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Sennheiser Hd 600 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Sennheiser Hd 600 Review 2021 Top Full Guide

The Sennheiser HD 600 is good critical listening cans not intended for additional use cases. They are decently comfortable and possess an above-average build quality.

They also possess a well-balanced sound, which has outstanding mid-range and in-depth instruments and vocals. However, they lack a modest low-end bass, which may not be great for everybody. Keep reading Fidlar’s post to see our Sennheiser Hd 600 Reviews.

Sennheiser Hd 600 Review

Tech Specs

  • Driver type: Dynamic driver
  • Driver size: 40mm
  • Headphone type: Open-Back
  • Ear coupling: Circumaural
  • Impedance: 300 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 97dB
  • Frequency response: 12 – 39000Hz
  • Pads: Replaceable/ Velour pads
  • Headphone Connector: Sennheiser open-back headphones 2 pins on the headphone side and a 6.3mm jack on the other end
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Color options: Black
  • Headphone weight: 260g or 9.1 ounces (without cable)

Sennheiser Hd 600 Review


  • Impressively detailed sound
  • Flat, natural frequency response
  • Comfort with long listening sessions


  • Lack of bells and whistles
  • Bare-bones build quality
  • Fairly pricey
Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Professional Headphone
1,465 Reviews
Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Professional Headphone
  • Lightweight aluminum voice coils ensure excellent transient response


The Sennheiser HD 600 comes with the excellent build quality. The HD600 features mainly a rigid plastic in its construct. The very distinctive vinyl contains a speckled stone/ marble layout with all the colors blue and black.

The plastic encircles the earcups and can be utilized for its headband. Although the vast majority of the headphone is made of plastic, it doesn’t create any cheaper headset. The quality of the vinyl, along with the build quality, is rather good, in my view.

Sennheiser Hd 600 Review Design

The earcups of this HD 600 are available and include a black steel net that protects the headphone driver from harm. The pads are memory foam cushioned and are coated with velour, which gives them a soft and comfy feel.

The pads are replaceable, and if they’re worn out as time passes, the replacements are all readily available to purchase online. The headband can also be memory foam cushioned but has ridges, making it exceptionally comfortable to sit down on the mind.

The tremendous and most considerable benefit of this HD600’s layout and construct is every portion of the headphone can be substituted by the owner when it breaks up.

This, however, excludes the headset driver. Although I haven’t heard the expertise of replacing part of the headset because of a fault, I’ve read about other consumer testimonials where replacement is simple.

This makes me feel far better since I will repair the headset, mainly when the guarantee is out of date.

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Comfort and Fit


Different items make a headset comfy. The weight of this Sennheiser 600 creates this headset very comfy. The HD 600 weighs 9.1 oz.

The HD 600 weighs quite the same as the HD 650. In the current weight, the testing group couldn’t help but notice how the headphone’s burden contributed to the general relaxation of this headset.

Earcups and Headband

The HD 600 can be worn for extended listening sessions without becoming tired. This is thanks to this lavish and soft earpad and headband of the headphone.

The memory foam at the earpads gets the headset sit, and the earcups have sufficient distance and heavy enough to accommodate the ears.

The velour material cover within the earpads provides the headset with a soft and elastic coating, which doesn’t feel or get hot after prolonged use.

The headband padding and substance cover are also really soft and incredibly comfortable. The ridges from the headband come conveniently since they’re incredibly generous in distributing their headphone strain and allowing them to feel safe on the mind.

While wearing the headset, you can bend, walk around, or getting down something while still sporting the headphone. The headset’s headband also supplies sufficient adjustability to suit a vast array of head shapes and dimensions.

Clamping Pressure

The brute force of the Sennheiser hd600 initially is quite significant. Though many folks in forums point out this, you can wear this headset for extended sessions without feeling distressed.

But although the brute force is high initially, with time and regular use of this headset, the clamping force decreased to be somewhat comfy.


Sound Quality

The Sennheiser HD 600 is famous for getting a clear and balanced audio touch. For me, the HD 600 is a neutral sounding headset.

Simply speaking, the Sennheiser HD 600 provides out everything you feed without adding or altering considerably on your music.

Consequently, if you play with crappy documents, it is going to reproduce crappy audio. On the flip side, if you play with a fantastic record, it will give out a great sound.

The general sound of this HD 600 is marginally smooth and warm sounding. After the HD 580 initially came and it was a great sounding headset.

The HD 600 is quite much like the HD 580 but more elegant and much better sounding. The HD 650 though similar-sounding to the HD 600, attempts to be fun with bass to the general sound touch.

Low-End (Bass)

The Bass reply of the Sennheiser HD 600 is excellent. The detail of this bass is quite significant, but overall it lacks an amount. Even though most men and women believe the HD 600 lacks bass, I think it gives out everything you feed.

If you play with a record with great bass, the HD 600 will do a fantastic job of attempting to reproduce it. Although the HD 600 doesn’t have a bass-like state the X2’s, the bass response is nicely stretched and, as previously said, has detailed.

The bass doesn’t muddy up another frequency, along the transition into the midrange is exceptionally excellent.

Although the bass response is excellent, if you’re seeking to find this headset for baby-related music genres, then you may want to appear elsewhere. Aside from that, they are acceptable for almost any different genres.

Mids and High-End (Treble)

Vocals, acoustic devices, bowed instruments, name it, and The HD 600’s midrange are entirely natural and come out with clarity.

The midrange is precisely what the Sennheiser HD 600 is famed for, which is an excellent reason. They’re incredibly comprehensive and nicely balanced enough to be considered reference quality.

This Sennheiser headphones show’s treble, particularly the 595s, HD 600, and HD 650, are a point of controversy amongst most headset fans.

Most claim they have a veiled treble that is a means of describing a shortage of electricity at the treble, which makes them come out as dull or obstructed.

But after having time with the Sennheiser HD 600, I frankly find the representation of the particular of this treble to be great.

With a few records, the treble will get overemphasized and unpleasant to the ears, but in general, this headset has obvious, well balanced, and precise highs.

Soundstage and Imaging

The soundstage of the headset is adequate, although not large or broad. I’d place it on the soundstage, and specifics are all well-balanced realist and only perfect.

Since the imaging goes together with all the soundstage, the HD 600 does good work in reproducing the vision the though the soundstage isn’t so broad.

In our evaluations, picking the location of different devices and the noise coming from (before or behind) came effortlessly.


The HD 600 is not Sennheiser’s top-priced reference screens (watch the HD800 for this ), but they can function as a less expensive choice.

Sennheiser set price is $399.95, but the majority of the time, you’ll find them on Amazon for under $300. This is in accord with the contest and just somewhat less expensive than comparable alternatives.

You may find a more versatile construct should you go up in cost; this can be a great middle-ground between the exorbitantly pricey and the mid-tier of professional, open-back monitors.

The Competition

Sennheiser HD 600 vs 650

The Sennheiser HD 650, along with the Sennheiser HD 600, have quite many things in common. Everything in the design of these two cans, down to the audio quality, is quite much indistinguishable.

Selecting between these headphones could be quite tricky, but your audio taste will determine your pick. The HD 600 is relatively neutral, and the audio reproduction comes out at a natural and realistic method.

The Sennheiser HD 650 online is very similar to the audio quality but somewhat darker with more bass and less treble.

On the other hand, the differences between both of these cans are incredibly subtle. However, something that sets them apart is the cost of each headset.

If you’re short on money, The Sennheiser HD 600 is your ideal choice and extends about the identical audio quality as the HD 650 but using a minimum difference in the bass.

Sennheiser HD 600 vs. HiFiMan He400S

The HiFiMan HE400S and the Sennheiser HD 600 are in roughly the Exact Same price range. The build quality and selection of materials of this HD 600 are also, nevertheless, more superior in comparison to this HiFiMan He400s.

All in all, the styling of this HE400S is not anything to get excited about. The comfort and fit of this HE400S are quite excellent, but in contrast to the HD 600, it’s clear the Sennheiser would take it.

Even though the HiFiMan He400S is mild for planar headphones, in comparison to HD 600, they’re somewhat bulky.

The audio quality between both of these cans is quite similar, but comparing them side by side, the HE400S is better than the HD 600 but with a tiny margin.

The midrange is equally like the HD 600, but the treble doesn’t arrive with the clarity of this HD 600. The two cans are probably not the best for bass genres, but a modification on the HiFiMan HE400S pad dramatically improves the bass response.

Sennheiser HD 600 vs. Sennheiser HD 700

The Sennheiser HD 700 was in the marketplace for a little while now. Both the HD 700 as well as the HD 600 are exceptionally well constructed. The best benefit concerning the Sennheiser HD 600 within the HD 700 is the modular layout.

The proprietor can replace everything from the Hd 600 without needing professional assistance. So far as comfort goes, you can wear the HD 600 for extended sessions without feeling exhausted.

On the other hand, the HD 700 is much better about the relaxation levels. Sonically, the HD 700 is a little warmer and warmer in comparison with HD 600.

The Sennheiser HD 700 has a much better bass response in relation to the HD 600, which is small, laid-back, but always quite natural.

Vocally, the HD 600 is a lot better than the Hd 700, not due to the clarity, but they look more forward about the HD 600 plus a tiny recessed with all the HD 700.

Additionally, the treble of this HD 700 will get harsh on specific monitors, which could come out as debilitating, particularly for those that are more sensitive. The HD 700 is much more, but the HD 600 seems more laid back.

Sennheiser HD 600 vs. Sennheiser HD 598

If you would rather a fun or entertaining open-back headset, subsequently, the Sennheiser HD 598 may do the job for you. The HD 598 and HD 600 are equally superb headphones, and both have their strengths.

I find that the build quality of the HD 600 appears more appealing on the HD 598 that also feels much more plastic. The HD 600 is much comfier evident by the larger home that provides more room for those ears to sit much better.

Both of these headphones’ audio quality is similar but complete the HD 600 claws it even better.

First, The bass of this HD 600 conveys more impact and sound a small strong into the HD 598. The midrange of this HD 598 is somewhat better than the HD 600, particularly in the upper mids.

The soundstage functionality on the HD 598 can be ample and has greater depth compared to HD 600. All in all, the Sennheiser HD 598 is much more enjoyable in many different genres but lacks the impartiality and refinement which come together with the Sennheiser HD 600.


The Sennheiser Hd 600 was more comfortable to wear for extended periods without being sonically fatiguing, and that I forgot I was wearing them on many occasions till I tripped over the cable! All these are exceptional headphones, which easily justify their place as the flagship of Sennheiser’s open-backed dynamic range.

If you’re searching for a headphone effective at reference-quality tracking and the open-backed attributes are appropriate for you. You are going to struggle to find something better than the HD600.

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