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VHT Special 6 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

VHT Special 6 Review 2021 Top Full Guide

For a music player like you, which amp do you think is the most worthwhile? With us around 350 USD, this is the ideal amp for your guitar.

So what makes it so popular and appreciated? Let’s join Fidlar to understand this amp in our VHT Special 6 Reviews, see if it’s as valuable as everyone else reviews it.

VHT Special 6 Guitar Amp Review

Tech Specifications

  • Power: 6W (Hand-Wired Circuit Board)
  • Speaker: 1 x 10″
  • Preamp Tube: 1 x 12AX7
  • Poweramp Tube: 1 x 6V6
  • Input: 2 x 1/4″ (Hi/Low)
  • Outputs: 3 x 1/4″ (Speaker Out)
  • Weight: 25 lbs.

Tech Specifications


  • A hand‑wired valve amp at this price? You’re joking
  • The head and cabinet in Special sound very good.
  • More versatile than its single Tone control would suggest.
  • A good platform for modifications.


  • The sound of the combo falls apart when you crank the volume too high.
  • Will be too noisy for some.


You will soon find about tube amps in this price range because they include quite primary controllers. VHT Special 6 combo follows that ideology also.


Apart from the hi/low electricity texture switch, you receive a single volume knob and one tone knob. In the circumstance of what this amp was created to perform in the first place, using such restricted controls isn’t that bad nor harmful to everything you could do.

VHT amps cut down just about everything to supply you with a real tube encounter in what’s still a reasonable price range. If you’re conversant with tubes and how to make them work in your favor, you won’t have a problem with this Special headset.

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In regards to features, VHT special 6 6w 1×10 hand-wired tube guitar combo amp is just one exciting monster. This little head packs some 6 Watts of electricity, which you’ve probably already figured from its title.

They have set up one 6V6 tube at the power phase and one 12AX7 in the preamp stage. At first glance, Special 6 resembles one channel amp.

But with the accession of the footswitch, which is included with a profit button, it turns into a typical two-channel setup. Hand-wired, VHT special 6 head tube combo amplifier includes a reasonably mod-friendly board.

If you’re prone to experimentation with your gear, this headset will provide you a great deal of space to do so. Last, you have the attenuation change and 4/8/16 Ohm speaker jacks at the back.


Concerning functionality, Super 6 is filled with surprises. The device’s cleans are simply out of the world. We all say that considering just how much you’re requested to cover these.

Apart from the single tone control, you may even add a definition for the own clogs by triggering the hi/low switch. Place it on hello, and you also get a little more juice at the tone.

When it’s time to kick things into overdrive, Super 6 meals out some of the sweetest organic overdrives, we have had the opportunity to use.

There is not much grit in the marketplace, but more than sufficient to create your guitar growl. In a sense, you can say it attracts a perfect quantity of dirt considering its power.


Undoubtedly, the most significant selling point of this Special 6 Ultra is its variable ion controller. Together with the amp on its own lower settings, it is easy to crank out complete on tube tone in a volume level that’s perfectly acceptable for solo use in your garage or room.

At full blast, the Special 6 Ultra is loud, really loud in actuality, loud enough at which it’d have the ability to keep up with a full band at smaller places (and more than good enough for training ).

As for me, I found two or three watts place to be the sweet spot, sufficient electricity that I am completely engrossed from the noise but not loud enough that I am shaking windows.

Though the Special 6 does not feature the same quantity of EQ controls as the regular full-blown tube amp, there’s loads of flexibility and control to be had within the box.

Rather than the usual Bass, Mid, and Treble controls, the Sky features Tone, volume knob, and Depth controls, the latter of that fine-tunes that the low-frequency range.

It may not look like much, but there is enough there to split out lots of mythical rock tones, particularly if you’re a lover of vintage Fender amps as a result of the added 6v6 output tube.

A couple of minutes of messing about with all the Depth control will readily provide you with a sense of what it can do to your tone.

On the clean channel, placing the Depth control to its greatest provides a complete, piano-like chime that matches great with jazz guitar, offering lots of notice to notice articulation and excellent clarity.

At its lowest point, it cuts the bass while highlighting the midrange and providing an incredible punch into the treble.

You also receive the different use of this Ultra knob on the Ultra station, designed to push the amp even farther.

You are sending the amp to a small split yields a smooth and sweet overtone that works flawlessly for classic rock rhythms even though a tiny dim.

Pushing the amp further can provide you anything from contemporary garage rock distortion,’70s rock contributes to complete heavy metal grit.

While there was a lack of tonal personality at a full advantage, which would fail metal players in particular, pairing the Sky using a distortion pedal relieved the problem.

The amp is not ideal, though. The simple fact that you need to plug into either the sterile or Ultra station with no choice to select between them quickly (besides simply swapping your cable out ) is a small letdown but not a deal-breaker.

Additionally, it is sort of ironic that the Sky has some small hiccups at full advantage settings considering that it is an amp with higher gain in your mind. Nonetheless, a pedal can certainly resolve both these problems.


VHT Special 6 ultra may be a reasonably inexpensive tube amp, but it’s also among the most flexible ones you can buy in this price range.

We’re discussing hand-wired circuitry with space for expansions, great tone, and compact dimensions. If you’re interested in finding a fantastic rig to use in your home or a studio, then VHT Super 6 is worth checking out. We hope that our VHT special 6 ultra tube combo amp review can help you know more about this amp