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Playground Sessions Vs Piano Marvel 2023: Which Is Better?

Playground Sessions Vs Piano Marvel 2023 Which Is Better
  • Max Kuehn

The investment cost for piano lessons at the center or with the piano teacher at home is quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it. There are many solutions to learn piano online at home at a lower cost, but you have to be patient and practice harder to play fluently.

Playground Sessions Vs Piano Marvel are piano learning websites that are highly appreciated by users today. So if you had to choose, which one would you prefer to study?

And to make it easier for you to answer that question, Fidlar has compiled the information of two online piano learning systems to see the difference between Paino playground sessions and piano.

Playground Sessions Overview

Developed with the assistance of Quincy Jones, Piano Playground Sessions is a stage that’s based around music tunes. It uses game-like characteristics to keep learning fun in addition to education.

It needs an electronic piano to connect to these applications and can be obtained for computers along with your iPad. Lessons and tunes are separated into three degrees; Rookie, intermediate and advanced. There’s also a Bootcamp segment that educates you conceptual content in an easy to grasp way.

Playground Sessions Overview

The material is taught in a manageable broken-down method. It’s possible to find out each hand individually and collectively the interactive sheet music scrolls together with. You’re able to slow down the speed and choose to possess fingering numbers exhibited and perform without a metronome.

Playground Sessions acts as an ideal substitute for a human professional piano teacher. The software engages its users and provides them with valuable real-time feedback.

A monthly subscription permits you access to five tunes and costs $17.99. You could even pay a yearly upfront charge of $119.88 or possibly a lifetime subscription at $289.99.

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Piano Marvel Overview

Piano Marvel is quite a bit more severe, that isn’t to say it is not enjoyable or appropriate for younger students. It caters to all ages, and anyone starting finishes precisely the same necessary, fundamental skills at a relaxed rate.

However, generally talking has a more specialist methodology, and the theoretical aspect of things will be covered in far more depth. It’s far more akin to real-life classes and provides better coaching, which includes regulated reading evaluations.

Piano Marvel Overview

Additionally, it works by hooking up to a digital piano through the MIDI and can be on the pc or iOS format.

On the other hand, the program content can be available to publish in book format, which may be used together with an acoustic guitar.

But you do not reap all of the feedback components or interactive areas of the platform or course generally when using a book, except for every single lesson using a video lesson.

In training mode, the bit is divided into brief segments; you have the choice to learn how to play the whole piece with one hand at one time or perform quick details with both palms or perhaps shorter sections with individual palms.

The clinic on offer is a whole lot more well-rounded, covering more bases than rivals. The manners and techniques utilized are more comprehensive. It may have you ever clap a rhythm or rely on. Piano Marvel is more powerful when it concerns the concept aspect of things.

The course material is divided into two subsections; each has six first phases with many sub-sections. When you’ve finished the foremost six amounts, you may use the Flashcard note-taking program to practice with.

It utilizes time-limited answers to assess what you understand. There’s also an extensive song library.

Standard Assessment of Sight Reading SASR One of the features that make Piano Marvel stands out from other learning piano apps is the Standard Assessment of Sight Reading SASR. To put it plainly, SASR measures your ability to sight-read sheet music,

Piano Marvel prices $15.99 per month subscription or $110.99 upfront yearly.

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Playing Sessions vs Piano Marvel Differences


Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel’s most important program is split into a Strategy section and a Strategy section. Each team is divided into six distinct levels, and each group has 30 segments with 20 classes per part. Following is a rundown of things to anticipate.

Piano Marvel Method


Level 1: This level introduces one to the piano (or keyboard). You will learn finger amounts along with the fundamentals of good strategy. You will also begin to find out the names of notes and the fundamentals of reading music, and you’re going to start learning some simple playing rhythms.

Level 2: In this segment, you will begin learning how to play the piano in brand new time signatures, and you will find concepts like accidentals and syncopation. You will also learn to play different hand positions.

Level 3 – This segment will begin teaching you how you can play piano scales. Additionally, you will find new chords, detect half and whole measures, and find out about crucial changes.

Level 4: This segment moves into more complex concepts like inversions and triads. You will learn about the circle of fifths and transposition, and you will also find a few more musical phrases. This section also introduces new scales.

Level 5: This segment requires a deep dive into studying more challenging sheet songs. You will learn how to read two palms on a single team and discover how to cross hands and do finger substitutions because you play the piano.

Level 6: This section offers you an intriguing look at Baroque, Classical piano, and Romantic compositions. If you are interested in classical piano music, then you will likely love this particular section.


The Technique segment is made to be a psychologist for the Method section. It features ear training exercises, which are extremely helpful for any musician. Additionally, it has flashcard exercises. The Technique segment has its video piano lessons, most of which are made to give you more practice using all the methods you learn to play the Method section.

Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions divides its courses into three degrees: the Rookie Tour, the Intermediate Tour, and the Advanced Tour. Here Is What you understand in each:

Playground Sessions vs piano for all

Rookie Tour: This 84-lesson class is intended for people that are entirely new to the piano. You’ll begin by studying a couple of notes by playing the piano one hand.

Then you will start placing both hands together. You’re going to get acquainted with a few fundamental rhythms, and you will find out to perform easy arrangements of several popular songs.

Intermediate Tour: This slightly shorter segment has 61 lessons. A number of the lessons cope with triads, plus they are educated using music tunes.

Additionally, you will learn about both minor and major chords and chord inversions, and from the end, you will have the ability to play the piano chords with one hand and a tune together with the other.

Additionally, it will teach youth the helpful knowledge of having the ability to comprehend that chords are in a song just by listening.

Advanced Tour: This briefer segment only has 21 classes, which is to be anticipated Playground Sessions is aimed more at beginners than at intermediate and advanced players.

This class educates arpeggios and dominant seventh chords, and you will also find out about 16th notes and dotted rhythms. Many video tutorials in this segment also concentrate on tunes, but the structures are a bit more complicated.

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Video Lesson Quality And Practice Features

Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel delivers thorough video lessons. Nearly everybody begins with a movie tutorial outlining everything you will be learning. This movie Piano Marvel review allows you to get a peek at the website in the student’s view.

In addition, we enjoy that Piano Marvel includes a printable learning book that consists of a comprehensive explanation of every lesson also contains all of the sheet music for every.

Piano Marvel video

Piano Marvel also has a lot of helpful practice manners. As you learn how to play a bit, you can use “Train mode,” which waits for one to play every note before continuing.

As soon as you’re comfortable, you can move to “Exercise Mode,” which divides the bit into smaller segments to practice separately.

Piano Marvel also stands out due to its “slicing” instrument. As you practice, you can choose one of those choices:

  • Complete – Exercise one hand’s portion of the entire piece at one time.
  • Chopped – Perform shorter segments of this piece with both hands.
  • Minced – Perform brief segments with a single hand part at one time.

Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions is somewhat different from many other piano courses that you see online. Since there are so many interactive comments, many lessons do not involve a piano instructor showing you learn how to play a bit.

Playground Sessions video

This sample movie of one of those Playground Sessions piano classes shows you precisely what to expect there is a sheet audio scroll through which the notes illuminate green when appropriately performed and crimson when playing erroneously.

And true to the gamified learning music theory that Playground Sessions utilizes, you get rewards and points when you play the piano tunes nicely.

(Points may be redeemed for free video tutorials in the music library.) When you are learning a new slice, Playground Sessions also provides you the choice to slow the pace. But there are far too few video lessons that discuss music theory and technique.

Most of the learning in this program is taught using popular songs. Not enough visual aids. The video lessons are quite bleak without the help of visual aids. Not focused on music theory and techniques. 

Playground Sessions And Piano: Keyboard And Device Compatibility

Piano Marvel

To get the maximum from Piano Marvel, it is ideal to use a computer keyboard or digital piano.

Though the website says it may be employed with an acoustic guitar, users use an acoustic piano master from “book style,” You do not have access to any evaluation features like the average Assessment of Sight Reading.

Keyboard And Device Compatibility Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel is a bit restricted in terms of exactly what devices you may use it with. You can get Piano Marvel video tutorials on either Windows or Mac computers on iPad. However, you can not use it on Chromebooks or even non-Apple tablets.

Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions operates with pretty much any USB or MIDI keyboard or electric piano. You can technically use it with an acoustic guitar, but like using Piano Marvel, doing this would not permit you to find some opinions.

If it comes to devices, Playground Sessions is comparable to Piano Marvel it may be utilized in an iPad, a PC, or a Mac.

The Winner: Considering Playground Sessions and Piano Marvel have practically the same device compatibility, we believe this one is a tie.

Playground Sessions vs Piano Marvel Pricing

Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel provides piano lessons at a reasonable price. The monthly fee is $15.99, and the yearly subscription is $110.99. If you would like to check it out before committing, a completely free account allows you access to all of the piano lessons and popular songs out of the level one class.

Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions delivers a monthly, yearly, or life program. The monthly fee is $17.99, the annual subscription is $119.88, and the live program is $289.99. Playground Sessions frequently runs promotions that offer discounted prices, but there is no choice for a free trial.

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Playground Sessions vs Piano Marvel Standout Features

When searching at Playground Sessions and Piano Marvel, we noticed several features unique to a single website. Here are the standouts discovered:

Free music library Piano Marvel’s tune library allows you to practice all of the tunes at no cost. About Playground Sessions, the monthly and yearly memberships will enable you to get five free tune tutorials each month, and some other popular songs are $1.99 each. The annual membership allows you to get 40 free tunes.

Backing tracks: Playground Sessions includes backing tracks to decide on the tunes you play, which means it’s possible to find the sense of practicing with an entire group.

Practice manners: Piano Marvel allows you to exercise in the “Prepare” or “Wait for me” manner, where the website waits for one to perform with a note before continuing to another. “Exercise mode” divides a bit as you understand how to perform with it, making it simpler to practice individual segments.

Supplemental classes: Playground Sessions will allow you to unlock additional courses as you proceed throughout the program. This is a great incentive to continue practicing, and it helps expand your learning, also.

Sight Reading Exams: If you’re trying to find a way to learn how to sight-read all on your personal computer, Piano Marvel is a superb choice due to its built-in SASR assessments.

Contests and Suggestions: If you prefer the community’s soul and need to practice doing without needing to leave home, you’ll likely like Piano Marvel’s YouTube competitions. To enter, you only have to upload video lessons of your playing.


You have just reviewed the structure and the pros and cons of Playground Sessions Vs Piano Marvel, which provides basic piano lessons for all ages and entry levels. They provide almost a full range of documents, from video lessons to PDF files.

However, we are a bit more inclined to the lessons of Piano Marvel; they are more classical music, more rigorous in the classes. We hope that our Playground Sessions Vs Piano Marvel review can help you know exactly the website you will choose to learn to play the piano.

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