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What is Dolph Lundgren Net Worth 2023: Overview, Interview

What is Dolph Lundgren Net Worth 2023 Overview, Interview

Dolph Lundgren is a Swedish actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and martial artist. 

This action star has had an impressive career spanning over three decades. Discover Dolph Lundgren net worth and salary for 2023 via Fidlarmusic.

What is Dolph Lundgren’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is dolph lundgren net worth and Salary 2023

Dolph Lundgren is a Swedish actor, director, and producer who has a net worth of $18 million.

Dolph Lundgren Overview

Dolph Lundgren Overview

Early Life

Dolph Lundgren was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on November 3, 1957. His mother, Sigrid Birgitta (Tjerneld), was a language teacher and his father, Karl Johan Hugo Lundgren, was an engineer and economist for the Swedish government.

Katarina (born in 1954) and Jenny (born in 1959) are his two sisters. Lundgren’s paternal grandfather was Swedish, while his other grandparents were from England, Germany, Latvia and Russia.

Lundgren’s parents divorced when he was 13and his father moved back to Sweden. As a result, Lundgren was raised by his mother and maternal grandparents in Taby, outside Stockholm.

Lundgren has said that his mother was “very strict” with him, while his grandmother “doted on him” and was more easygoing. He showed an early interest in drumming and when he was 10, his mother enrolled him in the Royal Swedish Navy Cadet School.

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Lundgren was struggling academically at the navy school and was about to be expelled when he was saved by his martial arts instructor, who recommended him for a role in a James Bond film.

Acting Career

Dolph Lundgren began his acting career with guest roles on several television shows, including Kojak and Charlie’s Angels. His first film role was in the 1977 James Bond film A View to a Kill, in which he played a KGB agent. He followed this with a role in the 1981 film Rocky IV, in which he played the Russian boxer, Ivan Drago.

Lundgren’s breakthrough role came in 1985 when he starred in the action film Universal Soldier. The film was a box office success, grossing over $100 million worldwide and it established Lundgren as an action star.

He has since starred in numerous action films, including The Punisher (1989), Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991), Pentatonix (1993), The Shooter (1995), The Peacekeeper (1997), Blackjack (1998), Bridge of Dragons (1999), The Defender (2004), Command Performance (2009)and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (2012).

Lundgren has also ventured into other genres, including comedies, thrillers and dramas. He has starred in such films as The Expendables (2010), The Last Stand (2013), Grudge Match (2013), Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016)and Creed II (2018). In addition to his acting career, Lundgren has also directed two films: The Mechanik (2005) and Icarus (2010).

Personal Life

Dolph Lundgren and Anette Qviberg were in a relationship for 17 years. They met in 1994 when Lundgren was filming in Sweden. Qviberg was working as a stylist and the two hit it off immediately. They got married in 1997 and had two daughters together.

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The couple was very happy together, but in 2011, they decided to divorce. Lundgren cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.

Despite the divorce, Lundgren and Qviberg remain on good terms. They are both dedicated to co-parenting their daughters and have said that they will always be family.

Dolph Lundgren and Peri Momm were married from 1991 to 1992. Lundgren is best known for his role as Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. He has also starred in Universal Soldier, The Expendables and Aquaman. Momm is an actress and model. She has appeared in the films Hard Target and The Crow.

Real Estate

Dolph Lundgren’s real estate in Hollywood Hills is up for sale for $3.9 million. The “Rocky IV” star and former professional karate champion’s property includes a 4,000-square-foot main house with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, as well as a guest house, swimming pool and spa.

Lundgren, who is originally from Sweden, bought the property in 1998 for $1.8 million. He has been married to Annette Qviberg since 2011and the couple has two daughters together.

The Hollywood Hills property is located in a gated community and features panoramic views of Los Angeles. It is situated on a half-acre lot and also includes a four-car garage.

Why is Dolph Lundgren famous?

Why is Dolph Lundgren famous

Dolph Lundgren is a Swedish actor, directorand martial artist who has starred in over 40 films. He is best known for his role as Ivan Drago in the 1985 film Rocky IV. Lundgren’s height of 6 feet 5 inchesand his strict training regimen, helped him land roles as an imposing villain in films such as The Expendables franchise, Universal Soldierand Black Water.

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FAQs about Dolph Lundgren

FAQs about Dolph Lundgren

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Is Dolph Lundgren Rich?

Yes, according to, Dolph Lundgren has a net worth of $18 million. That’s a pretty penny for the Swedish actor, director, screenwriter, producer and martial artist.

Lundgren began his film career in the 1980s and has since appeared in over 50 films. He is best known for his roles in Rocky IV, The Expendables, and Universal Soldier.

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Is Dolph Lundgren A PhD?

Yes, Dolph Lundgren is a Phd. He has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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Who Is Dolph Lundgren Daughter?

Dolph Lundgren’s daughter is named Ida. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 3, 1992. Lundgren is a Swedish actor, director, and producer who is best known for his roles in Rocky IV and The Expendables.


If you enjoy action films, you are most likely a devotee of Dolph Lundgren.

Lundgren has starred in some of the most iconic action films of all time, including Rocky IV, The Expendables, and Universal Soldier, earning him an estimated net worth of $18 million.

There is a high possibility that Dolph Lundgren has starred in whatever genre of film you’re in the mood for.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a decent action film, you should check out some of his work.

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