sound
  • You can change the Windows 10 theme to your preferred theme, Light or Dark.
  • Multiple areas can be used to search for song you want to import

How To Open The Windows 10 Groove Music

The Windows 10 Groove app is designed to bring the feeling of groove and excitement to your computer.

Go to the Start Menu, scroll down the list until you see the Windows 10 Groove Music shortcut. Click or tap the shortcut.

How to open Groove Music on Windows 10

Cortana’s search function makes it easier to open the Windows 10 Groove Music app faster. Enter “groove” into the search results box on your taskbar. Next, click on the Groove Music shortcut in the list.

How to open the Groove Music on Windows 10

Cortana can also be asked to open the Windows 10 Groove Music application by saying “open Groove Music”.

How to open the Groove Music on Windows 10

After opening it, you will see something very similar to the image below.

How to open the Groove Music on Windows 10

Playing Music

To quickly search music or access playlists, use the hamburger menu button to the left. This is also where you can create a new playlist.

Playing Music

To start listening to music, select any song, artist, or album. To expand the player, click the song currently playing. You can also view the upcoming songs. Or minimize the player by clicking the minimize button.

You can quickly add multiple songs to your playlists, delete songs, or play song collections.

Playing Music

You’ll find a list of choices at the bottom when you click on a song. You can easily edit your existing playlist in the way you like.

Playing Music

Important Settings

Groove’s music app is very simple. It’s easy to use and there aren’t many confusing settings or menus. If you do decide to look, here’s a list of key settings and their functions.

Music On The PC

For more information on these settings, see the section above on “Local Music“.

Media Information

Automated retrieval and updating of missing metadata and album artwork: If you are a strict follower of music collection orders, you will want to keep this on in order to replace any missing album art.


Do you prefer a light or dark theme?

Quality Content And Sound

Like Slacker Radio and most other direct streaming music services these days, the Windows 10 Groove music app doesn’t have any egregious holes in its 40-million-song-strong music library, so I had no problem finding Arcade Fire, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Parliament-Funkadelic, and Minnie Ripperton content.

Although I found a few comedy albums missing from the action, such as Joe Rogan’s “I’m Gonna be Dead Someday, “overall, I was satisfied with the catalog.

Slacker Radio is still a better choice than Groove music. With its ESPN radio, men’s- and women’s lifestyles content, Weather Channel content, and themed channels (such as the “33 Greatest All-American Divas”), Groove can’t match Slacker’s rich offering.

Groove’s sound quality is, however, quite good. Groove’s crisp, loud audio was an excellent choice for my Paul’s Boutique listening experience.

I also prefer Groove’s headphones to the sound quality. Although the sound quality isn’t as good as Tidal’s FLAC stream, it’s still well worth a listen.

During this listen, however, I found that the service does not have song lyrics. This may not seem like a big deal to some listeners, but I enjoy reading about the lyrics that accompany the audio. Amazon Music Unlimited and Pandora have song lyrics.

Radio Days

Groove app is a strong contender for streaming music. It has a satisfying audio quality and a deep library. The interface is also easy to navigate.

Hardcore music lovers may be discouraged by the absence of elements, such as lyrics, family plans, fully-featured free versions, and the ability to browse according to the genre.

OneDrive App Allows You To Stream Your Music.

Groove allows you to stream music from its online catalog, but you can also create your personal cloud locker using OneDrive.

You can add your music to OneDrive and point to the Groove music app to play it on all of your devices. This sounds interesting to you. Check out the video or the link below.


Groove Music Pass is elementary to use. It doesn’t have many extra features. It is a music player that allows you to manage your collection and does a good job. Groove Music includes a list of popular playlists. You can save them in your library for future listening.

The app also has a collection of different radio stations from all over the world. You can quickly discover new music based on your favorite artists or genres. Fidlar hopes you find this article helpful.If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on this article below

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