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Simply Piano Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Simply Piano Review 2021: Top Full Guide

You are trying to learn Piano yourself at home without the participation of a teacher, you will encounter a lot of new knowledge, and you need someone to explain it to you. So an online learning software will give you a full study path, but there are quite a few courses and online learning software on the market today that make you uncertain about which one to choose to accompany you.

Let Fidlar introduce you to a handy piano learning software today; simply Piano is a piano learning program made by JoyTunes that receives many positive reviews from users. So what’s in this software? Let Fidlar take a closer look at the sun features of the software right at Simply Piano Review, whether to choose to accompany your practice or not.

What’s Just Piano?

SimplyPiano is programmed to hear everything you play on any generic piano keyboard or Piano or an onscreen keyboard, then follow along with a teacher.

With this type of robot learning procedure, studying music will come quickly to you, and right away, you’ll be playing recognizable easy piano songs and embracing good music customs.

What's Just Piano

SimplyPiano is the best manual for beginners, and even if you’ve not managed a computer keyboard, this instrument will teach you how to at several sessions.

You could find out how to play the Piano quickly and conveniently. It is irrelevant if you’re a beginner without fundamental skills or a pro. SimplyPiano has you covered. SimplyPiano will operate with any piano or keyboard at your disposal to create you a fantastic pianist.

SimplyPiano is a program manufactured by JoyTunes. JoyTunes additionally developed Piano Fust Buster and Piano Maestro, each of which can be award-winning software. These programs help educate, and several teachers on earth love them.

They have more than 1 million instructing tunes, which are utilized to educate students weekly. JoyTunes are specialists in creating and animating music apps that teach Piano fast and straightforward.

SimplyPiano is an award-winning program in charge of instructing tens of thousands of musicians or pianists today.

The program, through its great Path of work, has gained a significant number of awards such as the World Summit Award given to them from the United Nations, the EMI’s Innovation Challenge, the Ideal Tools For Beginners NAMM.

The Parents Choice Awards,’ Golden App’ Apps for Homeschooling, GameIS’ Greatest Tablet Game Award, and a Lot More.

Simply Piano by JoyTunes
2,849 Reviews

Simply Piano By JoyTunes Review

An In-Depth Look in the Platform Giselle Sproule Last Updated: January 9, 2021, Piano Apps & Courses, learn to play piano app.

Just Piano is a learn piano lessons developed by JoyTunes (of programs Piano Dust Buster and Piano Maestro).

It’s prevalent and has won awards like Apple’s Editor’s Choice Award, Parents’ Choice Award, and Best Program from Google Play.

Simply Piano By JoyTunes Review

JoyTunes asserts their piano programs are utilized by tens of thousands of piano instructors globally and educate countless tunes weekly.

Their purpose for Just Piano was supposed to make an educational and enjoyable app for studying Piano efficiently.

Just Piano teaches using interactive and videos, progress-measuring classes, similar to this game-like format of additional piano lessons like Playground Sessions and Skoove.


  • SimplyPiano is easy to comprehend, it has a simple interface that can be operated even by children.
  • The app is like an educational game, android users can even connect it to an OTG and connect it to a USB device and it works flawlessly.
  • If you don’t have a piano, the app has an on-screen keyboard that you can practice on.
  • The 5 minutes practice sessions are great for learning, they help you learn faster.
  • You can use this app instead of learning from people.


  • Their subscriptions are often clustered into 3, 6, and yearly packages, having smaller packages could come in handy.
  • The app sometimes fails to recognize audio, making users repeat playing tones until it senses. This can be rather tiresome.
  • There is no option to opt-out of a subscription.

What’s included

There are many facets to the Only Piano program that includes some variety to their piano training. Let us take a good look.


Simply Piano now has 27 different classes divided into two classes: Soloist and Chords.

You do not need to choose between these. However, you can perform them concurrently, one following another, or only concentrate on one.

But as there’s the theory educated from the Chords trail that would help all those on the Soloist monitor and vice versa, I suggest finishing them equally.

The classes begin with an intro video describing precisely what you will be learning and then proceed on to videos showing the brand new theories.

Following the movies, you are brought to the learning interface. The musical team is exhibited on the top region of the display, and beneath is a computer keyboard. As you are educated new notes, ‘re highlighted on the computer keyboard.

The program lets you find out several bars of songs at one time by hearing them and then reading them by the team.

As soon as you’ve discovered several short segments, you may put them together using a backing track and the audio scrolling across the screen.

If you receive a notice right, it seems blue; if not, the notice turns reddish. If you take a long time and a hint pops up to explain to you where the notice is on the computer keyboard, the notice turns yellowish.

If you perform over a few yellow notes, then you’ll need to replicate those few pubs.

If you play with more than just two red notes, then you enter training mode, which has you enjoying considerably slower and using a metronome.

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The song library includes hundreds of tunes to select from, having a fantastic selection corresponding to each level.

It’s possible to scroll through the top to locate the appropriate degree, but you can not sort by celebrity. But because nearly all of the tunes fall to the favorite music group, this is not that big of a deal.

Each song is broken into segments like intro and chorus to split up the learning process. You know a few bars at a time in precisely the same manner as in the classes: Listening, sight-reading, then playing more segments together with all the backing track.

Only Piano shows you just how many notes you have right and just how well you kept up the rhythm and rhythm when you perform with the entire tune. Additionally, it provides you a rating of 3 stars.

An odd element of the music is that all of these possess a track to play and even the classical bits. And as nearly all of the songs initially have vocals, there’s usually a singer too.

This is the perfect practice for playing together with a ring or accompanying a singer, but maybe not too much for solo Piano. “Für Elise” does not generally have funding drums!

5 Minutes Workouts

These brief practice sessions are made to keep your skills sharp even if you’re too busy to perform a lesson. There’s absolutely no overall menu; instead, you are provided a workout depending on your current amount.

These workouts do not teach anything new. However, they reinforce the concepts you learn in these classes. By way of instance, the very first couple have pupils sight-reading notes which were educated in the most straightforward classes.

Sheet Music 

Just Piano does not expect you to be continually reading from the scrolling audio; they provide printable sheet songs that you may use from the program.

You can practice your reading skills with these bits with no scrolling lines, instantaneous feedback, and backing tracks.

How Just Piano Works

Just Piano is a stand-alone app on your tablet or telephone that utilizes sound recognition to obey the notes you play after doing the program’s exercises.

As an alternative, you may use a MIDI to the USB link to have a more authentic experience as several times the notice comprehension messes up a piece with octaves and numerous notes.

When using the program to find out, you’ll be guided through a set of classes and classes. Everything is quite linear, therefore that it caters quite well to beginners. You do not need to suppose or feel overwhelmed by choices.

It will take you down through its program, teaching the fundamentals and techniques through tunes mostly. This is only one of those facets I found made it fun to use and practice more.

The Exercises

The vast bulk of the exercises are you currently studying and enjoying the notes which you see. Whenever you’re in the beginning phases of a lesson, they’ll be static so that there is no time factor playing it.

These exercises can also be tiny sections of a tune that you are building upward also.

Close to the lesson’s close, they will begin to put these bits together and set them into music. This indicates you’ll have to begin playing with it in time. If you create too many errors, it will start you back several bars until you’re in a position to receive it right.

There’s a brand new song to play together too and find out every one or two classes.

I discovered that the lessons to be quite engaging, and it’s rewarding if you aspire to have the ability to read sheet music finally.

Just Piano has a too linear teaching method, which I found helpful to help guide me through the pockets of my piano playing understanding. Let us get into what’s contained in the learning program.

The Curriculum

Ahead of the classes split to the Soloist and Chords flows, you will find two classes designed to provide students a fast base of piano principles, regardless of their piano aims are.

In these classes, Piano Basics and Basics, I instruct you finger amounts, fundamental rhythm, a few simple chords, and a couple of notes in each hand on the keyboard along with the musical team.

You will also play with simplified versions of six songs, such as Perfect by Ed Sheeran and “Jingle Bells.”

Aside from the initially shared classes, there are a couple of later ones on studying sheets for both monitors, since melody and chords each play a part.


The soloist course is intended to instruct you on how you can play solo piano pieces with both genders and accompaniment. It does so using an emphasis on studying scales and music.

The classes are taught within the context of a tune so that you always feel as though you’re working towards enjoying something pleasurable.

Essentials II and III expand your notice knowledge into two octaves, instruct F and C rankings, accidentals, and have you enjoying the one-octave C major scale interior a tune.

Next comes Classical me, which can be labeled optional. It begins with a lesson on the music background and the designs each time before proceeding to simplified versions of the Classical and Romantic periods.

Another Classical class, which comes only following Intermediate III, educates an excerpt from Beethoven’s Für Elise, which I am sure is about several aspiring pianists’ lists.

Intermediate I, II, III, and IV have more rhythmically intriguing with syncopation and ties. They also teach scales D and D important and expand upon the rankings learned in the Essentials courses, such as altering positions and enjoying higher notes.

Two-thirds of Bach classes introduce the Baroque age, Bach himself, and teach some well-known Bach minutes and airs. Much like the Nordic classes, these are labeled optional.

Pre-Advanced I’m the second-to-last class, and here students find out about crucial requirements and 16th notes. While the notion of necessary signatures is clarified, you only put it in practice with D major and F major.

Besides the abilities classes, there are courses for learning how to perform The Entertainer by Scott Joplin and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

All these are taught in the same fashion as the songs from the song library, however, with videos presenting the tunes and circumstance.


You will find out how to use chords to accompany almost any tune you desire within this track. The classes teach utilizing the chords for well-known pop, rock, and jazz tunes.

Pop Chords I presents chords C major, D major, G major, and E minor in the context of tunes like Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door from the Guns’N Roses. Additionally, it introduces the notion of a bassline.

Pop Chords II and III instruct F major, D minor, E major, A major, and B minor. Nearly you’ve educated the chord, given some clinic, you have to play with a short tune that comprises the brand new chord.

Chord Styling I, II, and III are all about showing you how you can play the very same chords in different styles, such as soft rock, ballad, and classic rock. They invite you to place your spin on well-known tunes with chord patterns and techniques.

Blues Chords I get you enjoying the chords C7, G7, and D7 in exciting new fashions like rock and swing and roll. You will also find out about the 12-bar blues.

Jazz Chords I and II go more in-depth on the concept, along with teaching literary patterns. You will find out about chord progressions, including the significant and small 2-5-1 chord progressions and the turnaround progression. Minor seventh chords and diminished chords can also be coated.

Last, the Slash Chords class covers barbell bass, moving bass, and chord inversions, in addition to introducing slash chords. Within this program, you can play tunes like Hello by Lionel Richie.

Prices And Subscription

I will be honest. Simply Piano’s subscription and pricing process annoy me.

They do not have a monthly program. It would help if you bought it in 3-month, 6-month, or even yearly subscription programs. All of that can be over-priced, in my view. Of each of the piano learning programs, Only Piano is among the pricier ones.

They do provide a 7-day free trial, but you must be warned if you don’t cancel within those 7-days, you’ll be billed for a full year of Just Piano only because they default their subscription program the yearly option, which will be more than $100.

I’ve read about a couple of individuals being caught off guard from this, only because they neglect to cancel the subscription.

Note: You can not cancel the subscription within the program. You must do it from the account settings from the program shop.


  • A 3-month recurring subscription for $59.99
  • A 6-month recurring subscription for $89.99
  • A yearly recurring subscription for $119.99


Simply Piano is a fantastic program for people who wish to learn how to play the piano but do not know where to get started.

The program is quite guided; the program shows you exactly what to practice, compels you to play with it gradually if you want to, and does not allow you to proceed unless you get it.

This management amount is perfect for pupils who wish to learn independently but are not so good with disciplining themselves or do not understand enough about educating the Piano to generate the use of more customizable features.

Students will come from Simply Piano with a fantastic grasp of the fundamentals of reading music, playing chords, and accompanying singers or additional musicians.

Hence, it’s a reasonable basis for moving on to more complex piano classes or exploring chord accompaniment by yourself.

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