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Tribit Xfree Tune Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Tribit Xfree Tune Review 2021 Top Full Guide

You are looking for a headset for yourself, one that is qualified enough to transmit sound honestly and clearly but with a budget that is not too expensive. Tribit is one of the brands that we want to introduce to you. This is a company specializing in manufacturing audio equipment, and their products received a lot of positive reviews from consumers and experts in music.

Tribit Xfree Tune is their first product; let Fidlar see what is special about this headset, whether it is worthy of investment or not. This Tribit Xfree Tune reviews will present all the essential details about the headset you plan to invest in.

tribit xfree tune review

Tribit Xfree Tune Bluetooth Headphones Review


  • In inexpensive, reasonably good sound quality, portable
  • The Tribit XFree Tune sounds terrific for the money. It’s comfortable to wear and seems relatively well built. The headphones fold
    up to fit into an optional carrying case and battery life is rated at a healthy 24 hours at moderate volume levels
  • Foldable design, Affordable price, Excellent battery life, Overall great sound
  • Amazing sound quality for the price, great Bluetooth range, premium feel


  • Poor noise isolation, not comfortable for large ears/heads
  • The carrying case boosts the price by $5. The Tribit logo could be less prominent
  • It May is not fit everyone’s head, Not quite enough bass, Fingerprint magnet, Buttons blend in
  • Onboard buttons could be easier to use, earcups are comfortable but don’t breath

Build & Design

The cans feel solidly constructed. They are primarily made from plastic with metal at the headband. This is an over-the-ear set of headphones, so it completely covers your ears.

The ear-pads are incredibly soft and cushiony, and there’s ample padding on the headband. The Tribit Xfree Tune Bluetooth headphones come in two colors, a typical black and a black and red.

Tribit Xfree Tune Review Build & Design

Ours is the standard black version, and it seems understated. There’s Tribit Headphones branding on the ear cups, and the cans are bare differently.

The Left earcup Includes the 3.5 Millimeter audio out port, whereas the right one comprises the micro-USB charging interface covered by a flap.

You will find physical buttons around the Tribit Xfree tune driver audio playback. All of the controls are to the ideal earbud. There are volume up and down buttons that may also jump to previous and next tracks.

There is also a multi-function button (MFB). It’s utilized to power the headset or off and play or pause the audio.

The buttons are tactile, and we had no problems using them after using their positioning. An LED light on the perfect ear cup reveals the matching status and battery levels.

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This is one place where the XFree Tune excels. The headphones incorporate a few pretty nice features. There is the 3.5-millimeter audio jack, which means that you may use the cans in wired mode should they run out of juice.

The audio quality is much like both the wireless and the wired manner. The headphones also encourage double connect, which enables you to connect it to two devices simultaneously.

This is a good improvement, and we can not guarantee it enough. Especially now that most of us are working at home, it makes sense to get your headset attached to your telephone and your notebook concurrently.

This attribute is still missing from the Sony XM3s (practically the top headphones around). Nevertheless, Tribit wireless headphones provide it.

They utilize Bluetooth 4.1 for connectivity. We didn’t see any discernible lag while viewing videos on our telephone or notebook. There is no art or Active sound Cancellation, but that’s to be expected at this price point.


We discovered that the headphones to be quite comfortable to work with. The soft earpads and the padding onto the headband ensure no distress, even if wearing them for extended intervals.

They wore them with eyeglasses regularly and had no difficulties with relaxation. The earcups are also adequately big and need to have the ability to pay most ears fully.

This helps isolate the background sound. The cans are a little, on the other hand, as a result of metal in their construction. So that you do feel them in your mind, unlike any all-plastic options. But we did not find the burden to be overly bothersome.

Sound Quality

Coming to the essential part, the Audio Quality. How can the Tribit XFree Tune sound? Pretty good. The earphones have an excellent soundstage and sound clarity. The audio profile is more balanced.

This is particularly significant because most choices in this price range raise the bass and drown out the mids and the highs. There’s not any such problem here along with also the kids especially are incredibly detailed.

This doesn’t indicate they lack in bass, however. They have relatively good bass but not the rocking your world’ kind. They also react well to equalization, and you’ll be able to boost the bass up farther.

In general, these are a few of the finest sounding earphones within this price range if you would like a balanced audio touch.

Battery Life

This is just another place where the Tribit Xfree Tune Bluetooth headphones over ear rip it out of the park. These cans have a battery life of up to 40 hours. While we have not quantified the battery lifetime, we’re likely to think of Tribit’s claims.

The cause of this is the simple fact that we can often use them for a week before billing. The stupendous battery functionality surpasses one of our main pet peeves regarding Bluetooth headphones, the mediocre battery life.

If you need to control the cans, it requires just under 3 hours to charge utilizing the micro-USB port completely.

Noise Isolation

Lacking any active sound cancellation, the Tribit XFree Tune dropped towards the package’s rear in our sound isolation testing.

The majority of the non-active sound-canceling versions we have tested fall in precisely the same bucket, providing adequate sound isolation if you play with music loudly but offering only a muffling effect should you play music gently.

If you’d like over-ear headphones so that you can listen to music as you work in a coffee shop rather than be overly disturbed by the sounds around you, the Tribit XFree Tune will probably get the job done.

With music onto a medium quantity, we can still faintly make the snapping of our keyboards. Still, discussions and eyeglasses tinkering further away were muted enough that we did not find them distracting.

But if you’re searching for sound isolation, which will improve the way your music sounds, then the Tribit XFree Tune is not likely to pass muster. It fails to give a secluded adequate listening experience the finer points of audio may glow through.

For this, you need active sound cancellation, together with the TaoTronics TT-BH060 is the cheapest yet powerful version of this technology we have found.

User Friendliness

The Tribit XFree Tune gives the type of user experience you would expect from a set of headphones. A long-press of the power button turns the cans off and on, and using a brief press; it acts as a play/pause button.

A pair of volume buttons on the rear of the ideal earcup increase and lower the volume using just one press, and may skip tracks using a fast double media.

To input Bluetooth pairing manner, you have to hold the power button for 3 minutes. We did not have any difficulties using pairing the Tribit XFree Tune to our wireless devices.


The Tribit XFree Tune is very mobile, making one of the most fantastic scores in this particular metric.

The earcups of this Tribit XFree Tune fold upward, making quite a little package that easily fits into the included semi-rigid carrying case. The cans themselves weigh only over 10 ounces, which puts them directly by their competitors.

The maker boasts a 40-hour battery life, which is a lot more than competing models such as the Mpow Bluetooth Over-Ear (13-hours) and the TaoTronicsTT-BH060 (25-hours).


The Tribit XFree Tune wireless headset review is a couple of brilliant Bluetooth headphones on a budget. They have sturdy construction with ample padding to guarantee maximum comfort.

The audio quality is quite excellent, and the battery life is simply outstanding. They are even able to connect to two devices simultaneously.

They nail all of the fundamentals of Bluetooth headphones. They’re a perfect offering from Tribit and deserve all of the accolades coming their way.