Polk Audio T15 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Polk Audio has a vast range of speakers, all created to provide excellent quality at the lowest cost possible. These bookshelf speakers provide minimal cost, coming in at under $100 for the set (check this list for the latest live prices). However, they lack the noise that would make them unique.

If you’re searching for low-cost bookshelf loudspeakers, then the T15s are a superb option, with a good grade, a good build, and a low price tag. Loyal sound fans might discover the speakers lack the midrange performance-tuned noise, causing a transparent, however much-overhyped sound. In this Polk Audio T15 Review, Fidlar will show you complete details about this speaker.

Polk Audio T15 Reviews


  • Name Polk Audio T15
  • Speaker type Passive
  • Size 7.25 x 6.5 x 10.63 inches (18.42 x 16.51 x 27 cm)
  • Weight per speaker 8 lbs (3.628 kg)
  • Frequency range 60 Hz – 24000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
  • Sensitivity 89 dB
  • Impedance 8 ohms

Polk Audio T15 Reviews


  • Easy to mount
  • Wide dispersion, broad area coverage
  • Easy load for inexpensive amplifiers
  • Wide soundstage
  • Ideal for budget surrounds since they sound best at a higher elevation


  • Flawed response and audible gap on direct axis height level
  • The somewhat ‘cupped’ sound character on some recordings
Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers – Hi-Res Audio with Deep Bass Response | Dolby and DTS Surround | Wall-Mountable| Pair, Black
  • GET SUPERIOR HOME THEATER EXPERIENCE WITH IMMERSIVE SURROUND SOUND – Featuring (1) 0.75" tweeter & (1) 5.25" Dynamic Balance Driver, these speakers are designed to produce a natural, well-balanced sound with massive bass even at the lowest frequencies
  • Use these wall-mountable bookshelf speakers as FRONT, LEFT-RIGHT SETUP, SURROUNDS OR AS REAR SPEAKERS and get mesmerized by detailed audio with crystal clear vocals, enough to fill any small to medium sized room
  • CREATE A FULL-FLEDGED 5.1 HOME THEATER SETUP with the complete range of T-series speakers from Polk with two T50 Tower Speakers, one T30 Center Channel, two T15 Bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer
  • Polk speakers are COMPATIBLE WITH MOST HOME THEATER AV RECEIVERS giving you many setup arrangement options - in single or multi-room with 2.0, 2.1, 3.1 systems or an immersive 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 setup
  • POLK'S UNMATCHED QUALITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. With these value-priced speakers, you can now enjoy premium acoustics, high quality construction, easy setup and a spectacular theater experience right at home

Design And Build Quality

The T15s are about as easy as they are available when it comes to looks. The black cabinet features a detachable cloth grille, showing a slightly gray woofer on the interior.

The rear of the cabinet features speaker input along with a wall mount, but that is it. The plan is simple, not meddling in almost any tendencies imposed from the sound market.

Design And Build Quality

The cabinet is made from MDF and comes in only more than eight pounds. The measurements step 7.2 x 6.5 x 10.6 inches, which makes even the dimensions as classic as the layout. The appearance might be a little dull, but all these are funding speakers. It is beautiful to see Polk speakers place the cash into the parts and not to the dash.

There are three elements of driving speakers. The first is that a 5.25″ polymer-composite cone driver, which cares for the midrange. This is the region that’s finished in gray with a beautiful black accent onto the back part of this cone.

Next comes the .75″ soft silk dome tweeter. Frankly, this is not anything surprising. The tweeter is shining, building a pseudo waveguide for your speaker. While this adds some protection, it would have been nice to find some metal bracing therefore that the dome tweeter does not get pushed inside.

Last, there is a front interface sitting between the two drivers. I enjoy front-ported layouts, and I am grateful Polk has chosen for you here within a backport.

The expression of the T15s might not provide much, but they genuinely don’t have to. Polk bookshelf speakers kept it easy, and, at this price, that is a fantastic thing.

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Indeed more impressive than picking for an excellent wood-grain feel is the simple fact that the Polk Audio speakers some reasonably special hardware because of its cost!

That is what separates it from the remainder of the proletariat, which it is possible to find at this price range. Rather than including just the bare minimum, the Polk people went the excess mile to ensure the T15 is an impressive affordable offering.

And given how it has withstood the test of time, we would say this effort has not gone unappreciated.

As for the drivers, you’ve got one 0.75″ silk/polymer composite dome Tweeter plus one 5.25″ mineral-filled polymer composite cone Woofer.

What is more, these are equally Dynamic Balance drivers, using proprietary technologies which is not always featured in versions this cheap, and the two speakers are sonically matched to your best functionality.

Granted, the bigger than typical tweeter dome will reduce some of their dynamic range, but it will raise the dispersion, so pros and cons.

Along with this, you also receive the advantage of magnetic shielding. This indicates is that you won’t need to endure any sign interference from wires or nearby devices while utilizing the T15.

You can easily control your smartphone directly alongside the speaker to receive messages and calls, and also, the T15 will dismiss it like it is that a week’s heap of trash that you forgot to extract.

As a last note, we must state how much we value the bass jack being around the front. People like to create a more significant deal from where the vent is put than warrants; this is mainly an aesthetics item.

But in this scenario, acquiring the interface in front allows the beautiful advantage of this speaker being capable of adapting a twisted slot on the rear for wall mounting, which is almost always a perk.

Couple this together with the compact dimensions of this T15, and you have got yourself a set of speakers which you can match literary where you see fit.

They work nicely on laptops, shelves, walls; you name it. What is more, they come with adhesive rubber pads, which you could adhere to whichever aspect of the speaker that you choose is your base.


As always, the sound is where it is really at. No quantity of make-up can create poor-sounding speakers great, but raw and straightforward solutions may continue to be excellent just from the merit of the audio quality. Just just how can the T15 heap up?

The general sound is quite hot; although we could say it lacks any detail, this was not surprising. You can not get everything with this price tag, but the T15 nevertheless has a great deal to offer.

The imaging is excellent, and it boasts a grand and enveloping soundstage that operates just as nicely with live performances since it does with studio records.

In terms of the frequencies, we very similar to how the T15 manages the bass. All these are undoubtedly bass-heavy speakers, and even without a subwoofer, they have got some real power behind them, way more power than you would expect from speakers of the size. The dynamic range can be just incredible on the shallow end, despite a subwoofer.

The sub-bass is somewhat weak, but we do not believe even bass will be left wanting with precisely what the T15 offers by itself. And needless to say, pairing this up using a subwoofer can not hurt.

The mids are also fairly significant. Voices are not the T15’s forte, but they at least typical for the purchase price. You never find them missing in multimedia, but it is reasonable to say you will find somewhat more from this T15 if the songs you listen to are not vocal-heavy. To explain, the kids are not in any way inferior or failed; they are not above what you would expect for the price like the bass would be.

When there’s any regularity that could come across as somewhat failed, at least at first glance, it is regarded as the large treble since it’s a little caked. It is not bad per se; however, it will have a back seat while other frequencies push in front.

Based on which sort of songs you listen to, this may even be a fantastic thing because the treble is inclined to get artificially fostered in records nowadays.

If you are not fond of shrilling highs, then you won’t obey this; however, even when you’re, it is not pronounced to the point at which it ought to make-or-break your choice to purchase these speakers; mainly as you may use an amp to put in a degree of detail into the highs quite readily.

Polk Audio T15 Alternatives To Consider

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers

At roughly precisely the same cost, these bookshelf speakers are a terrific choice. A slightly smaller woofer will produce less low-end, but that is little to no problem considering that the T15s have a small low end to start with.

For the additional $10, you are missing out on wall hooks along with a front-ported design. These speakers are not supposed to be pushed against a wall, so you might choose to consider that before buying. At any rate, they seem perfect for the cost; also, at just $90 (check this list for the latest live prices), it is difficult to go wrong with them.

Klipsch RB-51 II

Stepping up in cost is a set of bookshelf speakers from Klipsch. These speakers are nearly double the price tag, but they seem far better than the T15s. The gorgeous copper spun woofer, and unique Klipsch sound set these in a category of their own.

When there was only one word to explain those speakers, then it could be natural. Klipsch is famous for its natural noise from its speakers, and these are no exception. Everything appears right in position, instead of the T15s that are slightly scooped from the midrange.

Polk Audio TSi100

If you would like to remain inside the Polk lineup, these speakers step up the noise for just a bit more. The appearance is spruced up to accommodate Polk’s LSi collection of speakers, including a few extraordinary flairs to your setup.

On paper, both are nearly indistinguishable. On the other hand, the midrange on those speakers is far more tasteful. Rather than some good spade, the curve looks more natural, nipping at the Klipsch’s heels, but falling only slightly short.


At a price, these speakers are challenging to beat. For $99 (check this list for the latest live prices), the build quality and audio are more than sufficient to warrant the purchase price. For many additional speakers in a surround sound set up, these are excellent, providing some crystal clear dialogue and sharp highs. If you are in the market for a funding pair of passive bookshelf speakers, then you can’t conquer the Polk T15 Bookshelf Speakers.

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