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Roku Speakers Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Roku Speakers Review 2021 Top Full Guide

Suppose you are looking for a compact speaker and has a clear sound quality that can cancel out background noise. But the resonance is not too loud to disturb others, then Roku might be the brand you should consider to get the ideal speaker for your bedroom.

Here, Fidlar reviewed a Roku speaker that is one of the most famous brands in the audio equipment industry for a comfortable audio experience; let us see what’s at this Roku Speakers Review.

Roku Wireless Speakers Review

Tech Specs

  • Networking: 802.11ac dual-band wireless
  • Audio (for each speaker): One 0.75” high-frequency driver (tweeter)/One 3.5” low-frequency driver (woofer)
  • Power: Auto-switching 100-240V, 50-60Hz AC
  • Height: 7.7 in (195.5 mm)
  • Width: 4.9 in (124.4 mm)
  • Depth: 4.9 in (124.4 mm)
  • Weight: 64 ounces (1814.3 g) each
  • Mount:¼” (6.35mm) 20-threaded mounting socket

Tech Specs


  • Large, full sound with true stereo imaging.
  • Includes two useful remotes.
  • Affordable.


  • Requires a Roku TV to work on their own.

Design And Remotes

Every speaker has been a black square cube with curved edges measuring 6.8 from 4.0 by 4.0 inches (HWD), comparable in size and shape to the Sonos One.

The front and sides are coated in grille fabric, and the upper and rear panels have a matte black rubberized surface.

Both satellites are indistinguishable, with rear panels that contain power straps, power LEDs, set and reset buttons, and screw brackets for placing the speakers on walls or stands.

Design And Remotes

There’s no distinction between right and left speakers; stations are assigned when you put them up along with your TV.

Roku contains two remotes. One is a Roku Voice Remote, a simple Bluetooth remote that includes all the Roku Premiere+, the Roku Streaming Stick, the Roku streaming devices Stick+, plus a few Roku TVs.

It is an easy, brief black wand using a prominent purple management pad, playback and menu buttons, dedicated support buttons for Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV, and the Roku Channel.

The remote also features a pinhole mic close to the top for utilizing voice hunt and quantity up/down and mute buttons on the perfect side.

In case your Roku TV speakers include a routine Roku IR remote (such as the TCL 55P605 we analyzed the speakers ), the Roku Voice Remote is a pleasant update that allows you to command the TV without having to point the remote directly at it. In case your Roku TV already has a Roku Voice Remote, then you will have a spare.

Another remote is somewhat different and made, especially for the speakers. The Roku Touch distant is a 2.3-inch puck made to be left on a desk.

It features extensive, prominent voice control and a pair of quantity controls, surrounded by three different mouse control buttons over them (two of which may conserve voice orders as presets so that you can utilize them without talking, and also one allowed for a characteristic that has not yet been allowed ) and three playback buttons under them.

The remote also features a pinhole mic plus a built-in speaker so that it could directly respond to your queries. Curiously, the remote has no mute button.

Considering that the remotes have built-in recorders, they encourage the complete Roku Assistant collection of voice search and voice commands.

Roku Assistant still is not a full-fledged voice helper like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, but it is a practical means to search for control and media for your speakers and TV.

Roku Assistant enables you to use your voice to hunt for films and TV shows across different streaming solutions on your own Roku TV, command TV settings such as inputs and volume, and open person programs.

Do not expect more assistant-like features here; you can not inquire about Roku Assistant for general information, calendar info, or smart house device control.

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The Roku wireless surround sound Speakers require a Roku TV to operate; you can not use them only with a Roku media streamer. This restricts their reach. However, the Roku TV platform has come to be widespread among many funds TV brands.

Roku TV integration also makes setting the speakers up unexpectedly simple, provided that you’ve got the latest Roku TV updates installed.

Plug the speakers, then press and hold the smart Home button on your TV’s remote for five minutes to bring the Pairing up menu. Select Modes and the TV will help you by pairing the speakers, then pairing the new remotes together with the TV.

The process involves identifying the right and left channels and ensuring the remotes can control your TV and the speakers’ volume amounts appropriately.

When the installation is completed, adjusting the volume on your TV will demonstrate a speaker’s icon instead of the generic sound icon it formerly exhibited.

Next, you can set your TV and the speakers on your cell phone using Bluetooth if you would like to play music straight from the telephone instead of via the Roku program or a program or support to the TV itself.

Sound Performance

For a cheap and relatively compact pair of satellites, the Roku TV Wireless Collars provide quite good performance, with a few little volume-scaling quirks.

They managed our bass evaluation trail, The Knife’s Silent Shout, with the commendable bass response and just a sign of sub-bass to provide the small feeling of my sofa vibrating at maximum quantity, with no distortion.

But some digital signal processing (DSP) certainly comes into play across the 40 (out of 100) quantity marks on the monitor since cranking up the volume out there does not considerably alter these speakers’ apparent loudness.

This is barely a knock and looks mostly when listening to tracks using intense sub-bass, so the volume climbing is much more natural for many sound that does not have ultra-low frequencies to induce the DSP to kick and the speakers to tamp down their output.

The speakers may quickly fill a little flat at quantity levels below the halfway mark, and comfy levels will probably be appreciated between the 20 and 30 marks.

Yes, Roundabout sounds fantastic about the Roku speakers, having a commendable response across all frequencies and very superior stereo separation.

The acoustic guitar plucks show a notable string feel, along the electric bass receives a great deal of low-mid punch. The guitars, guitar strums, and vocals are easily discernible from the combination.

The stereo separation is a cure, with the monitor’s channels coming much more than they could via one soundbar or mobile speaker.

TV shows and films significantly improve from the speakers, so far beyond what the speakers built into most Roku TVs now on the market can provide.

Doctor Who and The Haunting of Hill House both seem complete and clear. Doctor Who’s coming through, the fierce technobabble conversation, empowering the Speech Frog attribute to bring outside the voices much more.

The cold, creepy moments in The Haunting of Hill House have lots of dread due to broad stereo separation and powerful low-mids, improving this soundtrack’s unsettling thrum.

Tetris Impact is a video game with extensive roots in trance audio, and it sounds fantastic throughout the Roku speakers.

The different synth-heavy tracks seem ethereal and compact, with all the speakers’ powerful low-mid presence makes the sweeping sounds of drums, gongs, and digital thrumming fill the space palpably without hitting into sub-bass.

Vocals from the opening and closing tracks seem detailed and precise, coming against their music’s different chimes and tones.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is a lot more cinematic, using a more traditional musical score backing the sounds of battle and prolonged conversations.

The drums and chanting of this audio seem epic and full about the Roku speakers, as well, as the jangly series notes, which select up intense moments, are incredibly crisp.

The dialog in cutscenes isn’t hard to differentiate; turning the Speech Clarity setting off Low and High makes listeners stand out more on every measure.

Roku Surround Sound

In there, it is possible to use the Roku TV Wireless Speakers using a Roku TV. But as a result of a firmware upgrade, you may use them with almost any TV by pairing them with a Roku Smart Soundbar.

Wirelessly matching the speakers into the soundbar configures them to behave as back surround channels for room-filling surround audio. And because the speakers pair using the soundbar within this setup, a Roku TV is not vital.

As back surround satellites, the Roku TV Wireless Speakers provides added audio channels when playing surround material together with some Roku Smart Soundbar.

They also improve stereo material in one of 2 manners. The Movies & TV manner mixes stereo content to surround sound effects, pulling sound from the soundbar and sending it into the surround speakers.

The audio mode expands the stereo signal in the soundbar into the surround speakers, playing right and left channels on the soundbar along with the satellites for a far more extensive (although not surround) audio area.


The Roku TV Wireless Speakers are, overall, a fantastic alternative for an affordable, simple to join speaker upgrade for your Roku TV, mostly if you listen to plenty of audio and revel in the concept of this Roku Assistant.

There aren’t many choices to add a subwoofer or wireless rear speakers, but that is something that can change by this time next year.

Worse is that, for the time being, the speakers utilize Roku TVs, rather than any of those half-dozen players Roku has out to the marketplace not only does that have expanded the compatibility of their speakers, but it would have provided a very low-cost remedy to update both the smart TV along with your audio quality. We hope that our Roku TV Wireless Speakers Review can help you know more about this brand