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Rekordbox Vs Serato 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Rekordbox Vs Serato 2020 Top Full Review, Guide

You are a professional DJ. You make music regularly on various software and applications, so you’ve probably seen two names Rekordbox Vs Serato; they are said to be great music-making apps and the most professional today. So what’s in these two apps that make so many music makers appreciate them? Let Fidlar find out how they are.

History Of Serato DJ Pro

Serato has been around since they published their first product in 1999. In 1997, co-founder Steve West was a University of Auckland pupil learning how to play bass guitar on the side. Steve wished to slow complicated bass solos without changing the pitch.

Frustrated with all the sub-par tools available at the moment, Steve set out to write an algorithm that could do precisely that. And therefore, Serato Pitch’n Time was born.

History Of Serato DJ Pro

Since that time, they’ve continued to upgrade and release new software. But when their principal applications (Serato Scratch Live)started to eliminate, they realized that there were nevertheless underlying problems with your every-day DJ installment, such as the diminishing quality of in-house turntables.

Seratopivoted to creating an all-in-one DJ compact control system where you can plug in and begin DJing straight from the box. Back in January 2008, Serato ITCH started with its earliest supported hardware control, the Vestax VCI-300.

As professional electronic DJing grew, so also did the need for entry-level computer software. Back in September 2011, Serato DJ Intro has been born.

In 2013 Serato launched Serato DJ the development to Serato Scratch Live and ITCH in conjunction with this Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX. Serato’s initial step into a unified piece of applications across the entire product range and introduced a brand new interface to Serato users.

Ultimately, in 2018 Serato’s flagship products, Serato DJ and Serato DJ Intro, became Serato DJ Pro and Serato DJ Lite. DJs can now mix two tracks with only their notebook, possess an infinite music library, and a sharp, high-resolution interface.


  • Packed with lots of features to Satisfy your digital DJing encounter
  • Use to use applications with an interface that is easy on the eye.
  • Ideal for both novice DJs and experienced DJs
  • Best Pick for professional DJs includes tested, tried, and proven applications.
  • Fantastic Customer Care, Wonderful upgrades
  • Compatible with many applications and DJ controls
  • Fantastic music library intelligent crates that spare DJ time


  • To Be Able to utilize Serato DJ applications, you have to plugin hardware; otherwise, you Will Need to work on the one on the display deck.

History Of Rekordbox

Against the lengthy history of other popular DJ applications, such as Serato, Rekordbox has not existed for as long. In 2009, Pioneer DJ booted up with Mixvibes, a French firm known to be on the vanguard of a program production as 1999, to produce their music management program.

The launching of Rekordbox coincided with the launching of this popular CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000, being the final one a staple on many dance clubs across the planet for the previous ten years. Being a proprietary application, Rekordbox was supposed to be used from the beginning only with Pioneer DJ hardware, something which to this day is the standard.

History Of Rekordbox

Like Mixvibe’s basic program Cross, Rekordbox was constructed around a high-quality sound engine that may be used with revolutionary and new features at the moment, such as loops and sexy cues.

With the launch of the mobile variant in 2012, the critical upgrade Rekordbox has ever seen was its 3.0 version in 2014. The upgrade gave the program a more compact and intuitive interface, improved import and export capacities, and above all, a two-player mode.

A year after, Pioneer introduced their very first All-in-one control, the XDJ-RX, which comprised an LCD screen using the Rekordbox applications, allowing anyone DJ without the necessity of a notebook.

Last year, with the 6.0 variant launch, Rekordbox took the instance of additional Dj software such as Serato and began to control its users by employing a monthly subscription compared with the life permit program they had earlier. Another significant upgrade has been the launch of a cloud-stored library that anybody can use across their various gear.

Even though it’s proprietary software, to the day over ten years because it was established, Rekordbox is now an industry-standard, used by amateur and professional DJs worldwide.


  • Extension effects Which Range from Beat FX into CFX to Publish FX
  • A snappier and faster DJ engine mild and stable compared to previous versions.
  • Limited compatibility with DJ controls – functions with Pioneer DJ controls.
  • Together with the release of Rekordbox DJ variant 5, the entire design has improved.
  • Fantastic jog wheels


  • Should you want to use four decks, a 13-inch notebook screen allows the little area of surfing the library; then you get a 15-inch notebook.
  • Little pitch fader for your DJ effects
  • Number Serato vs Rekordbox DJ Head-to-Head Comparison

In comparing Rekordbox into Serato, we’ll examine the features that differentiate them, what sets them apart from one another, and the way they perform. Also, we examine the simplicity of usage and user experience of the DJs when at work. Anyway, we assess the compatibility, stability of their programs, and their prizes.

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Rekordbox DJ vs Serato Comparision

Features and Functionalities

Rekordbox DJ

You’ll come across a collection of features in Rekordbox that resemble those you find in Serato. For example, Rekordbox gets the ramifications features, which, although not bad, ‘re inferior compared to people of professional-grade DJM mixer products by Pioneer DJ.

Rekordbox has a sampler, a sequencer like that of Serato Flip, and different performance styles additionally. A DJ can buy the Rekordbox DVS module as a different product. The Rekordbox Video module can be available at a cost. Added results on Rekordbox DJ could be gotten at a cost.

Features and Functionalities

Serato DJ

When you have a look at the features of Serato, then there’s a pool of out-of-the-box tools for DJing. A DJ may also enlarge their features using growth packs they need to cover. The expansion packs for boosting this DJ product’s setup are worth the cost that a DJ plays.

A few of the packs which come to get a fee are the Pitch n Time Pack, the Video expansion package, and DVS. The Pitch n Time expansion package helps the DJ change monitors’ keys on the fly without affecting audio quality. Additionally, there are multiple FX growth packs delivered with a third-party effects provider called Izotope.

Serato DJ has set its foot in audio production after the refresh of its Sampler attribute, which currently features 8 sample slot tools over four monies.

Anyway, sync Ableton Connect to other devices or computers running compatible packages is another addition that makes the program function in audio production. Additionally, the Serato Flip attribute includes a sequencer for assisting DJs in re-arranging their monitor regarding loops and sexy cues.

Comparing Rekordbox DJ vs Serato DJ, you discover that Rekordbox is not as feature-intensive as Serato. Rekordbox is comparatively new to the stadium of DJ software products, and though it has commendable features, the expansions packs are not widely developed.

They’re within their youthful phase, meaning that they still have to be fleshed out, so they begin competing with Serato DJ. Serato DJ has the upper hand over Rekordbox considering it has existed for quite a very long moment.

The Interface

Rekordbox DJ Interface

The user interface to get Rekordbox is intended to provide ease of use. It’s an extremely organized interface that produces DJs function readily.

Considering the Rekordbox DJ product was constructed by an already established manufacturer, the Rekordbox music prep software, it’s carried with it a fantastic quality which has been around from the latter product.

The browsing experience is quite exciting, and also the library screen feature is excellent with apparent alternatives for filtering, sorting, and scanning paths, playlists, and even folders. A DJ can quickly scan the arrangement, of course, before loading it, thanks to its miniature waveforms located on the library screen.

Essentially, Rekordbox DJ features the same good user interface as a piece of the Rekordbox music prep program. Considering that Pioneer DJ has been making strides in improving the features and quality of Rekordbox for many decades, it has observed Rekordbox DJ has precisely the same features.

An interesting point to mention here is that if you put in Rekordbox DJ, you can use the whole software without having a DJ controller attached. This can be a plus to get Rekordbox compared to Serato DJ that demands a DJ control to be attached.

Serato Interface

When we examine the port of Serato DJ, it seems to be small cluttered. But despite all the clutter of this consumer interface, you will find everything you might need for DJing is at the port. For the user interface to become completely operational, it ought to incorporate a compatible DJ controller.

You do not wish to utilize your DJing program for just music groundwork; you want to perform blending along with other tasks. This implies that when the DJ software doesn’t have a control attached, it won’t have the ability to combine, and you’ll only use the groundwork manner.

In Serato DJ, it is possible to make alterations to fit your requirements and those of your viewers using the primary display. By way of instance, you can enable unique perspectives ranging from two to 4-deck views.

You might even permit the impacts segments, the DJ Sampler, and document segment, among other features. It’s also possible that you alter the features right in the DJ controller at a Serato DJ installation.

One more thing concerning the Serato DJ interface would be that DJs find it a cinch to navigate their paths. The quality of the screen is exceptionally high, with a sharp appearance.

Broadly, when you compare the consumer interface of Rekordbox DJ to this of Serato DJ, the prior stands out within the latter since it’s less mess and brings with it lots of innovative features to create the life span of this DJ simpler.

Pricing Of The DJ Products

Both DJ products have different pricing arrangements. The pricing model of Serato is tied to the hardware employed, for instance, the controller. If you purchase a high-end control, you’ll almost certainly receive the Serato DJ program permit at no cost. Expansion packs are priced between $29 and $99.

The Serato DJ Club Kit, which you may connect into a bar mixer, goes for $169 and contains the Serato DJ software and the DVS package. Purchasing the full Serato DJ applications or the Serato DJ package will probably cost $229, while the bare-bones permit goes for $99.

On the flip side, Rekordbox DJ has its permit priced at $139. An individual will have to download the foundation Rekordbox applications for your own Rekordbox DJ to operate; the foundation software is available at no cost. Should you need expansion packs, you can purchase them at $109 in the DVS package instance. The Video package goes for $159, while for other effects, you’ll pay $10.

Essentially, if you want DVS, movie, and foundation applications, you may pay more in contrast to Serato DJ. Having said this, Pioneer DJ supplies a permit for Rekordbox DJ within their whole assortment of Rekordbox DJ controls, such as the low-cost ones. This usually means you will save approximately 139 at the start.


Assessing the compatibility features of both products, Serato DJ takes the guide. It supports many DJ controls, and you’ll discover that the majority of the high-end controllers have a Serato DJ license pitched to the box. You only have to plug the controller in the Serato DJ, and you will find it.

If you’re purchasing entry-level DJ control, then it’s very likely that you won’t have a Serato DJ permit. Nonetheless, you might have a Serato Intro permit, mainly the Bare Bones Serato DJ variant. In this scenario, you will observe that the DJ control can be used with all the DJ software.

Additionally, there’s a Club Kit comprising the things you have to have the Serato DJ connected to professional artisans, such as the Pioneer DJM affirmed array.

The most recommended DJ control to utilize Serato DJ is Denon DJ MCX8000. It’s an attractive price and fantastic features, for instance, the chance of this DJ to see tracks from a storage device including USB. Additionally, it has built-in displays and superb support for the full features of this Serato DJ.

On the side of Rekordbox DJ, it takes merely the latest Pioneer DJ controls. It is somewhat restricted concerning compatibility. That is having been said, Rekordbox DJ supports the majority of the professional Pioneer DJ mixers and networking players.

Again, Rekordbox permits you to utilize the songs you read from the notebook. You could even move it into a memory stick, at which you could take it with you to perform with it everywhere. This implies Rekordbox DJ provides more flexibility and conserves the DJ time.

The most recommended DJ controller which you would use with Rekordbox DJ is Pioneer DJ DDJ-RX. It is not a high-end product; however, a mid-range DJ controller uses a hardware mixer and Color Sound FX, which works with external hardware.

This DJ controller includes four stations and fantastic job wheels and center LCD. This control’s robust build enables a DJ to feel just like a pro when moving about their DJing enterprise.


You just came across our review of two widely used DJ music-making apps and received a lot of positive feedback from our users. Are they worth the experience? For us, they are exactly the right apps for you to learn how to make music and are also ideal for party performances.

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