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Razer Leviathan Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Razer Leviathan is a different spin on gambling speakers than the remainder we’ve reviewed so far. It’s a Surround Sound Bar and, therefore, Perfect for Notebook players.

Yet, including 5.1 surround audio technologies, this product from Razer is excellent for more than just gaming using its rich mids and highs. Keep reading Fidlar’s Razer Leviathan Review to see complete details about this speaker.

Razer Leviathan Reviews

Razer Leviathan Reviews


  • Soundbar design takes up less space than other competing brands and models.
  • 1 surround sound effect is evident when paired with a laptop or desktop setup.
  • The subwoofer is exceptionally powerful and does not falter even with EDM tracks.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with NFC pairing so you can play tracks wirelessly from an iPod, smartphone or even your Bluetooth capable laptop.
  • The soundbar can operate without the subwoofer. It is, in fact, available with or without the subwoofer.
  • The lack of cables and its small size makes it ideal for a minimalistic setup.


  • This computer soundbar is not a proper surround sound solution. It is virtualized and at best comes close to a 3.1 setup.
  • You cannot use it as a living room solution.
  • The proprietary connectors for the subwoofer are fragile and can break if you are not careful.
  • Auto power-off after 20 minutes may be a problem for some.
Razer Leviathan: Dolby 5.1 Suround Sound - Bluetooth aptX Technology - Dedicated Powerful Subwoofer for Deep Immersive Bass - PC Gaming and Music Sound Bar
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Razer Leviathan: Dolby 5.1 Suround Sound - Bluetooth aptX Technology - Dedicated Powerful Subwoofer for Deep Immersive Bass - PC Gaming and Music Sound Bar
  • The Razer Leviathan Surround Sound Bar features cutting-edge Dolby technology, superior sound drivers, and a dedicated subwoofer, projecting in-game battle scenes or your favorite tunes


Razer leviathan soundbar calls for the Leviathans, One Sound Bar To Rule Them All. The ideal Bluetooth enabled gaming audio bar currently on the market caters exclusively to players everywhere. 5.1 Channel Surround with no five-speaker setup?

We also were confounded by the promise. Razer headsets claims it uses Dolby technology using a dedicated subwoofer and directional audio drivers to provide 5.1 effects.

Razer Leviathan Reviews Introduction

One thing is for sure that the pub layout will bring you nearer to the combat scenes at least once gambling on a laptop. The question is, how does this seem pub have precisely what it takes to match on a giant screen tv?

By Razer, the Leviathan features four finely tuned drivers from its audio bar, which will revolve the sound all around the room. Additionally, with v4.0 aptX Bluetooth, you can stream wireless audio right into the Razer soundbar with no cables.

The soundbar also works on its own if you opt to go wireless, though you will miss out on the subwoofer’s bass.

Unlike many good pubs, the Razer Leviathan includes a 5.25 inch downward firing subwoofer that’s perfectly tuned to coincide with this Razer sound pub’s sound stage.

Do not get fooled by the little packaging. Measuring 30 percent less than ordinary soundbars, this one matches underneath any track and onto any table. It mounts on the wall.

In terms of cables, you will find only two to conceal. One goes into the subwoofer, and yet another brings power for the installation. Incidentally, the audio bar has three tuned equalizer configurations if you opt to flow over Bluetooth.

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The Leviathan is downright tiny compared to almost every home entertainment soundbar available on the marketplace, measuring only 19.6 inches wide, 4 inches tall, and 3 inches deep.

It follows Razer’s black, high-tech feeling of aesthetics, using a dark metallic grille slightly pinched at the center to give it additional contours.

The grille hides two 2.5-inch midrange drivers and two 0.75-inch tweeters, and every midrange/tweeter mix handles 15 watts of continuous power.

A row of backlit controls sits over the organization’s snake-triskelion emblem, on the pinched part of this soundbar.

Apart from the volume control and input option, the controllers include dedicated buttons for turning off and on Dolby virtual surround and shifting between Game, Music, and Film equalizer presets.

The body of this soundbar is matte black vinyl, tapering down to the rear panel. A recess at the bottom border of this panel retains optical and 3.5millimeter audio input signal, a power connector, and a port for connecting the added subwoofer.

The Leviathan includes two sets of feet, one horizontal and one-sided, that allow it to sit at 0, 15, or 18 level angles based on its usage. You might even utilize the holes onto the rear of this soundbar to mount it onto a wall.

The subwoofer is likewise little and matte black. It seems somewhat like a giant computer keyboard essential, with rounded corners and tapering towards the surface where a different Razer emblem opens.

It sadly is not wireless like most subwoofers comprised of soundbars, but it needs just one cable, which links to the soundbar; it does not require its power socket. The subwoofer features a 30-watt, 5.25-inch downward-firing driver.


As it stands, however, the subwoofer is one of that the Leviathan’s best assets. The tiny box pushes an immense quantity of atmosphere through its 5.25-inch motorist and produces a rich, bass-heavy noise that does not distort at its most significant volume.

I discovered the low-end somewhat too overpowering for my preferences. Still, if you are a gamer who enjoys your bass to fall harder than your competitors’ lifestyles, you will undoubtedly come back to adore the tiny block.

Apart from a few balancing problems, the general caliber of this Leviathan’s audio is excellent regardless of which input you opt to utilize.

The Dolby Pro Logic II codec will change any sign (analog, Bluetooth, or optical ) into simulated 5.1 surround audio. However, it needs to be modeled since the device is one motorist shy about the right 5.1 sound.

The result is quite dim nonetheless, and anyone used to having a real 5.1 surround audio setup will observe a lack of different left and right channels.

Cycling through the presets frequently alleviates some of these problems (the audio mode does do a fantastic job of providing some balance to the combination ), along with the obscenely very affordable price mitigates any criticism.


All of us love the minimalistic look of this Razer Leviathan. It’s not an eyesore and somehow manages to amaze us each time we match on it. Yes, the soundbar does have its quirks, but you get a relatively advanced scientific marvel overall for the price you pay.

5.1 surround effects, which are similar to 3.1 but better than any 2.1 surround audio speakers, we urge this to all and one, whether or not you’ve got a competent gaming speaker or not. No crackling at large volumes, no splitting up over Bluetooth, and perfect highs, lows, or middles.

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