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Prs Silver Sky Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Prs Silver Sky Review 2021 Top Full Guide

The Silver Sky PRS guitar is inspired by the classical style with a luxurious look and a novel sound. Have you ever wanted to own this expensive guitar?

The guitar integrates almost every amp; single-coil pickups create a sweet sound and distinctive timbre that not every guitar can do.

If you are going to invest your money to own one, then this is the place to go, where Fidlar analyzes the specifications and special features of the guitar. Now let us examine this guitar in the Prs Silver Sky Reviews.

Prs Silver Sky 2021 Reviews

Tech Specs

  • Number of Strings: 6
  • Left-/Right-handed: Right-handed
  • Body Type: Solidbody
  • Body Shape: PRS John Mayer
  • Body Material: Alder
  • Body Finish: Gloss Polyurethane
  • Color: Tungsten
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Neck Shape: 635JM
  • Neck Joint: Bolt-on
  • Radius: 7.25″
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • Fingerboard Inlay: Small Birds
  • Number of Frets: 22, Custom-sized
  • Scale Length: 25.5″
  • Prs silver sky nut width: 1.656″
  • Nut Material: Bone
  • Bridge/Tailpiece: Steel Tremolo
  • Tuners: Vintage-style, Locking
  • Neck Pickup: 635JM Single-coil
  • Middle Pickup: 635JM Single-coil
  • Bridge silver sky pickups: 635JM Single-coil
  • Controls: 1 x volume, 2 x tone
  • Switching: 5-way blade pickup switch
  • Strings: PRS, .010-.046

Prs Silver Sky Reviews


  • Build
  • Playability
  • Sound and typical PRS attention to detail and quality.


  • Limited colors
  • No options or lefties and very derivative.
  • Not all will get the frets, headstock

The Look

When I saw a Strat body contour donned using a modified Prs sky headstock angle, I must confess that I had been perplexed. Like I said before, it felt as though Mayer was shooting a shot Fender, which I found strangely funny, but funny does not promote a guitar.

I have been enjoying my Silver Sky every day for a month straight to tour equally in hotel rooms and on point, and what I could say is the headstock has exploded on me.

Prs Silver Sky Reviews The Look

The entire bit comes together quite nicely. Although I’d probably feel far more accustomed to viewing with the beloved Fender headstock in the close of the guitar, the PRS John Mayer Silver Sky indeed makes a statement that stands out among the guitar’s most different physical features.

I find it slightly irritating the legions of guitar discussion warriors negatively affected a PRS Strat notion when many other guitar makers have done precisely the same thing.

You don’t need to search hard to obtain the Strat body contour used by other guitar manufacturers like Suhr, for instance, and no one has had something to say about that.

It appears unfair to single out PRS guitars only due to the simple fact that Mayer was mostly a Fender participant in preceding decades.

Controversy aside, however, the remainder of the guitar is a thing of beauty. The Frost end is somewhat creamy, glowing white, marginally less white than the pickguard.

The glow finish added into the base horn’s spade is a random bit, but I like this. Also, it adds to the uniqueness of the tool.

The fretboard is magnificent since it’s decorated with all the touch PRS birds in flight inlays, which have been diminished in silver sky fret size to accommodate the shorter fret space. I had many men and women think of me after my performances to remark on the fretboard especially.

I did not believe the tuning pegs were something I’d like initially since they appeared to be made from an inexpensive plastic substance.

Still, after using them, I prefer them today within their metallic options. I wouldn’t say I like having fingerprints in my possessions. On my notebook display, on my telephone, and onto my formerly metallic tuning pegs.

It is a bizarre OCD thing, I am convinced, but this problem was removed with the Silver Sky’s selection of the tuning peg.

I shall add, these hooks don’t feel cheaply constructed in any way. They’re sturdy and robust, and I don’t have any fear of them falling or breaking off.

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The Feel

This was what initially had turned me from the Silver Sky the first time I’d picked up one. The neck contour undoubtedly took some getting used to, and also the very first time I played this guitar, it was one of my main deterrents to need to keep playing with it.

Various people had told me that they also initially disliked the neck contour, but I grew to appreciate it after enjoying it. I can indeed state that during the last month, the same may be said for me.

The throat I disliked has become one I am incredibly familiar with. I discovered this neck was rather like purchasing a new pair of skates, or even a brand new baseball glove: you need to split it in. As soon as you split it, you won’t need to quit using it.

Another feature I love is that the briefer fret space. I’ve pretty slender palms, and my fretting precision has improved because of using this particular guitar.

I can not state it could be as simple to play for someone using thicker fingers, but I find the fret space for a welcomed characteristic.

The pickup selector switch can be constructed well, in my view. It’s strong enough to withstand an accidental bump, which may typically permit you to switch positions without needing to, and also for individuals like me who perform aggressively, this certainly is useful.

One last thing about the texture of the guitar that I adore is yours. I exchanged a PRS McCarty 594 with this guitar, and the very first thing I discovered was the decline in prs guitars in my shoulder.

This guitar is very mild, but in no way does that imply that it feels cheap. It’s a lot less taxing on my shoulder to liquefy this guitar about for a multiple-hour group than it had been to play with the McCarty; also, being somebody who suffers from sore shoulder muscles, this is a treat.


The pickups are so subtly different from a classic or high-end American-made Strat, making it simple to sew the Silver Sky’s tones to both new and familiar instructions.

Chords, arpeggios, single notes, all of them ring out quite evident in the Silver Sky. It’s equally as articulate, though not more articulate, compared to the Fender Ultra Strat I reviewed last December. Up before this, that has been the best guitar I have reviewed.

The neck setting is smooth as butter, and of course, I pulled a lot of John Mayer’s excellent lead beams from it along with the 4th place.

On the other hand, the Silver Sky isn’t confined to being John Mayer’s guitar, something which the popularity and earnings record clearly shows.

Just about any superior Strat tone has been achievable during my rig with this particular guitar. I moved from John Frusciante into The Edge to Jimi Hendrix effortlessly.

In various ways, the Silver Sky is only an updated, modern spin on the Strat. This isn’t unlike the Ultra Series; However, the Ultra Series focused on showcasing S1 shifting, neck heel shapes, and elaborate finishes. The Silver Sky feels just like a simple next step for your Stratocaster.

Length of distortion and drive produced rich, harmonic seems that felt much more classic than contemporary.

These single-coil pickups are more percussive, and crime than just thick and sustaining, such as you’d get with humbuckers to a heftier, slab guitar such as a Les Paul. The Silver Sky is a tremendous-sounding Strat guitar, through and through.


If it comes to playability, the neck of this PRS 2020 Silver Sky didn’t disappoint 1 bit. Even the 22 frets are just as they ought to be inside this price point: eloquent, fret buzz totally free, and immaculately landscaped.

The locking tuners, bone nut, and bridge needed this guitar tune when I snapped the gig bag. No exaggeration, once I crack it open, once it came, it had been 99% absolutely song; the G series just needed the smallest turn.

It has not gone out of the song, nonetheless. The throat also feels as though it’s ever so slightly wrapped edges, making electricity chords feel a little comfier.

This also allows gamers to achieve their thumb around the low E string simpler for that Jimi Hendrix (and John Mayer) mode of playing.


There was not a twist from a place or a scrape on the guitar after I unboxed it. Thank God, since each time I open up these expensive guitars, I get worried that now will be the day I get delivered a dud.

However, PRS’s QA/QC appears to be dependable; it truly is only a lightweight and well-constructed guitar.

The pickups are genuinely noiseless; the tuning stability is incredible; the end is fantastic and feels powerful with no that thick ribbon that may be thick or badly sprayed.

The Golden Mesa end is stunning, though I certainly would have gone to get a blue or green color had I bought this guitar had a selection. I find no reason to worry; the Silver Sky feels stage prepared and built to last.

In Use

Dimensionally, the Silver Sky feels quite like our pre-CBS guitar using an almost equal width at the nut, although the neck’s curved shoulders are comfortable, as would be the fingerboard’s softened borders.

The profile arouses the ideal time without being overly narrow down behind the second and first wager, in which a scarf joint generates the headstock’s angle.

Whether you’re playing a thumb on the top, as is Mayer’s overall manner of doing things, or want to play whole barre chords, you’re unimpeded, and the richly dressed and installed freeware helps with clarity and note definition.

Plugged in to get a listening test while surrounded by a few trusted ears, the very first reaction we hear is, Wow, it appears to be a pre-CBS Strat.

The first 1963 guitar includes a bit more of a phase quality, using a more intricate sheen of high-end harmonics and much more of a sign of pure chorus, but the similarities between both far outweigh their differences.

The Silver Sky includes a bit more definition, less noise, and less fogginess. It is like placing a brand new set of your favorite shoes instead of attempting on a different design entirely.

The revised highs have been a personal taste that came straight from Mayer, who’d frequently run his older Strats using the tone controls return to five as a beginning point ” since there was a lot additional high-end harmonic material which I did not like.”

Together with the Silver Sky, ” in 10, it may be a small amount of additional treble than you have to have in certain circumstances. Still, it’s not that unusable, unattractive, treble stuff.” “It has got that warmer item for me personally I enjoy,”

He continues. “The large end is not multiples of overtones high-end that strikes you in the ear, and it is quite a musical high end that’s a low end within it. The large end has a reduced end, and the low end has a high end. It is kind of a greater definition Strat to me personally. I wished to go in and take a good deal of these frequencies you need to function to roll off.”

Comparisons aside, the Silver Sky is, in fact, an extraordinarily expressive tool in its own right you can listen to how different portions of your choice or thumb change the front end of this notice.

There is a considerable variation based on where you hit the series, and that is before you turn the pickup selector switch off in the neck place.

If you do, the equilibrium between the Silver Sky’s pickups is quite good; indeed, you do not change to the bridge or in-between places and detect weakness, and not one of the change’s five positions are either indistinct or lacking in output.

Set up as provided by the factory, there is only the correct quantity of battle and rebound in the 0.010 gauge strings.

Every voice glitters with harmonic attention, and there is an explosive, lively snap and punch into the guitar, which matches stinging lead fractures and choppy, percussive funk rhythms.

PRS is not the first organization to spend a pre-CBS Stratocaster routine and handle the problems that could make them tricky beasts to tame out while on the street-facing varying amounts of warmth and humidity.

What is different about the Silver Sky is the fact that it keeps the soul of what makes players gravitate towards these legendary guitars in the first spot and yells PRS’s formidable production consistency to the mixture.

Mayer himself has signaled that more wide choices and a walnut plank sort of the Silver Sky are very, very likely at a particular stage, later on, so don’t expect this to be the final word from cooperation that has changed the conversation in today’s electric guitar market.


You didn’t think I’d give it a perfect 10, did you? No matter the quality, I’m always hesitant about rating a $2000+ brand new guitar as an excellent value. Even the Fender Ultra Strat costs less than this and is about 95% the guitar.

That being said, The Prs Silver Sky Guitar does have the feel, sound, and soul that I would expect from a pre-CBS Fender. It’s an excellent value, and no one should be disappointed when they receive and plug in their Silver Sky.