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Sennheiser Hd 280 Pro Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Sennheiser Hd 280 Pro Review 2021 Top Full Guide

If you are a music expert, you will find it challenging to choose a headset to serve your music work. But no matter how grumpy you are, the headphones we will introduce here will satisfy you.

Sennheiser Hd280 Pro are headphones that we are pretty confident will satisfy listening to music or making complex music. It is a comfortable and high-fidelity device commonly used for recording sound.

And if you are also planning to invest in this headset, then stop to discuss with Fidlar for a few minutes at this Sennheiser Hd 280 Pro Review; we will look at the specifications and features together with the prominence of this headset, see if it meets your commitment.

Sennheiser Hd 280 Pro Reviews

Tech Specs

  • Open/Closed: Closed
  • Fit Style: Circumaural (Around the Ear)
  • Frequency Response: 8Hz-25kHz
  • Impedance: 64 ohms
  • Noise Attenuation: Ambient Noise Attenuation
  • Cable Type: Coiled
  • Cable Length: 9.8′
  • Plug Size: 1/8″, 1/4″ adapter
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 0.49 lbs.

Tech Specs


  • Accurate, clean audio performance across the full frequency range.
  • Comfortable, secure fit for long listening sessions.
  • Durable.
  • Passively reduces ambient noise significantly.


  • The cable is not detachable.
  • More appropriate for professional/studio use than personal listening.

The New Sennheiser HD 280Pro headphones are a $99 closed-back headphone made for pro monitoring software. Its relatively flat frequency response, marginally low 64-ohm impedance, and higher sensitivity mean it is suited for a vast array of listening tasks.

It’s none of the frills of contemporary design or mobile cans, instead of focusing entirely on audio functionality, relaxation, and construction. It is a formula that has served this version nicely for decades, and also, the only essential changes here would be into the headband.

Therefore, if you enjoyed these before, you will like these new ones a bit longer. And if you did not enjoy the older version. . .the heart of this experience is comparable enough not to alter your mind.

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Design And Build

Would you enjoy trendy things? Would you enjoy headphones that sit near your mind and not stand out and make you seem somewhat strange in people?

These look as if you are wearing an old phone in your mind, using a headband that conveys our way out into the side before drifting back.

Design And Build 

This layout helps Sennheiser reach the brute force required to earn this work properly.

The new headband is a small little less weird-looking than the older one, using a slightly more subtle curve into the circles in which the ear cups connect with it, but a style headphone, this isn’t.

The headset is constructed entirely from plastic, but the majority of it seems sturdy and high-grade.

The ideal joint on my set sometimes elicits a creak, and I discovered a little scratch on one side of the headband that looked as though it occurred during production, but all these are about as tank-like as plastic cans, maybe.

Along with upgrading the appearance and padding of this headband, Sennheiser 280 added their new logos into it and removed all the text onto the ear cups’ faces.

Gone would be the Sennheiser HD 280 impedance and branding evaluation, which makes just white HD 280 PRO decoration. The ear cups are finished in a matte coating, which has only a little glow.

The cable is thick, thick, strong, tipped with an unmatched plug to encourage 3.5 and 6.3millimeter usage, and eternally attached. Well, kind of.

You can relatively quickly take these aside and detach the cable if you have tools lying about, though Sennheiser no more provides the schematic within the box.

Being a Pro headset, each portion of the headphone is user-replaceable if you are ready to do the job, still a great touch in a world where Apple considers power to be disposable.

Should you touch the cable while wearing them, it will move just a tiny sound into the cup but this is not a problem during ordinary usage.

Regardless of the cable attached, all these are still relatively easy to drag around and shop.

The ear cups fold level, and also, they collapse into the headband, allowing you to fold them football fashion I have had no problems projecting them into my notebook bag, and they are strong enough and inexpensive enough that I do not mind their lack of a contained case.

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Lest this review start seems like a love letter, I want to be clear about something: The HD 280 Pro is far from my favorite set of cans.

I had heard choices, such as the Grado GS1000, who’ve left me giddy with excitement before I realized the cost was, well, a little out of my budget.

Nevertheless, the actual difference we are discussing here doesn’t cost it is application. The HD 280 Pro is the professional studio headphones set nearly, a measurement instrument for recording, mix, and mastering engineers, in addition to performers.

A pair such as the above Grado delivers a reliable signature and a broad, deep point, making the audio feel nearly palpable.

The accuracy of a set such as the HD 280 Pro is much more surgical than magic, but here’s where it divides itself in the typical apartment, light-on-bass studio benchmark group.

The Sennheiser headphone HD 280 packs lots of low-end. Its impedance of 64 Ohms implies that, based upon your sound source, maybe it does not have brain-meltingly loudly (but that is a fantastic thing).

This fact, along with the excellent quality of these motorists, means distortion is also a rarity.

Can the Sennheiser headphones hd 280 Pro distort? Sure, but it’s doubtful to occur before your ears begin to bleed.

Even at relatively high, dangerous levels, from many different sound sources, such as a Marantz PM7001 stereo receiver, a Digidesign Digi 003 recording port, along an iPhone 4S, the HD 280 Pro can manage intense bass with no indications of twisted crackle.

If you would like to pulverize the cans as well as your eardrums, yes, you can attain distortion, but not at rates you’ll ever need to listen to.

Some headphone pairs figure out how to prevent distortion on heavy bass, well, preventing deep bass. However, the HD 280 Pro’s frequency response begins at the sub-bass kingdom of 8Hz.

Many headphones and earphones do not begin until 15 or even 20Hz. What is more, you can listen to the existence of those low frequencies.

Even better they’re present but not encouraged weirdly. They do not overtake the mixture.

On the Knife’s Silent Shout, the kick drum loop’s potent thump has been hauled cleanly, and correctly, the Knife blended it so you would hear the tremendous low-frequency material although not in a way therefore over-the-top it dominates the remainder of the frequency range.

Classical tracks such as John Adams’ The Chairman Dances seem somewhat less enthralling than they could sound on a set with much more low and low-mid existence to complement the reduced enroll strings, such as the Yamaha PRO 500( in Amazon).

But again, we’re speaking about the difference between a couple enjoying music and a clinical instrument to generate music.

The theory behind this approach has always been: If you’re able to receive your mixes to seem balanced and exciting within a precise pair that does not boost the noise in any way, it is going to seem right on the sculpted consumer choices also probably.

Therefore, while invisibly monitors similar to this one might not package the delight they perform on a pair such as the Yamaha PRO 500, they’re conveyed cleanly and adequately. Hence the mastering engineer could find a grip on what the accurate stereo recording resembles.

Contemporary pop, hip-hop, and stone tracks sound amazing about the HD 280 Pro. You almost forget that you are listening to a set that does not sculpt the noise.

When blend engineers add a small bass to the mixture, as many contemporary producers and engineers frequently do, the HD 280 Pro handles it beautifully. You hear and feel it, and it’s never flourishing.


The noise is easily the most crucial part. Yes, in a sense, and also the Sennheisers glow. But in case you like colored cans, these aren’t your thing. Stay away. I’ve my Grados, 428, and Bose OE for colored reproduction; those are for more analytic listening.

They are very unbiased. So impartial, you might not like them initially. That is normal. I genuinely don’t believe burn is actual, but those tended to open up a bit after enjoying for a couple of nights at a medium level.

Not saying they did not seem well initially, since they did, but they did have a bit more work in with time. Saying that they’ve intense bass once the recording needs it.

Rap may not reproduce well, but I stick to the concept that rap crap is not music so that I did not test them, but I could say for sure that these cans pounded on Depeche Mode’s Incorrect.

This tune has lots of digital bass from the poetry, which are frequently left out of this noise with poor speakers, but it seemed beautifully twisted.

Then I moved a little deeper into a 24 piece Rage Against the Machine through Take the Power Back. You know that this is probably the best-produced album, which is a fantastic bass.

The funk bass has the influence you search for, and the drums in the start seem profound like Rage is enjoying in mind. Lastly, for a bass answer, I assessed Nine Inch Nail’s The Great Destroyer.

If you know songs, this is probably the song that kick-started dubstep; the tune is indeed digital, and the breakdown remains an all-assault on bass in the end. At it reproduced profoundly and perfectly, like my car sub.

Now so much as treble, after more these reproduce treble very finely, as planned. There is no sibilance, and they are not shrill.

M83’s We have the Sky is a great track to check treble reproduction, as the fantastic synthesizers, along with the man’s voice, shoots in an airy epic noise that seems somewhat off on headphones/speakers with poor treble reproduction.

Not here; the entire song sounded clear. Additionally, I went through the following few evaluations, like the 24-bit remastering of Smashing Pumpkins Geek U.S.A., and discovered Billy Corgan’s guitars. Mids are there.

Also, I am not that great at identifying excellent midrange. Anyhow, the audio signature as a whole is quite comprehensive and analytical.

These are incredibly neutral, they are intended for studios, and you’ll be able to tell. You can tell whether it is a lousy recording, so contemporary pop music/rap fans must stay away. They are not for everybody, but if you’d like a dry, uncolored audio, that glow where the couple does.


The plastic framework of this headband is a bit sleeker than the old 280 Pro. The cushioning now has a significant cutout at the center to prevent developing a hotspot in the center of the mind.

Additionally, the two pads flanking the cutout are more significant than the aged and exceptionally soft and squishy. They use what seems like excellent memory foam or an open-cell foam with a great deal of space for air indoors.

Because of this, this headband is exceptionally comfortable, even after hours and hours of usage.

The ear cups are just a notch below this level, together with cushioning that is unchanged from the old model and openings that are fine and spacious regardless of the absence of angled drivers.

The foam is thick and plush and was able to seal nicely around my eyeglasses.

My ears do not touch the inside of the cups in any way. If your ears do signature, then Sennheiser’s got you covered with a thick ring of foam that runs around the interior of the pad.

One of those foam pieces was a modest ill-placed within my group, but I fixed this by immediately popping off the mat and re-seating it.

The leatherette on the ear pads will be a cheap feeling like it always was. Premium leatherette, this is not, and it is going to find a little sweaty should you utilize these for over one hour.

Clamping force is very powerful to improve noise isolation, but functioned well by the cushioning. The cans do not evaporate in my mind, but they do not hurt me at all, and I have had any all-day sessions together within the previous week and a half.

Apart from the small ear warm-up and the too-strong-for-some-users clamp, there isn’t a comfortable problem available here. The brand new headband padding is too relaxing and memorable, and it seems like it is showing up on the approaching HD300 Pro too.

I didn’t dislike the older headband in any way, along with also the new one is greater.


Professional sound and production engineers worldwide rely on the Sennheiser HD280PRO headphones for everyday usage in the studio and on location.

The coiled cable is a heavy responsibility with excellent strain relief. The one problem with this layout is that there’s additional pressure on a device when using the 3.5millimeter jack.

Sennheiser’s product description indicates that the headset cable is readily replaceable.

That’s technically true since it’s a modular pin connector to the link within the ear cup. However, it isn’t a 3.5millimeter jack layout.

Replacement earpads and headband padding are comfortable to find if you ever have to replace them. That is almost a requirement since studio cans get used a whole lot.

They are made mostly vinyl and have a solid construction and collapsible design to get a great consumer experience.


Sennheiser 280 Pro is fantastic pair of headphones. It is comfy, neutral, screen outstanding records in attractiveness, seems decent based upon your personality, is durable, and has a simple substitute cord/pads if anything goes wrong.

They seem unique, having an amp great using an iPod, Cowon, Android, etc. If you are not searching for a too flat, untouched audio touch, do not purchase these and make folks believe that they are not great because they were not your preference. These phones are to get an overly obsessive, analytical listener, and they are damn great for the purchase price.