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Sennheiser Hd800 Reviews 2021: Top Full Guide

Sennheiser Hd800 Reviews 2021 Top Full Guide

This update makes the gold-standard HD 800 headphones much better than with an untouchable frequency response for volatile lows and crisp highs, double 6.3mm/4.4millimeter cable links to encourage a more extensive range of audiophile headphone amps, along with new 56mm steel-encased transducers that lead sound to the ears in an angle to get a more natural soundstage.

Mix engineers will enjoy the complete, un-hyped frequency response and low distortion for defining bass material at a course. Also, casual listeners will love the low-fatigue aerospace headband and great handmade microfiber earpads. Keep reading Fidlar’s post to see our Sennheiser Hd800 Reviews.

Sennheiser Hd800 Review

Tech Specs

  • Open/Closed: Open
  • Fit Style: Circumaural
  • Driver Size: 56mm
  • Frequency Response: 4Hz-51kHz (-10 dB)
  • Impedance: 300 ohms
  • Cable Type: Straight
  • Cable Length: 9.8 ft.
  • Replaceable Cable: Yes
  • Plug Size: 1/4″
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 0.73 lbs.

Sennheiser Hd800 Reviews (1)


  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • good design
  • solid bass
  • fine presentation


  • Beaten by the Grado SR1000i for realism, openness, and insight
Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphone
238 Reviews

Features and Design

The HD 800s’ striking design sets them apart from each other headset version available on the market.

Nevertheless, it is not just a styling exercise; the big earcups were developed to set the drivers further away and slightly into the front of their listeners’ ears than was possible in more compact layouts.

Sennheiser Hd800 Reviews Features and Design (1)

The accuracy quality of these earbuds’ vinyl, metalwork, and microfiber ear cushions indeed feels luxurious. The HD 800s flawlessly distributed their 330-gram burden in my mind, and earpad pressure felt only perfect. The cans are comfortable.

The HD 800s’ patented doughnut-shaped transducer steps 56 millimeters across; Sennheiser claims it is the biggest used in a new headphone.

It is interesting to remember that the diaphragm’s vibrating portion isn’t its circular inside but its outer ring. The plan is believed to produce less distortion than traditional drivers.

The driver is mounted onto a specially formulated perforated stainless steel service on the earcup at an angle to mimic how noise from speakers is noticed. The service is mounted onto a particular kind of plastic framework, chosen for its acoustic properties.

Each driver is analyzed, quantified, and given its unique identifier. Therefore, should you ever have to substitute an HD 800 driver, later on, Sennheiser claims it will have the ability to provide a specific match.

The 10-foot, cloth-covered Y-cable (one cable to each earcup) features silver-plated, oxygen-free aluminum pipes. It is fortified with Kevlar to boost durability.

The cable is detachable in the headset and features new patented and proprietary connectors. The bottom of this 6.3-millimeter phono plug is a well finished, solid metal bit.

The HD 800s come packaged in a gorgeous storage case. Every pair of cans is hand-assembled and analyzed in Germany.

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Build Quality And Comfort

Besides the brand new, matte-black end, the HD 800 S’s layout is almost equal to the HD 800. Like the first, the HD 800 S is composed mostly out of vinyl, but it seems structurally stable and well-defined, with no loose or creaking components and very little without a chassis flex.

Although I believe the HD 800 S’s layout is excellent and does feel superior, there are just two elements in its construct I believe warrant some caution: the first of which is that the metal mesh to the ear cups.

The Sennheiser HD 800 S’s ear cups have been nearly entirely uncovered to attain its planned acoustic functionality. To keep this unique, open audio design, Sennheiser utilized a too nice metal mesh that encircles the motorist’s trunk side.

This metallic net compromises an integral part of the ear cups, and although it does maintain its shape nicely, it’s prone to cosmetic damage.

If you would like to maintain your HD 800 S in prime condition for as long as you can, I highly urge you to handle these with care and knowingly avoid touching that portion of the headset since your fingers alone could very quickly make scratches and dents from the net.

Then you will find the ODU connectors around the HD 800 S itself. The socket assembly around the HD 800 S is held in by friction and from 2 fragile wires.

The lousy attachment of the straps onto the remainder of the chassis and how closely the ODU connectors match from the torso make it relatively easy to tear out the whole socket meeting if you aren’t careful with the way you detach the connector.

So, while the metallic net only causes potential cosmetic defects, the connectors may break the headset and leave it unusable. Suppose there are potential iterations of the headset.

In that case, I genuinely expect that Sennheiser presents an upgraded, strengthened design for the jacks to stop users from ripping them out when adjusting wires or keeping their cans.

For relaxation, the Sennheiser hd800s is, undoubtedly, the comfiest headphones I’ve ever worn. As a result of its mostly-plastic construction, the HD 800 S is very light at just 330g, which in conjunction with the minimal clamp pressure, makes them relatively easy to use in day-long listening sessions.

Also, making those ultra-comfortable is your ear cups, which have a rather distinctive’ contour to them and have a vast inner diameter, which allows for lots of space for your ears to match in.

The pads could be somewhat thin, but they’ve only enough foam to rest in your mind, plus they are covered with an extremely soft and smooth on the skin microfiber material.

I’ll note for relaxation that the cups aren’t hefty, so if your ears stick out a tiny bit, they might come in contact with the motorist.


As it was introduced in 2009, the HD 800 was met with fantastic acclaim, as it delivered a genuinely world-class functionality that enabled it to easily stake its claim as one of the most excellent headphones one could purchase.

Since that time, the HD 800 and then HD 800 S is considered a norm from the high-end audio marketplace. So, how did a headset for this excellent heritage function in my listening experience?


The bass area is the HD 800 S; sadly, it falls flat and can be significantly outperformed by other cans from the sub-two million dollar price range.

While the bass finds a minor increase in existence compared to the first, it’s still an extremely lean-sounding bass response. For expansion.

The HD 800 S doesn’t particularly strike me as providing the best functionality, as to me, it seems like it had any roll-off beginning at about 50hz.

That means that using the HD 800 S, you won’t be receiving the deep sub-bass and thickness which you will find on lots of its planar transducer competitions, or perhaps some lively driver ones.

Moreover, the HD 800 S’s bass does not feel quite like teaching, or quickly and commanded like on cans like the Focal Clear or even LCD-X.

Altogether, although it’s fairly-clean sounding and inoffensive, if bass quality and volume are a priority, I believe this area of the HD800 S may feel incomplete for several listeners.


The HD 800 S has precisely what it is, because of my tastes and preferences, among the most precise midrange presentations I’ve heard on a headset.

Even the HD 800 S’s lesser mids involving 250hz-1000hz possess a remarkably exact tuning having a natural expressing that provides vocals and tools a decent tonal density.

As well-represented is that the top midrange between 2K-5K, which includes only the ideal quantity of power to provide brass tools their sting, let electric guitars to buzz, and only generally lend midst ones an incredibly realistic existence that to me came through as forwards or shouty.

Typically, I’m rather picky about cans’ midrange; however, there is not much else for me to say regarding the HD 800 S’s mids. They have a fantastic tonality that, to me, feels genuinely faithful to the content from the records I hear.


As I mentioned previously, the HD 800 S has introduced the absorber on its motorist to tame the 6K and 10K treble peaks, which could put some listeners off on the first HD 800.

Even though they didn’t entirely remove those peaks, I do believe that, by and large, Sennheiser did an excellent job in targeting those particularly problematic areas.

I indeed did not find the HD 800 S to be anywhere near as unpleasant from the highs because the HD 800, nor could I explain it as being a sharp-sounding headset, but it still seemed to me like there were just two spots from the treble range which had a bit more energy than listeners could be comfy with.

The first and more critical of both of these climbs was exactly what to me seemed like a 4dB-5dB summit at 5.5K, which introduced an excellent bit of sibilance at the lower treble and may create cymbals, in particular, come through as splashy.

Subsequently, there was another altitude at 10K, but mercifully in contrast to the summit on the HD 800, I discovered the one about the HD 800 S to be somewhat subtle; in worst, it would just add a slightly glassy border to vocals and highlight the attack of percussive instruments.

Absolutely, despite those traits possibly running the chance of becoming distracting or possibly just a small fatiguing in extended listening sessions to get many listeners.

They weren’t anywhere near as competitive as the ones of their HD 800, and that I did not personally feel like they detracted from my overall listening experience.

Even the HD 800 S’s highs were very pleasurable; they had a great glisten in the top treble with loads of sparkle and well-textured harmonics.


In regards to detail and resolution retrieval, that the HD 800 S is, for me, the best performer I have heard in this class. While its bass response does not sound relatively as easy as on other cans, it is the mids and highs which glow on the HD 800 S.

From the midrange and treble registers; the HD 800 S excels in surfacing all of the intricate vocal and instrument tones, providing them a stable arrangement that communicates a new picture of their audio.

With the ideal monitors, HD 800 S’s utter degree of emotion gets the headset feel nearly entirely out of their way and lets you get lost as you check in the music.


The Sennheiser Hd800 headphone is also, undoubtedly, a spectacular headset that makes for an almost-revelatory listening experience, and that I genuinely think it accomplishes a perfect mix of top-tier acoustic functionality, day-long-listening relaxation, and an enjoyable, pleasant tonality today that the absorber was added to the motorist.

It might still fall somewhat flat in the brass section, particularly without EQ. Still, for people looking to obtain a flagship headset that seems authentic to the source, the HD 800 S is an excellent all-rounder to which I provide a compelling recommendation.

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