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Virtual Dj Vs Serato 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Virtual Dj Vs Serato 2020 Top Full Review, Guide

The virtual DJ recently got a massive upgrade and is now known as Virtual DJ 2021, and Serato DJ Pro has also added a few new features and improvements. We chose to peek at the latest versions of these two DJ platforms and watch how they stack up against each other. Keep reading Fidlar’s post to see more information about Virtual Dj Vs Serato

Serato Vs Virtual DJ

UI and UX

Serato DJ: Serato includes a pro interface that’s suited to the top-quality displays. It is beautifully laid out, and they have put every effort into fine-tuning it for top-level DJs and people that rely upon it day-in-day-out. Serato DJ enables four decks with a full dishwasher and waveform view.

The library is well-organized with smart-crates along with other unique features that make life easier. Concerning equilibrium, Serato DJ is rock-solid. Additionally, it is 64-bit nowadays, so that it will utilize the absolute best laptops and laptops. It is a high class all around.

Virtual DJ controller: Virtual DJ possibly lacks that top-drawer crystal-clear interface. It’s a very customizable modular setup that could be changed with skins made by both the Virtual DJ and their community.

Some leathers are made to look like control. This is amazing, and it sets Virtual DJ besides any additional applications, not only Serato DJ. Additionally, the Virtual DJ home lets you use up to 99 decks. Yep, 99! That seems absurd, but you can load monitors on a few decks, and now they are awaiting you in the mixture.

Meaning no navigation, so you won’t even have to press a cue-point. Virtual DJ’s almost endless expandability may come at the purchase price of equilibrium; however, it is rock-solid for the most part.

Overview: In nature, Serato DJ is well-tuned and closed’. It has been designed for professional DJs that rely upon a well-tuned set up in its own right. It’s not customizable, but when it is not broken, do not fix it.

On the flip side, the Virtual DJ mixer interrupts the status-quo using its quite intense levels of personalization. This is amazing for pros and amateurs alike interested or desperate to try something different from the standard.


Serato DJ: Serato DJ Lite comes bundled with a significant number of pro, semi-pro, and funding degree controls. It is free, and even though it’s limited in choices compared with the complete edition, it does the job effectively and economically.

Serato DJ is now lawfully compatible with 53 controls, heaps of accessories such as ports and CDJs, and 17 mixers. That is a whole lot of hardware BUT, it will not function out-of-the-box with old controllers. However, it is quite simple to locate mapping documents on the internet, so this is not a problem.


Virtual DJ: Virtual DJ has worked on providing its customer’s near-universal compatibility. It works with nearly anything, and thanks to colossal community financing, it is possible to discover mappings for controls of all kinds, present, and past.

By some estimation, the Virtual DJ operates on 300+ apparatuses, heaps of accessories, pellets, CDJs, and any port, making timecode use exceptionally simple.

Overview: Virtual DJ turntable is a lot more open. This makes it a fantastic alternative for people who love to tinker by using their gear or even for beginners who simply plug and play an inexpensive controller.

It provides the consumer with the capacity to pick. On the other hand, Serato DJ does function bundled with the favorite Serato DJ Lite, which allows you to combine with the most crucial features.

DVS compatibility

Serato DJ: Serato DJ has been the first innovator in DVS engineering and timecoding. They attracted a tide of turntablists and scratchers to electronics. Now, DVS is not quite as popular as it had been, but Serato DJ holding the experts regarding the pro-market. Most conflict scratchers and similar usage Serato setups. To conduct Serato DVS, you will want a compatible port.

Virtual DJ: Virtual DJ works with almost any port. Producers can disallow applications from being harmonious with ports. They did not manufacture themselves; however, they can not prevent other applications from working together. This is a massive benefit for Virtual DJ.

Overview: Virtual DJ’s scrape engine is unquestionably competent in the most significant levels. But, Serato DJ is an industry favorite for a reason, and it is a family name for scratches and turntablists.

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Licenses and pricing

Serato DJ: Serato DJ Lite is Free of Charge. Serato DJ is $129 or $9.99 per month. Serato DJ essentials are an additional $11.99 per month and contain add-ons such as Serato Play (permitting for innovative use without hardware), Serato FX, Pitch’n Time, and Serato Flip.

The Serato DJ Suite comprises pretty much everything for $299 or $14.99 per month. Add-ons may also be purchased permanently for approximately $39 to $99. It would probably be best to buy the software and some other add-ons separately without subscribing unless you need everything.

Licenses and pricing

Virtual DJ: Virtual DJ Home is free but will not use hardware. Virtual DJ 8 Advanced Home is $49. The complete pro package is $299. Virtual DJ pricing does but varies based upon your control, which may be somewhat confusing.

Overview: In the end, both are equally priced. But, Serato is significantly more transparent in its pricing. It would be rare to need everything, but it might be worse for a predetermined cost of $299 for every single for a lifetime. Gone are the times where a few programs would put you back into the thousands.


Serato DJ: Serato DJ is high-tech and fully-featured since it stands without even considering any extra packs. It’s smart-crates, amazing chainable FX, and superb sampling modules for tripping sounds. But, its aftermarket packs are where it springs into life.

You’ve got additional FX made by Izotope, Serato Flip for remixing tracks with different sample performance, Pitch’n Time to get a comfortable and exact pitch, and time changing (such as warping keys, etc.), Serato DVS, and Serato Video. Purchasing all these would cost a pretty penny, but it provides nearly endless prospects for DJ imagination and development.

Streaming: Pulselocker is an internet streaming platform for DJ applications. It lets you stream songs straight to your decks. There are many choices so far as electronic music is concerned; techno and house, mainly, are provided by 40 tags.

Virtual DJ: Virtual DJ has community financing. That means more things for more affordable costs. The quality is not necessarily up there, but you will find a lot of quality choices.

Everything is nicely organized in the Virtual DJ’s add-on segment on the site. It’s possible to get video DJ add-ons, monitor edit applications, and several other weird and terrific pieces like user-made FX and functionality pad designs. Additionally, the Virtual DJ enables automating, that’s very good for party and function DJs. Last, Virtual DJ works well on tablet computers and even tablets.

Streaming: Pulselocker and Content Endless is the Choices for Virtual DJ. Pulselocker is the same as for Serato DJ; however, Content Unlimited is somewhat different and provides plenty of songs ideal for karaoke and purposes.

Overview: Serato DJ includes plenty of aftermarket add-ons that alter the applications outside of its usual format. Yep, it could get pricey, but frankly, you do not require any extras if you do not feel you want it. In reality, it’s perfectly okay to combine with only the free Serato Lite.

But for four decks along with other features, Serato DJ Pro is your level choice. On the other hand, the virtual DJ includes many mad add-ons available from its add-on center. There are loads of things on the market that go and have a look!


1. Could I use Virtual DJ using Serato?

Serato DJ allows you to combine visuals and videos through the Serato Video add-on package or a third-party program like Mix Emergency. Virtual DJ has movie blending built-in, which means you don’t need to spend extra because of this.

2. Is Virtual DJ 2021 free?

Additionally, as usual, the upgrade to VirtualDJ 2021 is entirely FREE. Enjoy!

3. How much is the complete version of the Virtual DJ?

VirtualDJ Pro license costs just $19 a month and maybe canceled at any moment. As an alternative, it is also possible to decide on a one-time buy, using VirtualDJ Pro Infinity, for the purchase price of $299.

4. Can I utilize Spotify using a Virtual DJ?

Launch Virtual DJ applications, then click Nearby Audio on the left to include Spotify music from the drive. Or you could drag & drop songs to Virtual DJ.

The Verdict

Unsurprisingly, it isn’t easy to divide the Serato DJ Vs Virtual DJ. Serato DJ is generally viewed as one of the finest DJ software platforms made, and it is widely regarded as the smart option at the moment for control users, by a slim margin possibly, but a gross profit nonetheless. Serato DJ is exceptionally committed, and with bulletproof equilibrium, heaps of features, and rock-solid functionality, it’s tough to beat.

Virtual DJ, nevertheless, does deliver a certain willingness to the DJ applications globe. It is easily used with just about any hardware, so it’s easy to alter and personalize, and it might work out as more economical to use in the long term. Virtual DJ’s most mighty hand is its community and put in on center, filled with unique user-created content and nicely created official add-ons.

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