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Positive Grid Spark Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Positive Grid Spark Review 2021 Top Full Guide

As a guitarist and performing regularly, how many amps you own in your collection? Do you have any of the Positive Grid? If you have not yet and are planning to invest in one, you should take a few minutes to look at the amp we are about to introduce here.

Positive Grid Spark 40 is the device that we would like to mention; amplifiers with 40 watts are packed with features. It is a device that is appreciated by consumers and even the most discerning music professionals. What makes it so ideal? Let’s with Fidlar review this device in detail at the Positive Grid Spark Review.

Spark Positive Grid Review

Tech Specs

  • Type: Digital modeling combo for guitar, bass, and acoustic with BIAS Tone Engine and app integration for jamming
  • Output: 40 watts
  • Speakers: 2×4” Custom Designed
  • Top Controls: Amp Type, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Master, Mod, delay and reverb, Output Volume, Music Volume, four programmable Preset buttons, Tap/Tuner button
  • Onboard Effects: 30 Amp Models, 40 Effects
  • Sockets: 1/4” guitar input, 1/8” aux input, 1/8” headphone, Bluetooth audio, USB connectivity for recording 2 In x 2 Out
  • Dimensions: 350mm [w] x 180mm [w] x 190mm
  • Spark amp weight: 5.2 kg / 11.5 lbs

Positive Grid Spark Review


  • Excellent tone
  • Numerous presets and effects
  • Smart Jam and Auto Chord features
  • User-friendly app


  • Limited streaming music support

Design And Features

The Spark is a 40-watt amp that uses two 4-inch (4-ohm) speakers and a bass-reflex cabinet. In 7.4 by 13.7 by 7.0 inches (HWD) and 11.4 lbs, it is a little guitar practice amp that you can take with you wherever you go with the black leather strap.

The front of the cabinet sports a black and white brown grill cloth using a reddish Favorable Grid badge, and the remainder of the cabinet is covered in black textured vinyl.

Positive Grid Spark Review Design and Features

The cabinet cover includes the control panel using ten settings dials, a power switch, a power indicator, a guitar input, headphone jack, audio input knob, four backlit Bias FX (Favorable Grid’s tone motor ) preset switches, plus a Tap/tuner button.

This button can be used to reset the Spark to factory defaults and defaults as a tuner (if in spark amp tuner mode, the four preset buttons will light to indicate the pitch being performed ).

From left to right, the preferences dials comprise an Amp Sort dial that provides seven amplifier effects as Metal, higher Profit, Crunch, Glassy, Clean, Acoustic, and Bass.

Additionally, there are dials for your amp Gain, Bass, Midtone, and Treble settings, a Master volume dialup, Modulation, Delay, Reverb effects dials, and an Output dial controlling the general volume of your guitar. Around the back are USB and power jacks, a Bluetooth index, and an additional input.

With the USB interface, you can connect a PC to the amp and record your sessions employing the free backup of the PreSonus Studio One Prime recording program, along with the auxiliary input that allows you to plug into an external sound source. The embedded Bluetooth radio allows you to connect the amp to a mobile device with the Spark mobile program.

The Spark positive grid’s mobile program (such as Android and iOS) provides you access to a vast library of amplifier models and effects, which enable you to emulate the noise you get from classic tube amps, acoustic amps, bass amps, and other kinds of amplifiers.

You can create customized effects employing virtual pedals such as Overdrive, Noise Gate, Delay, Modulation, and Reverb, or you’ll be able to access Favorable Grid’s BIAS-powered tone library, which contains over 10,000 amps and impacts preset that allow you to mimic the guitar sounds of your favorite players like Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and lots of more.

Tone library genres include Pop, Rock, Blues, Metal, and Alternative. Just select a tone sample, then download it into the program, choose among the four preset switches, and press on the button to overwrite the present preset with the brand new one. You may produce your samples and then upload them into the library if you want.

Beginners will love the program’s Automobile Chords attribute that shows the chords for any song you’re currently streaming so that you can play with it.

If you are having difficulty keeping up, you can slow down the song or loop individual sections to clinic chord changes. Auto Chords functions with tunes streamed with Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify, but lacks support for other popular streaming services including Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and Pandora.

The cellular program supports voice command for many features: You can ask it to perform with a backing track, play with the drums, or begin a metronome.

But I found it simpler and quicker to use the program for each one of these functions. The app’s house screen shows a photo and the title of the sort of amp you’re posing, together with virtual pedals such as correcting Gate, Compressor, Overdrive, Modulation, Reverb, and Delay effects. Additionally, there are virtual knobs for adjusting the amp tone and volume controls.

At the upper right corner are a blur icon, which takes you to a screen where you can choose and download amplifier models and tones according to genre (Pop, Blues, Alternative, Rock, Metal, Bass, and Acoustic). From the left corner is a three-bar icon that opens a menu where you can get Apple Music and Spotify song libraries, see recently played tunes, begin a metronome, and see files.

The display is the Home, Music, and Profile buttons at the very bottom of the home. The Home button takes you back to the home display, and the audio button takes you to the Smart Jam display, where you can make a digital backing band or pick one of many backing tracks to play along with. The Profile button takes you to a screen that shows all your recently played music.

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Installation And Performance

To begin, plug from the Spark amp, download the cell program, add tap Connect to set the amp to your mobile device via Bluetooth. After that, you can get your Apple, YouTube, and Spotify music libraries and then command the amp together with your mobile phone.

In other words, I like the way this small amp sounds. It provides an excellent tone with lots of beefy volumes, and the Amp Sort dial provides a significant number of amplifiers. I especially enjoy the Crunch setting for enjoying leads but believe that the Bass setting might be milder.

Playing together with a Smart Jam virtual group is enjoyable, and an excellent practice instrument and the automobile Chord attribute does a great job of showing the right chords out of tunes streamed out of the library. I enjoy I can slow down things to the clinic the chord changes on portions of Jimi Hendrix’s Angel, a tune I have always had difficulty playing easily.

The majority of the tone samples that I downloaded in the cloud did an excellent job of mimicking their planned artist’s noise, but there were two or one, which seemed awful. Nevertheless, considering the sheer quantity of submissions into the cloud library, there are sure to be a couple of stinkers.


As a bonus, the Positive Grid Spark amp program responds to voice control, which means you don’t need to lift a finger to ask a tune or backing track or telephone your digital group. I’ve very little doubt it will light a flame under other makers, and for all that, it earns our Editors’ Pick Award. We hope that our Positive grid spark 40 Review can help you know about this practice amp.