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Roland Jd Xi Reviews 2021: Top Full Guide

Roland Jd Xi Reviews 2021 Top Full Guide

A tiny, mighty power, the Roland JD-Xi analog/digital crossover synthesizer provides you a real analog synth engine, combined with Roland’s famous SuperNATURAL synth tones, a 4-track pattern sequencer, a gooseneck mic with built-in Vocoder and AutoPitch, and USB for audio/MIDI connectivity.

In addition to this, you get other essential noises like pads, strings, brass, and much more. One thing is for sure: that the Roland JD-Xi analog/digital crossover synthesizer could be little, but it does not skimp on features or flexibility! Keep Reading Fidlar’s post to see our Roland Jd Xi Reviews.

Roland Jd Xi Review

Tech Specs

  • Sound Engine Type(s): Analog/Digital Crossover
  • Number of Keys: 37
  • Other Controllers: Pitchbend, Mod Wheel
  • Polyphony: 129 Notes
  • Number of Effects: 19
  • Effects Types: Distortion, Fuzz, Compressor, Bit Crusher, Flanger, Phaser, Ring Mod, Slicer, Delay, Reverb, Vocoder, Auto Pitch, Auto Note
  • Sequencer: 4-track
  • Audio Inputs: 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4″
  • Audio Outputs: 2 x 1/4″
  • Headphones: 1 x 1/4″
  • USB: 1 x Type B
  • MIDI I/O: In/Out/USB
  • Height: 3.37″
  • Width: 22.68″
  • Depth: 9.68″
  • Weight: 4.85 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: JD-XI

Roland Jd Xi Reviews


  • A compact, high-quality sketchpad or jamming companion at a tempting price.
  • Generous polyphony.
  • Deep, lush, and rewarding digital synthesis and superb–sounding drums.
  • Well–implemented effects.
  • The sequencer offers three classic recording methods.


  • Several important functions demand the sequencer stops.
  • The user interface isn’t suited to a synth engine this complex. Would be more appealing with a software editor.
  • Tiny keys and general flimsiness.
  • No battery option.
Roland JD-XI 37-Key Interactive Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer, Black
  • Warm and rich analog soundsCrytal clear digital timbresVocoder and effectsEasy programming

Analog Features

Next, we will discuss the analog component. We’ve been advised by the company that there are 1 TVF analog filter, 1 DCO analog oscillator (along with Sub Osc), and 1 TVA analog amplifier. In contrast, the LFOs and envelopes are all electronic.

The critical issue is that the analog engine seems stylish and contemporary and promises an excellent bargain for the coming JD-XA poly.

Roland Jd Xi Reviews Analog Features

Therefore it can be readily asserted the flexibility, features, and audio quality of this fantastic Roland JD-XI are truly unrivaled at its current price.

It’s possible to obey a while while you gradually turn the filter cut-off (although at an extensive resonance configuration) nonetheless, the triangle, viewed, along with the pulse waves are punchy, wealthy, and full along with the personality.

Generally speaking, is hot, accurate, and present that may also compete with the standard of additional expensive analog on the market.

The Roland JDXI indeed reminds us of an obsolete Juno-106 sonically, and it is also a wonderful thing.

Other than this, even though it’s not feasible to define the principal analog OSC from the sub-oscillator, there’s the PWM readily available for you that can help add motion or detuning.

The analog LPF sounds that can be ladder-based are unique and will create tasteful lows, speaker-shaking subs, blistering highs, and magnificent squelches.

The same as the drum components, you can track the analog area through the ramifications, and it’s a gift of God using such fantastic features for this product.

But, there’s one drawback, and that’s a simple fact it isn’t feasible to track the electronic parts by the analog filter or perhaps to coat them with all the analog synth excepting while sequencing.

Nonetheless, while incorporating the audio/MIDI interface along with the sequencer, you still realize the simple fact that the Roland JDXI is undoubtedly a rewarding synthesizer having the majority of the necessary features at this low cost.

This revolutionary Roland JDXI has, in reality, made a massive influence on the synth world! It’s virtually everything that could be wanted by the live actors, studio producers, and analog minds to get a very modest outlay in a mobile and robust form.

Regardless of using some minor drawbacks, many of them are very tweakable from the OS upgrades, and the primary issue is the flexibility, features, and audio quality of the product are unquestionably outstanding.

Although it’s downright inspirational to write and perform together with the Roland JDXI, each one of the controls that you need for a studio or live tweaking exists onboard. Also, the idea of a crossover is creative.

There’s a saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by taking a look at its cover. In the same way, it’s fairly natural that you consider this product to be relatively easy by taking a look at its controls.

It may be noted here that the controllers that are provided by the front panel are relatively straightforward. There’s one knob that needs to restrain a perimeter branded envelope, and the same is said about another four onboard consequences.

But should you inspect further by looking at the menus and the submenus of this plethora of these editable parameters, your thought will probably change.

The consumers will obtain access to plenty of editing choices by merely pressing on the Menu button, enabling them to dial in intricate audio creations.

Right here, you’ll stumble upon a massive number of programming choices such as tone, effects, pattern scale, and far more.

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User Interface/Style

The vast majority of synthesizers that I encounter have no problems with regards to their UI. The reverse is generally true; contemporary synthesizers are usually very simplistic in their layouts, and usefulness is at a premium.

The menu interface on this particular computer could be better, along the LCD is relatively small. I understand it could not be much larger since this is a little synthesizer rather than the Yamaha Montage 8, an 88-key synthesizer.

There’s not any way that Roland might have left the display (much) more extensive, but the design could have been clutter-free, along with the buttons that may have been made to every serves several functions to be able to free up the property on the board.

Simultaneously, I’d have chosen a few more buttons and knobs for the direct feature/properties controller. I guess you can not have everything.

The design is precisely what you’d expect in a synthesizer of the size. It isn’t anything fancy, but it stays good-looking and feels great to the touch.

The Vocoder does stand out a bit and leaves the keyboard return’s aesthetic allure, but it is nothing to whine about.

If you are utilized to playing something more significant, possibly a 61-key computer keyboard, the mini-keys will probably require some getting used to. The keyboard is relatively lightweight and portable, though transportation should be a cinch.

Super Sounds

Next, we’ll discuss the audio engines. The Roland JDXI is a 4-part multitimbral drum part, a few digital components, and a monophonic analog component getting or outputting on different MIDI channels. Every part includes a corresponding sequencer monitor.

You may encounter as many as 64 analogs presets, 256 electronic presets, along with 32 drum kits with 256-user spaces. Even though the analog engine may seem very contemporary and fashionable.

Every one of the electronic elements occurs to be 64-note polyphonic. The Roland JDXI surprisingly accommodates an entire Ronald synth engine using an editing thickness of nearly the same as their FA series. This is undoubtedly fantastic news at this very affordable price!

The quality of the audio is very okay and comparable with the other more expensive products of this company, while the personality is hi-fi and engaging.

Every single electronic part is very robust, and inside a program that allows you to have a tone with three partials, so you’re in a position to coating a PCM piano with Supernatural strings and brass for each digital part.

But we must acknowledge the simple fact that there is no intricate multi-sampled piano audio or any computer keyboard split audio that’s generally located on the FA show.

Nonetheless, the incorporated stripes or sounds are adequate (exceptionally Dance oriented), and the PCM samples are usable. Also, it is possible even to put in a few more in the Axial library.

The programmers will probably be gratified since there’s sufficient workability like an A/D pitch envelope, editable amp/filter envelopes, another modulation, some notable electronic filters, along with general goal LFO for each partial together with fundamental cause, fade, and so on. It’s tough to think that these features are offered to get a 500 synth.

Due to its small dimensions, just a few real-time knobs are observed in this product. Nonetheless, the business has chosen them smartly using controls for a heartbeat, filter, and effect/amp amounts, LFO (with as many as three destinations), along with a smart amp envelope dial that provides you with extended releases or brief waits to the left, slow strikes or more releases into the correct and punchy sounds in the middle. Other than this, the chests are also rather snappy.

Kits with two seem for every single key is permitted by the flexible drum component, which includes tags for the drum kind in addition to each key. The exciting thing is you may get a different envelope filter, impact, volume, pitch, and pan amount for every single key.

The preset kits include some reputable examples of classic drum machines in the organization and more, for example, different percussion sounds, sounds, and vocal samples, even though there’s no question regarding these characteristics 453 onboard drum waves.


The Roland JDXI acts like an audio or MIDI port by way of just one USB two connection. It’s required to visit the organization’s site and download the necessary driver to make it operate.

But remember to download the latest firmware update because it will have the ability to repair the bugs and provide you with several helpful improvements.

If you happen to would like to join the Roland JDXI along with your music port, it’s likely to do this by way of a few 1/4-inch output jacks. Aside from that, you’ll also encounter an excess headphone output. It’s somewhat gratifying to realize that Roland didn’t opt for any 1/8-inch relationship.

When it comes to the input, like the Novation MiniNova or the MicroKorg, the Roland JDXI features an XLR mic for its onboard decoder.

There’s also an additional 1/4-inch mono input that switches between guitar preferences and line. It’s also possible to use the automobile Note purpose orVocodercoder on either the guitar or the line in or mic input signal.

Getting Digital

This excellent synthesizer includes two or three exceptional digital synth segments. You can select between any of those 256 presets based on classes like Strings/Pads, Brass, FX/Other, Bass, Keyboard, Seq, Lead, and Vocoder.

Apart from the reasonably simple Filter, LFO, Envelope, and one knob effect alterations, you need to press a few navigation buttons to use the vast programming features.

These two synth segments consist of as many as three-layered tones that could be individually edited. It’s also likely to sculpt these segments even farther by some of the seven different filters or amp, filter, or pitch envelopes.


In picking an effect’s implementation, the Roland JD XI synthesizer went for quality over quantity with only four simultaneous outcomes.

Each part and every individual voice at a drum kit could be processed, using a decent amount of finesse, through both add and two ship effects, even though not every permutation can be potential.

The first impact is usually meant to large upward or Nastify your sign. I would ordinarily skip beyond its distortion, fuzz, compression, and little crushing, but I have hung up on the stimulation for quite a while.

Unlike many synth distortion calculations, one does not put your teeth on edge, and it showed further afield allure when I checked out the scope for customization.

It transpires that all of the effects are nicely pumped with programming choices beneath the hood; to the distortion, there are six different tastes, also adjustable drive quantity and existence (extensive end reply ).

Next along, you locate a selection of flanger, phaser, ring mod or slicer’, of which just the ring mod has been unsatisfactory. The paper is a hot, decadent tub of swooshes along with the slicer chops up the sign rhythmically, prepared for the next euro-dance struck.

Anyone hoping to get a timeless Roland chorus should not abandon all hope. The flanger gets quite choruses using its opinions set to zero.

The last two effects are conventional send effects. Both delay and reverb are tidy, professional, fair, and sounding tunable, to a degree.

It is a shame the principal board sports only one thickness control for each, but if you consider the benefits, it is not a huge annoyance to rely on menus for setting the reverb kind, the delay’s opinions, and so forth.


As you go deeper, you may learn how to enjoy this compact unit considerably more. In reality, there are lots of things happening beneath the hood, and this product is worth your money considering the fact you will receive so many features at such a minimal price.

Therefore, it can be asserted that the excellent Roland Jd Xi synth is an ideal companion for live operation due to its simple connectivity, flexibility, and abundant sound selection.

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