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Serum Vs Massive 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Serum Vs Massive 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Massive Native Instruments is the dream synthesizer of many music producers, a name familiar in the audio equipment industry. And if you ask if there is an alternative to Massive, it is Steve Duda’s Xfer Serum, the synthesizer that is arguably the most competitive with Massive.

Serum Vs Massive works with the excellent VST engine; they can produce almost any sound you want and are dubbed the top wakeboard plugins on the market today.

So what’s the difference between this synthesizer? Let Fidlar discover what makes them so famous and increasingly popular like that.

Massive vs Serum: Cost

For many producers, the price will surely be a massive element when it comes to comparing both of these plugins. Plugins with this degree of power and innovative flexibility are not cheap, so be ready to pay.

But it is essential to consider: a heavyweight plugin, for example, Huge X or Serum, might develop into a critical component of your production for several years. For that reason, it’s essential to see those plugins as investments.

In case you’ve got enough money, I would not purchase the more affordable plugin purely because it is more economical, as it might turn out a different plugin was considerably better suited to a type of production.

As of now, Huge X is priced at $199.00, while Serum is priced at $189.00. Therefore there is not much in it anyhow.

Though these two plugins frequently have discounts or deals, it is well worth checking out the present cost. They both have a free trial download so that you can test both products before making a last choice.

Massive vs Serum: Cost

Xfer Serum vs Massive X: Design And Use

First, I would like to have a peek at the design and layout of the plugin ports.

It is probable you’ll spend hours (or even days!) Therefore, within your primary plugin, all must be introduced with an intuitive design that permits a fast-paced workflow.

Massive X Design

Compared to its predecessor, Huge X has a somewhat futuristic, sleek design and is one of those visually impressive plugins on the market.

But, looks are not everything.

Massive is designed to match the vast majority of its features into one perspective. Therefore it may seem quite overwhelming for a newcomer. I would say even innovative producers may struggle to get their heads around this plugin to start with.

The text is comparatively little, yet the controls and knobs are somewhat “distribute” across the port, which makes this soft synth somewhat hard to navigate at first.

But following this rather steep learning curve, then the pieces do fall right into place. With just a little practice (and much more importantly( patience), the design generates much more sense. Massive X allows you to get an incredibly fast, compact workflow. It would help if you were merely placed in the job to get there.

Serum Design

Building sounds with wavetable synthesis is a fantastic ability to find out, but it certainly needs a lot of work to get good at it.

Since the launch of Serum in 2014, I have been blown away by how intuitive and straightforward this plugin engine would be to utilize. In the get-go, each control in Serum feels as though it is precisely where it ought to be, which ends in a more straightforward learning curve compared to Massive X.

That is one reason why I typically recommend Serum to finish beginners in audio production and sound design.

Additionally, Serum includes a rigid, virtually sci-fi look with stunning 3D oscillator waveform visualizers, making these plugins a complete joy to use from the get-go.

The winner?

Concerning design and ease of usage, Serum certainly takes the cake with this one. Massive X might have you scratching your head initially, but using Serum makes it simpler to dive directly into the several controllers and modulation features. However, these two plugins provide a superb workflow using small creative distractions once you’re within the learning curves.

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Massive X Vs Serum: The Sound

For most producers, this will be the most vital element when it comes to comparing both of these plugins.

Granted, you may have the best-looking plugin, even the plugin with much more modulation choices, etc. This means nothing if it does not have the correct sound you’re searching for.

Primarily, neither Massive X nor Serum sound objectively better than another; however, they do seem different.

Tonal differences?

When Serum was published, which drew both criticism and praise, was clean and”untouched,” the noise output was.

Serum produces the specific sound you have told it to make, which has its pros and cons. This can mean that you get pristine sounding synths and will hear precisely what the wavetables are producing.

Nonetheless, it will sometimes tell you, you might need to find a bit more technical to generate a sound good.

Huge X, on the other hand, is notorious for creating fat, rich tones on the fly. I would go as far as to say it’s more of the analog-style, which can be heavily hunted out for many digital producers.

This occasionally means that a sound in Huge X may sound great without a lot of customization or innovative sound design.

Which plugins seem best for that genre?

The first Massive plug was heavily connected with dubstep genres straight back from the early 2010s, which artists like Skrillex singing it is praised.

Allowed, together with its different “modern talking” and other vocal style oscillators, it was ideal for producing these growling basslines and Massive, evolving synths frequently seen in dubstep music.

In my view, Massive X remains better suited to producing this type of synth or bass noise than Serum. This isn’t merely the rich tone of these plugins, but also the choice of presets and oscillator choices. Creating a “filthy” bass noise in Huge X will probably provide the best outcomes.

Serum, nevertheless, is utterly brilliant at producing lush, broad pads, clean basses, evolving potential bass synths (even Massive X would also be OK at this), and a whole lot more. Like I mentioned, developing a rich, analog tone remains possible but might require a few added tweaks.

Which is the winner? massive x or serum

As you might have guessed, there is no winner concerning how these plugins seem. It is all about personal taste, and if you are following new, clean audio or a warmer tone.

Massive Vs. Serum: The Filters

Concerning filters, Serum and Massive are relatively evenly matched, offering distinct benefits with every. I’d assert that while Serum gets the more excellent selection of filters, Huge provides a much broader scope of mixing both the filters together. This is a result of the operational differences between both.

While they allow two filtering phases, Serum offers one on the primary page, and every oscillator either sends it to it doesn’t. Serum’s second filter is on the FX page significance. The two, if both utilized, are rigorously in a string with restricted deep-level control.

On the other hand, Massive is more generous with routing choices than Serum, which is immensely valuable in these filters. Each person oscillator could be distributed to either filter in parallel or series, together with the amount it’s delivered to every, being compacted.

However, from a different angle, Serum again manages to trump Massive concerning this sign’s visual impact, together with the principal filter providing a GUI that shows the frequency curve that it applies to the character.

Based on if you desire the advantage of innovative routing or more excellent visualization of what you are producing, every synth provides its benefits.

Massive X vs. Serum: Outcomes

No synth could be considered the top without effects that polish and alter the sign. Fortunately, both Massive and Serum are, in this example, deservedly counted as among the most excellent software synths.

By this stage in the comparison process, it would not be gross-speculation to presume that Steve Duda, Serum’s mastermind, utilized Massive as a reference to transcend in most regions, again.

At the same time, Tremendous offers the indisputable quality of built-in consequences. The Serum has more to provide you with.

Massive includes two FX slots, also two inserts, using an EQ at the finish. All these are high quality and should suffice for many programs, but the FX slots and even inserts offer you various alternatives, and thus you’ve got limited flexibility.

The inserts are incredibly flexible and may be flashed in multiple phases of this process, which you can insert before the filter. However, they’re typically distortions.

Compare this to Serum’s effects that are restricted to the end of the series but provide a much more comprehensive selection of alternatives.

Serum may also let you re-order the ramifications to precisely how you require, and every impact has its own GUI so that you are not confined to the four knobs that Massive is adjusted to.

Even in only effects in Serum, you’ve got options, a fantastic illustration of this is that the distortion. Within the product, you can choose through different kinds, while Massive provides them with other consequences.

The Serum also supplies a compressor with multi-band capacities that are remarkably like people from Xfer’s OTT plugin.

The EQ at Serum is counted as a different effect and may also be arranged at any point in their results chain, whereas it’s restricted to Massive’s last position.

Regarding FX, if you only need one or 2, the playing area is equivalent between both synths. If you’d like flexible routing, you might consider Massive, which provides more limited consequences, but a wider variety of positioning them at the series.

Otherwise, Serum does take the guide here. Its consequences are so powerful and diverse; you could conduct a fundamental oscillator through these and develop a powerful synth noise from them independently.

Massive Vs Serum: Presets

The two synths are essential players in the industry and are widespread from both prerequisite manufacturers’ synth libraries. This signifies is that there’s a plethora of presets available online for the two synths. Both of them are simple to load presets into, and also the standard of presets online, even at no cost packs, will be superb.

If you’re terrified of designing your noises, either synth will do for the vast scope provided by online presets. They allow making backpacks for many others simple also.

The only point to consider here is that Serum can also ask that you download the essential wavetables when the preset utilizes a non-default wavetable. Huge does not have this issue since it’s limited to its built-in wavetables only.


So you have been presented with the information in our Massive x Serum comparison, but you have to choose which to get.

But that is a tricky question to answer, so here are a couple of instances where each may be better, Massive or Serum.

Pick Serum if:

  • You Want a Good allrounder synth, and also you do not have a Present wavetable synth you enjoy
  • You enjoy the custom audio design.
  • You are not afraid of getting into specialized.

Pick Massive X if:

  • You are Knowledgeable about the elderly Massive.
  • You want to have restricted choices so that you do not get lost.
  • It would help if you had something different to switch your workflow.


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