Due to the heavy impact of covid-19, delivery time will slightly later than before. We immensely thank you for your continuous support to FIDLAR during this challenging time. If you have any problems with your order’s delivery time, please don’t worry and contact us. We’re here with 24/7 customer service will assist you.


1.Domestic shipping in the USA

Prepare time: 1-2 business day(s) with items that not apparel, one day with apparel items. We will work very hard to processing your order as soon as possible.

Delivery time: 4-5 days to all items.

Shipping fee: we offer free shipping to all orders and discounted 10 dollars directly to orders more than three products.

2.International shipping

Prepare time: 1-2 business day(s) with items that not apparel, one day with apparel items.

Delivery time: 16-25 days due to the covid-19.

Common questions about shipping

1. When will my items be shipped?

Immediately while your orders are placed, we will verify your information to confirm there’s no mistake and valid the shipping information. If there’s (some) mistake with your information(s), we will send you an email to tell you about that, and then you can update your information and replace the order(s).

Until you confirm and replace it with new information, your order won’t be processing, so please pay attention and keep calm if you received our email. We won’t be responsible for orders that wrong information.

2. How can I track my orders?

We will send you a tracking number via email that you use to make the order.

3. What happens when I order more than one product?

Because many of our products are not ready-to-shipped, if your order has more than 1 product, they would be delivered at different times. Please keep calm if your item has not arrived simultaneously, the other(s) will be there soon.

4. I place an order and don’t receive an email, what happened?

If you in this kind of problem, please make sure your email is correct. Most of these problems are because you filled the wrong email. While the orders are processing, you will receive 2-3 emails from us, including an order confirmation, shipping time, and fulfillment notices. If you believe that you have filled the wrong email, please feel free to contact our customer service to replace your information(s).

5. Any TAX is applied to my order(s)?

Currently no. We want to provide our customers the best shopping experience, so no tax or any additional fee is applied to your order(s).

6. How do I contact you?

You can contact us via our customer support email: [email protected]

Our other contact information at Contact page