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Vizio Sb2920-C6 Review 2023: Top Full Guide

Vizio Sb2920-C6 Review 2023 Top Full Guide
  • Max Kuehn

Vizio is a famous brand with many high-quality soundbar products that receive a lot of positive feedback. In this article, we want to analyze more carefully, go deeper into the technical and specific features of the Vizio SB3820-C6 speaker.

This is a pretty great soundbar and has received many reviews from users, So it has something special that many people spend money to own like that. In our Vizio Sb2920-C6 Review, you will get all the necessary information about the speaker, so join Fidlar to see if it is worth it or not.

Vizio sb2920-c6 29″ 2.0 Sound Bar Reviews

Tech Specs

  • Speaker type: powered, sealed, 2 channel
  • Peak Volume Output: 95 dB
  • Frequency response range: 70 – 19k Hz
  • Unit weight: 5 lbs
  • Unit dimensions: 29 x 3 x 3 inches (width x depth x height)
  • Warranty: 1 year

Vizio Sb2920-C6 Reviews


  • A truly gorgeous design that looks far more expensive than it is.
  • Streaming works really smoothly without any hassle.
  • A finely honed listening experience that ticks all the boxes.


  • Some users prefer a more granular volume control.


The very first point to notice about the c6 Vizio 2.0 channel soundbar review is they are a relatively compact layout. At only 29 inches in length, this is a somewhat modest layout as soundbars go that is an appealing addition to any sound setup.

VIZIO has spared no expense on the aesthetic, and also, the C6s are a very lavish design.

Vizio Sb2920-C6 Reviews Design 

Soundbars don’t tend to supply a great deal of property regarding creating truly intriguing and original designs. Still, this device does a fantastic deal with all the minimum space it must work inside.

The watchword here’s minimalist. An easy, block layout, the C6s are mostly black with silver accents. That is a hugely versatile look that will do the job nicely within virtually every possible use case.

They’re great looking with no flashy and afford you the chance to create as much of these as a visual centerpiece of your music kit as you’d love to.


The C6 could be set up on a desktop or wall-mounted based upon your particular needs and needs. This provides a significant number of additional flexibility to your device for the form factor, and the aesthetic is already amazingly versatile.

It would help if you didn’t struggle to discover the right spot for your soundbar in whichever area and configuration best suit you.

At this price point, you aren’t likely to discover many additional features. This product’s most crucial focus is about ensuring as large a quality a sound experience as possible for your money instead of unnecessarily bloating the characteristic listing with superfluous extras.

Nevertheless, you’ll discover a remote controller included, which worked reasonably well compared to similarly priced offerings from different companies.

It’s also a much more excellent style than many competing products, and. In contrast, most manufacturers appear to cut corners when it comes to the remote controllers’ build quality; VIZIO has performed the contrary, ensuring that the remote feels every bit superior to the C6 itself.


Bluetooth connectivity worked smoothly, and we didn’t encounter any hiccups or sound mistakes when streaming from several devices to the soundbar beyond the suggested range of the C6.

It is a little point, but always worth noting the remote controller also works nicely and isn’t constrained by the constraints of a poorly positioned sensor like many different apparatus in this price point.

Concerning sound, it is rather tricky to find fault with what VIZIO has managed to package to the relatively compact frame of this C6 soundbar.

Running up into an astonishing 95dB, the noise stayed almost entirely free of distortion when maxing out precisely what it could produce.

The total result was one which is best described as eloquent. The bass, mainly, does nicely to keep a great deal of definition and character when turned up relatively high, and it falls to the typical pitfall of getting muddy and drowning out the remainder of the track.

Therefore, highs soar are equally as punch as you’d like, and mids feel as they have a good deal of space to breathe inside the mixture. Overall, a powerful and robust experience.

Sound Quality

For this streamlined soundbar, this apparatus can pump out 95 dB (decibels) of expansive sound. That’s relatively loud for the typical consumer. Thus we do not suggest turning it up to complete 95 dB to protect your hearing.

The Vizio sb2920-c6 29-inch 2.0 channel sound bar works at a frequency of 70Hz to 19kHz. This means that you will not lose any sound quality when you turn the speaker volume up.

The soundbar managed to provide an excellent sound experience with relatively minimal harmonic distortion in our evaluations, which is essential when you like your music loud.

Vizio asserts this soundbar has less than 1 percent of harmonic distortion. In our tests, it is a bit greater than that. However, it is still so insignificant you could get crystal clear audio at any speaker quantity.

While studying this rig to our Vizio SB2920 C6 reviews, our music experts concur that it is comparable to other superior soundbars despite a low price.

Even if it’s only a 2.0 station soundbar, it has a maximum bass output that provides a much better home cinema experience.

Nonetheless, if you need some bass, we advocate adding an external subwoofer into the area for a complete home entertainment simulation. Otherwise, this works perfectly fine.


As soon as we look for wireless audio links in soundbars or home theater systems, the one which pops out mainly is Bluetooth.

The built-in Bluetooth for your vizio sb2920-c6 sound bar gets rid of unsightly wires and reduces the clutter.

You can stream audio directly out of your mobile devices using Bluetooth, letting your 2.0 station soundbar pump the highest high-quality sound from the speaker in whichever area you’re in the home.

Besides streaming, another benefit of Bluetooth connectivity is that it provides a means to link the soundbar into an external wireless subwoofer.

Adding a single subwoofer into space will considerably improve range, sound quality, bass, and general home entertainment experience.

Happily, most audio bars nowadays are outfitted with Bluetooth. Other versions from the brand will also be Bluetooth-enabled.

Surround Sound

All Vizio sb2920 29″ soundbar 2.0 systems are made with top-quality DTS surround sound engineering. Your new 2.0 station soundbar features DTS Studio Sound, DTS Tru Volume, and DTS TruSurround.

If you are new to hearing these phrases, these are all surround sound formats that simulate surround sound quality to improve your sound experience. While it is not quite as near Atmos, the audio quality will sense atmospheric.

The TruSurround and Studio Sound shoot horizontal noise from the TV speakers and create an immersive experience even without rear speakers on your system.

It makes a digital surround-sound that delivers the audience realistic audio effects which were otherwise unachievable with a little soundbar.

On the flip side, DTS TruVolume is accountable for preserving the and optimal quantity level for the material highlighting. You need to enter the settings, and the tech will look after the rest, providing you a consistent quantity of what’s playing.

Therefore, if you seek an immersive experience that you thought only theatres could provide, the installment of a small and easy soundbar can attain this nicely.


In connection to the installation, multiple connectivity choices are also significant. The Vizio SB2920-C6 soundbar may link to external devices in different ways, such as USB, RCA, 3.5 mm, digital optical input signal, and coaxial input.

Each soundbar review we create sets an emphasis on how a device can connect to the TV. That is because the more link choices a soundbar gets, the more flexible it is.

For this reason, you can personalize your house audio system more readily. If you would like to bring a wired subwoofer or some other external apparatus, for example, your soundbar will not have some compatibility problems.


The Vizio sb2920-c6 subwoofer 29″ 2.0 sound bar was created with two complete range drivers. If this expression is new to you, the motorist component of this speaker is responsible for pumping out the noise. Frequently known as the loudspeaker, the driver generates the sound you hear.

The two remarkable full-range drivers within this Vizio model may pay for the entire range of notes from low to high.

This guarantees that every last detail of this tune you play along with the film you see may be heard within the room. This type of range will make the grade better.

In almost any soundbar you buy, be sure you acquire premium quality full-range drivers, so you’re going to have the perfect sound, including each detail.


The Vizio SB2920-C6 is a 2.0 station soundbar, so it has two stations located right and left.

A Vizio sound bar sb2920-c6 is the most elementary thing you can get because otherwise, it is only a regular speaker. Soundbars will go up to 7 stations, but that could be expensive.

If you need a simple update to your TV speakers, then a two-channel sounding pub like this Vizio version will perform the job. But if you would like advanced DTS or Dolby technologies for surround audio, five stations is the golden standard. But it can be costly.

In the long run, our testing of the product revealed it could simulate surround sound. That still does not conceal that it is only a two station soundbar, which will be something that audiophiles might not enjoy.


The Vizio 2.0 channel audio bar includes its own remote and features a control panel on your soundbar itself. This is helpful in the event you misplace the remote anytime later on, which happens to many people anyhow.

You may use the remote to install settings and controls, depending on how you prefer to listen to your songs or videos from speakers. As anticipated, we did not have any difficulties with the distance, and our evaluations went smoothly.


All in all, the Vizio 2.0 channel soundbar review passes our criteria. It gives immersive and expansive audio with relatively minimal distortion, enabling you to enjoy music and movies using a home theater sense.

As with other speakers at the price point, the SB2920-C6 provides the most excellent sound quality with DTS technology.

The broad cinematic experience is adequate, although the two stations have their obvious drawbacks. Regardless, it’s received well in the sector and is among the highest products which don’t possess a hefty cost.

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