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Sades SA 902 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Sades SA 902 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Many people still believe that investing in headphones for thousands of dollars can get good sound quality, which does not mean that fewer money headphones do not deliver quality sound.

This post will prove it; the Sades SA 902 is the headset we pride ourselves on being the best in the under $ 30 range. So what’s in this ear that gets so many reviews from users? Let Fidlar take a deeper look at the headset’s features right at our Sades SA 902 Review.

Sades Sa 902 Reviews

Tech Specifications

  • Loudhailer diameter: 40mm(NdFeB)
  • Sound effect: 7.1 simulated sound channels
  • Frequency range: 20~20.000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 112dB +/- 3 dB at 1 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm +/- 15%
  • Max Input power: 30mW
  • Mic Dimension: 6.0*5.0mm
  • Mic Frequency Range: 50-10KHz
  • Mic Sensitivity: -38dB +/- 3 dB
  • Cable length: 2.2m
  • Input Plug: USB

Tech Specifications


  • Looks cool
  • Great for gaming
  • Good low end (bass) sound quality
  • Good microphone quality
  • Adjustable microphone
  • Adjustable earcups
  • Compatible with most computers come with a drivers CD
  • Remote control for microphone and volume
  • 7 feet long USB connection cable


  • No custom drivers for Apple computers, but still capable of generic use
  • Uncomfortable after extended periods of long use
  • Uncomfortable while wearing glasses or headware
  • Needs better ventilation around ear muffs
  • Mid and high range sound quality, not the best, but feasible
  • Big and bulky, good luck fitting it in small bags for travel


The one gripe everyone has an expensive gaming headset because it hurts when you accidentally tear the cord or when one of those sides abruptly decides they have had enough of your abuse.

The problem is going the economical way you need to forfeit on a lot of features and relaxation. The Sades gaming headphones SA-902, fortunately, is a jack of all trades. It does not cost much, and the audio quality is above average.


The Sades SA902 can accommodate an expensive gaming headset since it uses USB 7.1 channel surround impact.

This, together with the vast dimensions for ear pads, permits for passive noise isolation and a comfy fit. Besides, surround audio gives you total immersion in whatever it’s that you perform.

This sades headset SA 902 packs in augmented cushioning full of 4 exceptional bits that are soft and comfy.

Talking of ergonomics, the microphone can swivel largely, but it will not extend though. A control device sits pretty at one-third the amount of the cable that provides all you’ll need.

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Sticking to principles, the Sades SA902 does not attempt to reinvent the wheel. Considering the cost they sell at, it will not even make sense to look out for fresh and innovative designs that might or might not operate.

Precisely what the Sades packs is a massive pair of earpads that don’t sit on your ear; however, actually, pay your ear and then sit on your mind. This guarantees maximum comfort with extended-term gaming.

Then, the mic is not full-sized, extendable, but it swivels for days if you don’t need to match online and merely want to enjoy the silence of missions.

In terms of the cable, it’s quite long and is made for gambling; you anticipate such long wires with gambling cans (not all of them provide such long wires ). The cable is stiff, and though reinforced with nylon, I do not think it is braided.

Let us proceed to the button that’s the one spot where we felt disappointed. Whoever had an excellent idea of placing the buttons around one-third way down the cable must be discovered and fired instantly.

Using the buttons onto the cable down the road, it runs the danger of being caught with the seat arms or unintentionally squeezing underneath your buttocks once you eventually get those few seconds to correct yourself as another mission loads.

Worse still, the buttons are simple to press, and since they’re easy to push, you inevitably end up losing audio or voice, wondering exactly what went wrong.

Performance and Feel

I employed the Sades SA902 for a couple of days now, and I believed it mainly does nicely in the comfort department. Massive ear pads that sort of Nestle all on your ears without touching them.

Since the whole support is in your mind, your ears may breathe and stretch. This keeps them comfortable, and even after hours of gaming, I sensed only fine without removing the headset.

Timothy tried the headset, plus he’s got a broader head. The Sades SA902 extended to accommodate his size, which was sufficient to see.

Everyone can use this headset, irrespective of their head dimensions. Men, women, kids, it works for everybody, sort of like a one-size-fits-all.

Therefore, if you would like something you may keep for free since you’ve got a good deal of friends who come around to the game and do not wish to present your $200 gaming headset for them, that is precisely what you get.

The general audio quality and endurance aren’t any Bose or Audio Technica, but it’s an inexpensive headset that does rather nicely.

Clarity drops since you get started reaching for the extremes at the frequency range except for the majority of the moment.

It’s crystal clear and very balanced. 7.1 surround functions as advertised, and in gambling, this includes an additional benefit is you can hear everything about yourself.

The fantastic thing is that listeners of different players arrive in a stereotype of sense while the whole game sound, audio effects all encircle it.

Oh, and for people who adore LED light or possess a gaming rig that is brilliant from the dark, the Sades SA902 has luminous LED lights, and you’re able to match your buy into the color of your installation. A pleasant after an idea from Sades.


The instruction booklet for the enclosed applications is in Chinese, but establishing the program is intuitive enough. Inside the program, various choices for the mic and headset personalization can be found.

You can pick a volume controller, an equalizer for music (rock, pop, metal, jazz, rap, etc.), and ecological results. With ecological settings enabled, you can create everything you listen to sound like it is at a concert hall, a living area, a cafe, or even a stadium.

The auditorium setting is sufficient for making it feel as if you are at a movie theater when watching a movie. Aside from that, I wouldn’t say I liked using the ecological effects permitted.

The program also lets you correct the orientation of all the digital speakers. You may twist the speakers counter or clockwise or transfer them separately by dragging them with your mouse.

You can even correct the space size inside settings. I had been fine with the default settings, but it is nice that people have the choice of tweaking the surround sound precisely how they need it.

Another feature is named Xear SingFX. Both the mic and headphones have this choice into their respective drop-down boxes, and each serves a different purpose.

If you would like to sing with some tune but can not hit the ideal C, you may use the pitch shifter to assist your natural key game. You may even add natural replicated to make it seem as if you are singing in a karaoke bar.

While it’s fascinating to have singing choices, I still really don’t see a lot of people using it whenever they bought the SA-902 for gambling.

Among the stranger, Xear SingFX choices are named Magic Voice. With this setting, you can change the sound of your voice. The choices are Male, Female, Cartoon, and Dragon.

Male provides you with a deep, more comfortable voice while Female is higher pitched. Monster is merely Male with more bass, while Cartoon makes you seem like they inhaled helium.

I can see the allure of those presets for people who wish to disguise their voices in online matches. I would not personally use that, however. It is undoubtedly one software differentiator when compared with the significant headset manufacturers.


Although I had low expectations given that this headset cost, I wasn’t disappointed when playing matches using the sades headset SA-902.

As a result of its Sades 7.1ch gaming headset capabilities, names such as Doom, Forza Horizon 3, and Gears of War 4 were more immersive than those I had experienced before.

I am utilized to playing PC games using standard stereo headphones; thus, having the ability to hear noises from several instructions felt like an entirely new experience.

The default option settings delivered a tremendous punchy sound I much appreciated. I also enjoyed how easy everything seemed.

Blasting demons off with a shotgun in Doom was more satisfying than usual. In Forza Horizon 3, I managed to offer in-game orders using the mike.

So far as playing with other people is concerned, you will have the ability to hear other participants’ voices nicely, even in loud games such as Forza Horizon 3.

I didn’t have any difficulties hearing what my friends had to say. The boom microphone, in my conclusion, did pick up the noise of my air conditioner.

Regardless of this, my voice was able to come through enough. That said, the microphone is rather sensitive. Others are going to hear distortion should you begin to speak loudly. It is ideal for keeping your voice at a sensible quantity.

Regrettably, I can not say the same for music. Regardless of what equalizer settings I used (Rock, Rap, Metal, Jazz, etc.)I was not pleased with how music appeared on the cans.

That is interesting, considering how in-game music in the names I analyzed appeared ordinarily fine.

Mid and higher range sounds did not come across, and they ought to. I know the SA902 is mostly a gaming headset, but I felt frustrated by the lousy audio playback sound quality.

Happily, using headphones to watch films provides a far greater experience. I popped in the first Avengers movie and jumped into the climactic struggle.

Despite all of the explosions and crying, every noise came across clear and pleasant. I don’t have a surround sound setup in my flat to enjoy this support recreate a picture theater-style noise in your home.

Like with songs, most won’t get this headset to view films. But if you opt to see the occasional movie, you will be pleasantly amazed by the outcomes.


Can the Sades SA902 fulfill our approval? Yes, absolutely. For the cost, this is essential to possess a headset. In reality, even in the event you’ve got an expensive gaming headset, there is no harm in keeping several copies.

This one reasonably well surrounds sound gambling, a transparent mic, and an appealing yet simple layout. On top of that, if it finally breaks or the cable pops, you won’t feel terrible since it only costs $20 or so to replace it. We hope that our SA-902 sades headset review can help you know more about the best headphone for gamers.