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Samson Sr850 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Samson Sr850 Review 2021 Top Full Guide

If you do not have the budget to invest in a headset up to a few thousand dollars for your studio, then we have the ideal alternative for you.

The Samson SR850 is the headset we want to talk about here. It is said to be a great set of studio headphones with a large 50mm driver in semi-open rear headphones at an affordable cost; both earphones come with round gaskets and are connected to the SR850’s self-adjusting headband. Let’s join Fidlar to see if these headphones are as good as everyone says they are right at our Samson Sr850 Review.

Samson Sr850 Reviews

Tech Specs

  • Driver type: Dynamic driver
  • Driver size: 50mm
  • Headphone type: Semi-Open-Back/Over-Ear
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB
  • Frequency response: 10–30,000 Hz
  • Pads: Velour Pads
  • Cable Length: 2.5m long
  • Headphone Connector: 3.5mm with 6.3 (1/4″) adapter included
  • Color options: Black
  • Headphone weight: 9.5oz/ 276g

Samson Sr850 Reviews


  • Fantastic sound for the price
  • Lightweight construction
  • Decent durability
  • 6.3mm adapter included in the box
  • Price


  • All-plastic construction feels cheap
  • Below average comfort and fit
  • Bad noise isolation

First Impression

The Samson SR850 headphones came in a seemingly China-made box. Not a surprise considering how much the cans cost.

Straight out the box, that is all you get with a mini headphone to 1/4 headphone jack for professional usage and a little product information booklet.

The Samson headphones seem nearly designed to be an AKG headset, using sturdy metal bands that make the unbreakable headset one.

 First Impression

Bend the Samson Sr850 studio headphones anyway you need it. It will not break bend that the SR850 anyway you need it.

It won’t violate
The SR850 is a headset using low impedance, which means that you don’t require an amplifier to operate it; it ought to be loud enough to listen on your mobile phone.

I do feel that the quantity might be a little louder, though. The volume level doesn’t go overly high, though most of you’d need to avoid doing this to save your ears from becoming ruined.

The cans fit and feel fine, though you would not have the ability to compare it with different cans developed to be more comfortable on the ears. With a few usages, the stimulation of these cans gets more natural.

I managed to flex the headset band’s somewhat slightly, so I had less strain on my ears, employing the SR850.

Constructed as an open-back headset, this headset isn’t designed for recording but monitoring and mixing. Individuals would have the ability to hear what you are listening to if you’re listening to a bit higher quantity.

This produces the headset maybe not so perfect for traveling, particularly in the event that you want to do plenty of observation in people just like in train or airplane rides.

Possessing an open rear structure, though, does create the noise of these headphones to be authentic and natural.

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The Samson sr850 professional studio reference headphones get got the layout of this Superlux HD668B. After scouring several websites, I have begun to understand that the two cans are somewhat similar. The Samson 850 is only a replica of this HD681 having a little shift.

The Samson 850 also looks like the AKG K240 studio cans and falls in precisely the same price range. I select the Samson sr850 semi-open-back studio reference headphones since it’s comfier than the HD681, and as you will read below in my comparison, both have a slightly different audio touch.

In the price tag, I didn’t anticipate much about the SR850 build and material quality. But they’re great and should last longer with proper care.

The headset is created nearly from plastic. The vinyl quality is relatively low, but they’ve surprisingly gone a couple of months without breaking up.

The headband has a hammock layout that closely resembles the one around the AKG K240. The headband is a plastic substance stamped to allow it to seem more like leather.

It generates pressure on the mind and works well to balance the light headphone. The earcups are connected to the headband through dual wires. An elastic ring on the two earcups acts as a self-adjusting mechanism that extends when you pull on it to get a fantastic fit.

The Samson headphones sr850 is, clearly, a semi-open headset. This is due to the vents on the rear of the earcups. The plan is different from an open-back headset.

The earcups possess a fantastic size, and you’ll be able to place the headset cable on your left earcup. Regrettably, the cable isn’t removable.

But it appears durable and, in a period of 2.5m, ought to be suitable for studio use. I discover most studio cans have a typical cable length of approximately 3m.

The earpads are thick, and the opening is adequate. They’re coated with velour that makes them comfortable to be used during extended sessions.

Headband and Clamping Pressure

The headband does an excellent job of dispersing the headset strain. But as it’s constructed from vinyl, it doesn’t correct to sit down properly like leather on top of their mind. But I have no problem with this since the headset is mild and comfortable.

For those who have large heads, the headband I believe won’t fit fantastic, along with also the self-adjusting headband, may also lead to problems.

Samson includes the choice of disengaging the rubber pressure bands, which links the earcups into the headband. This should facilitate the stress generated.

The clamping pressure of this headset is somewhat high. I’ve heard of people bending the cables slightly to alleviate the pressure, but I wouldn’t advise this method.

Instead, leave the headset into something such as your PC overnight. Over the years, I find that this trick quite helpful in reducing the clamping pressure.


The ear cups are large, and that I find them great at covering the ears. They also have a fantastic thickness that making them comfortable in the long term.

They’re somewhat stiff at first, but they get softer with frequent use. Velour used on earpads at this price range is quite rare. The usage of velour increases the relaxation of this headset.

They breathe well and don’t become sticky or sweaty after a very long session.

Noise Isolation

Isolation about the Samson SR850 is relatively minimal if at all it is. The headset includes a semi-open design, which means that you don’t have any isolation. They’ll also leak like open-headphones.

Everybody will hear what you’re listening to in space. If solitude is one of the concerns, these aren’t for you. On the other hand, the upside is that the soundstage is wide.


Sound Quality

All in all, the Samson SR850 is an excellent sounding headphone in this price range. The bass is current, but don’t expect it to become punchy.

The mids are generous, and also the treble response appears to be the only weak point. In general, it’s a kind of a glowing headset.

The soundstage is excellent, even though it’s a semi-open headset, which is to be anticipated. Let us delve into the details below.

Low-End (Bass)

To get semi-open headphones, the majority of men and women wonder whether there’s real bass to discuss. The Samson SR850 has several basses.

Even though they feature a semi-open layout, they do possess some severe kicks. The corrosion of this bass is slow that provides a pleasing rumble.


The midrange constitutes the majority of what we hear from listeners to instruments. For your SR850, the midrange is forward and present, and no way does this get drowned by the bass.

Instruments and voices seem fantastic for such a funding headset. This is mainly considering most budget cans ordinarily have a recessed or slightly recessed midrange.

This produces the bass and much more prominent, which provides a fun and hot audio quality. This is not the case with this Samson SR850. Mids are forwards.

High-End (Treble)

The treble of the SR850 is precisely what I discovered to be overly bright and forwards at times. This produces the headset sibilant and fatiguing reasonably quickly.

But, I just experienced this when using the headset at a greater volume. For ordinary listening, this problem is nonexistent.

Therefore, if you hear headphones loudly, you need to keep this in mind when picking the SR850.

The treble is airy and contains great details that create the headphone clear and exciting on the upside.


To get a semi-open-back headset, the sound stage is predicted to be broad with great separation of vocals and instruments. While the soundstage isn’t mindblowing, the SR850 provides a fantastic sense of depth with a fantastic comprehension of imaging.

While they’re great for listening to the audio, they may also be used to view films or gambling where the audio sound is significant and gratifying.


Samson cut a lot of corners to get the price of this SR850, which low. That is quite evident in the build quality.
All these are created entirely out of plastic.

Housing, self-adjusting headband, as well as earpads. They are very lightweight because of their size, which increases the relaxation but not durability.

Our group never dropped on the ground; neither were thrown onto a desk at a minute of gambling rage. The cans still seem brand new, except for a little bit of dust and a little crack in the plastic earpad.

On some affordable products, plastic generally begins to deteriorate, becoming sticky to the touch. That’s not true with Samson SR850; that can be very great.

Overall, the build quality of the cans leaves much to be wanted. But if you do not abuse them, they could probably last you a couple of years without any problems.

The Competition

Samson sr850 vs Akg k240

The AKG K240, along with the Samson SR850, are brothers but from different headphone businesses. The K240 is much better constructed than the SR850. The general quality of materials can also be improved than Samson SR850.

The headband features a softly padded leather substance, which improves relaxation. Nevertheless, the earpads are coated with leather, which, besides reducing the comfort level, degrades over time.

Samson sr850 vs Akg k240

For noise, the bass in both cans is approximately the same. Though the SR850 boasts a fantastic midrange response, the K240 marginally defeats it. The treble is probably where there’s a massive difference between both of these headphones.

Together with the shortcomings of this SR850, the AKG K240 requires time to capitalize on this. It’s more engaging and lively.

In general, if you would like a more neutral headset involving them both, pick the Samson SR850. For studio use, the AKG K240 is a better choice.

Samson sr950 vs sr850

The Samson SR850 along with the SR 950 are entirely identical save for the earcup design. The SR850 is a semi-open-back, while the SR950 is a closed-back. Both of these cans are alike in virtually everything except for earcup design and audio quality.

In general, I find that the SR850 a far better all-around headset that works nicely with films, music, and gambling. The Samson SR950 has more bass than the midrange is similar to this SR850, and also, the treble is a bit smoother on the SR950.

Being Semi-open-back signifies the SR850 triumphs that the SR950 about the soundstage. On the other hand, the SR950 has a fantastic perception of the soundstage to get a closed-back headset.


Frankly, at $50, the Samson Sr850 could be considered a fair deal and could be a great starting point for anybody seeking to find out what high-end noise is about. Plus, they’re flexible enough for home use also, like watching films and gaming.

Not quite frequently, a headset like this comes together at a small cost but strikes way over its weight reduction, and they’re still a fantastic bang for your buck! we hope our Samson Sr850 meta review can help you know more about this headphone.

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