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Smokin Buds 2 Wireless Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Smokin Buds 2 Wireless Review 2021 Top Full Guide

Skullcandy has a big following of enthusiasts who buy and utilize their headset entirely. Any manufacturer that can get so many faithful clients is doing something right and reliably producing quality electronics equipment.

They are classic within the earphones and are very popular, but many individuals love using earbuds for everyday wear when they are out and about.

Skullcandy initially produced the Smokin’ Buds 2, classic wired earbuds offering excellent audio for an excellent price. Recently they added a wireless variant of the version, referred to as the Smokin’ Buds two wireless. Diehard fans of the first have discovered the wireless version is equally as comfy with impressive audio clarity.

If you’re trying to find a new set of earbuds that are beneath a $30 budget, Keep reading Fidlar’s post to see our Smokin Buds 2 Wireless Reviews, you will find your headset.

Smokin Buds 2 Wireless Review Design 

Smokin Buds 2 Wireless Review


  • Strong audio performance with colossal bass response.
  • Safe match.
  • Affordable.


  • Powerful bass comes at the cost of the total balance of this mixture.
  • Light on accessories.
Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 Wireless In-Ear Earbud - White
5,544 Reviews
Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 Wireless In-Ear Earbud - White
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, LOW PROFILE, AND FLEXIBLE: Unlike other bulky and stiff products on the market, this low-profile lightweight collar is made of moldable plastic that gently hugs your neck, and can be removed entirely if you prefer. Use the notches in the collar or the provided "S" clip to adjust for the perfect fit or keep cables secure in place.


Individuals who buy Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2 pay a great deal of focus on looks and style. Skullcandy is well-aware their clients do not want any dull pair of earbuds. They need something which will stick out and look good.

Well, it is safe to say these earbuds are precisely what Skullcandy’s clients are searching for. The most striking element of the layout is semi-transparent housing, which allows you to view drivers and internals. It does not include anything in their performance, but it looks magnificent.

Smokin Buds 2 Wireless Review Design 

We also enjoy how brilliant and diverse selection of colors Skullcandy offers. They do not restrict themselves to a few standard colors and instead produce an extensive range of mixes and unique colors.

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Build quality

To get a set of earphones that concentrates mostly on layout, Skullcandy Smokin Buds two are constructed to last and include a superb cable. It’s flat and quite tangle-resistant. They do not tangle even when transported within a pocket for quite a very long moment.

There’s also a handy mic on the cable using a remote control to your smartphone. The mic’s audio quality is pretty lovely, and it succeeds to suppress nearly all the outside sound. This leaves Skullcandy smokin’ buds 2 ideal for outdoor and sports usage.

You can keep your smartphone securely stored within your pocket and concentrate all of your attention on anything it’s that you’re doing at the moment.

The cable can be equipped with proper pressure replacements on the two ends, meaning that these affordable earbuds should endure for quite a very long moment.


On tracks with extreme sub-bass content, such as The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the cans deliver robust bass response. Few may find it to be a lot better.

At top, unwise hearing degrees, the motorists don’t distort, but it bears repeating: This is a bass-heavy earphone set, and the equilibrium of this mixture can seem somewhat off-kilter (too skewed to the lows) sometimes.

Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” a course with no much deep bass from the mix, provides a more practical glimpse of the general sound touch. The drums on this track, which generally should seem complete, but maybe not thunderous, seem heavy and enormous.

Callahan’s baritone vocals have an excess dose of low-mid richness they barely need and not enough high-mid treble advantage to create them crisp as they ought to be.

There’s definite brightness from the audio touch that the guitar comes through crystal precise thanks to a fostered highs.

Still, there is so much low-mid, low, and sub-bass existence that matters seem too altered to the lows to a track at which shouldn’t be right, along with the extensive frequency sculpting can not conquer all of it.

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church at the Wild,” the kick drum loop’s attack becomes only enough high-mid existence to keep its sharpness and slice through the mixture as the most effective component.

Still, this loop’s shallow frequency sustain appears equally as strong, and things seem optional to the extremities.

This is true, particularly with the sub-bass synth strikes that punctuate the beat that the heavy bass is all-powerful here.

The vocals do not get pushed into the back of this mixture, and they figure out how to float over items cleanly and clearly. Broadly, this is probably the track that seemed best through the earphones bonus for hip hop fans.

If you’re searching for bass but need a bit more balance in the combination, that will be tough to see in the domain of cheap Bluetooth earphones.

We enjoy the Samsung Level U Wireless, the Jabra Rox, and also the SOL Republic Shadowbut are somewhat more pricey and feature a bass response to a level.

And since the abysmal iLuv FitActive Air demonstrates, it isn’t easy to produce great Bluetooth earphones affordably.

So, at $60, the Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds two Wireless do fulfill a need. There are also a few cheap Bluetooth earphones out there. If enormous bass is your thing, these earphones won’t fail.


The audio quality of Skullcandy smokin’ buds 2 is a little above average. A few earbuds and headphones in this price class have more clarity and detail to them. But this often includes less lively and more dull sound.

These cans, though not analytical or exceptionally detailed, make audio seem exciting and enjoyable. That is often a whole lot more significant than hearing every small detail.

If you end up coming back for more, it usually means your headphones do something good. Skullcandy Smoking Buds two are sure to make you come back to get longer.


The Skullcandy smokin buds 2 wireless provides a perfect listening experience to casual listeners. With a comprehensive and genuine personality, this earphone works nicely with any music genre while offering a surprising degree of realism and depth.

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