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Shure Se215 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Shure Se215 Review 2021 Top Full Guide

On the lookout for excellent in-ear screens? Not wanting to spend a lot of money? Check out the SE215 earphones from Shure. You might not understand it. However, these single-driver earphones outperform several dual-driver earbuds on the market.

How can they do it? It is thanks to Shure’s advanced MicroDriver technology, an innovative miniature driver layout that lets these fabulous headphones reproduce audio frequencies of 22Hz-17.5kHz with astounding accuracy.

They are also super-comfortable; nevertheless, they fit snugly enough to block 37dB of external sound. That is the type of reliability you can rely on if you are on stage, and everything you hear is undoubtedly crucial.

Even when you’re just searching for a pair of earbuds for carrying out in your iPod, you are likely to adore Shure’s SE215s. Keep reading Fidlar’s post to see our Shure Se215 Reviews.

Shure Se215 Review

Tech Specs

  • Type: In-ear
  • Drivers: 1
  • Frequency Range: 22Hz-17.5kHz
  • Impedance: 17 ohms
  • Noise Attenuation: Up to 37dB, Passive
  • Sensitivity: 107dB SPL @ 1mW
  • Cable Length: 64″
  • Replaceable Cable: Yes
  • Plug Type: 1/8″
  • Color: Clear
  • Weight: 1.00 oz.

Shure Se215 Review


  • Affordably priced
  • Great Driver Fit
  • Punchy Bass, Smooth Mids
  • Durable Cables
  • Excellent Noise Isolation and No Sound Leakage


  • Narrow Soundstage
  • Over-ear memory cable can be more pliable
  • Black cables look inelegant
Shure SE215-CL Professional Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver, Secure In-Ear Fit - Clear
2,692 Reviews


If you’re inclined to jump ship and depart those smartphone throw-aways supporting, you may observe that the Shure SE 215 doesn’t look like other earbuds. That is because those are not earbuds, but earphones, to be exact.

What is the difference? Aside from becoming the actual step-up in functionality, they are in-ear headphones such as the SE215 carry on several purposeful design alterations to match additional hardware within the earpiece.

Shure Se215 Review Design 

An earbud is usually formed to be wedged to the ear canal’s outer area, only far enough inside to attain minimal sound isolation but not deep enough to provide abundant sound functionality.

On the flip side, most earphones, for example, SE215, attain excellent sound isolation since they slide within the ear farther.

Additionally, unlike earbuds, the SE215 packs its guts into modules that branch from the earpieces. These attractive small translucent, grey plastic components take on the colossal cavity mold, which exists just outside the ear canal.

Assessing its look to hearing-assistance devices would not be out of the left field. The modules aim to rest in the ear, whereas the earpiece is trapped within your ear.

Every one of those earphones is attached to a string with a couple more special tweaks to the typical earbud formula. To start with, the wires are removable.

This is not just a feature that is all too prevalent among earphones on the current market, but it may make repairs down the road easier.

Perhaps the biggest shocker at the plan of this SE215 is that, such as the RHA T10i, the wires orient up and cradle around the ear. It makes excellent sense, also. Together with earphones, this heavy gravity could have its way with all the SE215 at each step.

I wish there were more features to touch on, mostly inline controls. Regrettably, those are overlooking, meaning that you can not control your audio player without having it.

This purchase includes a slick zip-up instance and many replaceable earpieces if the default size does not gel with your ear canal. The tiniest ones worked best for me personally.

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Build Quality And Comfort

The SE215 SPE comes from the limited edition color: Lucent Blue. This crystalline motorist casing creates a slick feeling despite its plastic construct.

On the other hand, the same cannot be said for its removable wires. The wires are thick and inelegant. Moreover, the wires also don’t include any inline controllers, which means that you’ll need to reach your audio player to create any volume alterations.

The only saving grace of these wires is that the durability. This is a set of IEMs that’ll endure being thrown around carelessly on your luggage without being put at an instance.

Going back into the motorists, it may be a bit fiddly to get initially, but when you discover the appropriate angle, the match is among the very best out there. It is comfy, and you hardly feel it after hours of using it.

The over-the-ear cable layout ensures that the cable has been stored neatly out of the way and minimized microphonics. On the other hand, the memory cable may be pliable to guarantee a better fit for your ears.

Also, the complimentary spinning cable connected to the driver proves to be more challenging than it is worth.


The Shure 215 might be more obtuse than your typical earbuds, as well as some IEMs for this thing, but Shure earbuds packaged some unique drivers to that additional space.

And though the radical change in the layout may be challenging to adapt to if you are utilized to stock earbuds, the Shure SE215 will assuredly (ahem) allow you to feel welcome with all the superb sound performance it can pump out.

The total audio signature is neutral but is flexible in providing coolness and heat to tunes that require it.

The treble is not brash on pop and rock tunes along with also the bass response, the earbud’s greatest weakness, is real and activates using a fantastic amount of oomph in those in-ear monitors.

First experiences with the Shure earphones SE215 may feel somewhat like corralling a crazy horse. It did briefly, but I finally caught my stride, and today I can pop these into my ears as quickly as I would any older pair of in-ear headset.

For me, the trickiest aspect of this pattern was not finding a cozy fit, as Shure earphones made the modules fit like a glove, and the included interchangeable earpieces range from little to big.

It was also hard to bend the ear hooks into an angle that softly cradles my ears. The most significant pain was adjusting to the Shure SE215’s shortage of inline controls. As soon as it is not a deal-breaking omission for me personally, it is a perplexing one for sure.

Sound Quality

Trust Shure to provide a great sound touch. It’s very balanced and contains a tremendous punchy bass with Shure’s signature good mids.

Nothing to wow the EDM fans out there; however, the improved bass is sufficient to provide that extra kick into your typical songs.

But while the SE215 SPE cares for its bass and smooth mids, it overlooks the treble’s clarity. The brights frequently wind up sounding somewhat remote and invisibly, listening to classical music, and pop tunes less fun.

This SE215 SPE’s sound stage is much more on the side than other cheap EDMs out there, such as the MEE Audio M6 Pro, for example.

Once it works well enough to paint a lot larger image and make you believe the noise is coming from more instructions than both points on your ears, it’s still unable to paint the entire phase placement for orchestral bits.

The SE215 SPE soundstage is excellent for acoustic parts where you can genuinely feel the guitar and singer players’ familiarity or for more manageable bits where directionality does not matter.

Noise Isolation And Audio Leakage

You can not speak about Shure in-ear headphones without mentioning their sound isolation, noise leakage properties, and the SE215 SPE blows off other rivals, such as the VSonic GR07 and ATH IM70out of the water.

The noise-isolating foam ear tips may block up to 37 dB of ambient sound, so it is ideal for the morning commute once you only need to drown out the sound rush-hour audience but not so wholly you won’t have the ability to listen to the frantic chatter of a final train doorway or incoming automobile horns.

The noise leakage is almost non-existent, even in borderline ear throbbing amounts or raves music, which means that you can keep your party entirely only on your own.


There is a reason why the Shure Se215 was recommended for so long. Introduced way before any other high-end brands ventured into affordable quality headphones, the SE215 SPE is an excellent entry-level IEMs.

It is a step up in terms of sound quality, offering the budding audiophile a taste of what it is like to titillate your senses. The impressive noise isolation gives you that sense of privacy and intimacy.

However, with time and the influx of Chi-fi, it is getting increasingly hard for the SE215 SPE to remain at the top of the charts for affordable entry-level IEMs.

The narrow soundstage is apparent compared to its competitors, and slightly cheaper brands can rival even its sound signature to varying degrees.

If Shure wants to keep its lead, it needs to bring more to the table, and it needs to bring it fast. Hopefully, with the new re-release of the Bluetooth in-ear monitors SE215, we can find more reasons to love this classic again.

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