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Sony Mdr-Zx110 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Sony Mdr-Zx110 Review 2021 Top Full Guide

Sony is one of the leading brands in the electronics field. You probably already own something Sony, from headphones, phones, televisions to audio speakers, and in the article, they are. I want to present to you a pretty much-recommended product from sony.

Sony MDR-ZX110 a well-known headset from Sony; this headphone looks pretty luxurious and expensive, seems to be worth more than its price point.

And if you are thinking of owning such a headset, please also take a closer look at the headset; in this Sony Mdr-Zx110 Review, Fidlar will look at its specifications and features to see if it is worth the money people have to spend to own or not.

Sony Mdr-Zx110 Reviews

Tech Specs

  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: MDR-ZX110-NC Wired Headphones
  • Launched: 1st January 2017
  • Colour: Black
  • Type: Headphones
  • Headphone Type: Over-Ear
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Model Number: MDR-ZX110-NC
  • Microphone: No
  • Driver Size (mm): 30
  • Sensitivity (dB): 115
  • Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-22,000Hz

Tech Specs


  • Active Noise-canceling
  • Wide frequency response
  • Durable cables


  • The sound tends to be mostly bass boosted
  • The plastic build of the headphone isn’t very solid


You possess a broad frequency response of 12 to 22000 kHz that the Sony MDR-ZX110 offers you using a bass concentrated audio experience that can make listening to music pleasurable for many people on the market.

And arriving in three different versions with sound canceling and mic options, you will get a great deal at a low price.

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Sony Mdr-Zx110 Reviews Performance

Aside from that, the MDR ZX110, sadly, is not wireless. But considering how the wires, Flat-Y Cables, do not tangle easily and have a rugged, more lasting feel, the wires aren’t that large a compromise.

If you’re trying to find a set of funds wireless earphones, the Mpow 059 or the Cowin E7 are worth checking out.

On the flip side, while the audio quality of this Sony MDR-ZX110 is not always that bad, it tends to be bass promoted and boomy using a darker treble and higher-end seem.

This can be a drawback; however, if you are somebody who prefers to obey full bass audio with less focus on the high-end sounds, then the Sony ZX110 would nevertheless be among the best choices among other sony zx series on ear headphones.

At length, Sony MDRZX110 includes 30-millimeter drivers thanks to the active noise canceling feature; they do not flow much noise either, keeping the serenity of silence in your workplace or even the library.

The cans also hold 87.9 hours battery to get sound-canceling thanks to some AAA battery, so you will not have to replace it too often, and if you do, it will not be a great deal of hassle.


Lacking padding on the headband, the Sony stereo headphones MDR zx110 might not be the comfiest headset; however, it weighs just 132g that the headband will not be causing much force in your mind.

With ear cups with an adequate quantity of cushioning, you can wear them for a considerable quantity of time until it becomes tired.

The Sony MDR ZX110 also lets you fold the ear cups, making them much more comfortable to store and carry. You can readily fix them to produce the headset comfier with access to a small swivel on the ear cups.

In terms of the construct of this Sony mdrzx100 zx, you receive an entire plastic construct, which itself is not that lasting but is glistening on the backs of their ear cups, providing a small aesthetic appearance to the gadget.

When it comes to performance, it does not offer much, with only a switch to trigger the sound canceling and nothing more.


Taking you just $14 to purchase this, the Sony MDR ZX110 does indeed fulfill its price and perhaps even surpasses one’s expectations.

As it’s possible to get it in Amazon for nearly $1, when purchasing this, what you ought to be considering is whether you are OK with a bass-promoted sound quality and when the wired layout matches your requirements.

Aside from that, because its construct is seemingly fragile according to the inspection Sony MDR ZX110 has obtained from nearly all individuals, you might have to keep an eye on which you choose the headphones.

And in case you’re able to get beyond all that, the Sony MDR ZX110 is a fantastic headset using a lot of features at a great price.


The Sony MDR zx110 review may appear suitable and carries ahead to the everyday aesthetic, making Sony a favorite headset choice, but it falls somewhat short in building quality.

It seems cheap, and we’re always worried about harm during our time together with the inspection unit. Nevertheless, it features an immersive, full sound that excels in its management of bass.

Detail and clarity endure somewhat, but bass-heads won’t find too much to complain about in this price. If you’re trying to find a set of on-ears with severe assault and push at below Rs. 1,000, the Sony MDR-ZX110 ought to be on your wish list.