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Playground Sessions Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Playground Sessions Review 2021 Top Full Guide

Suppose you are planning to learn to play the piano at home without your teacher’s involvement. You probably need online software to learn and practice with your piano.

Playground Sessions is a piece of software that we would like to recommend. This is a perfect online piano learning system that many people appreciate. You’ll find video tutorials courses along with an updated melody library from time to time.

So what makes an online learning system so famous and fabulous? Let’s join Fidlar to evaluate whether they are perfect or not right away, Playground Sessions Review.

What’re the Playground Sessions?

Playground Sessions is a piano learning software and stage which teaches even the many non-experienced people to perform and learn the piano.

This unique master piano program permits you to control the piano when you would like to. You don’t have to rely upon a piano instructor’s accessibility to learning. You do not even require a genuine piano to learn the piano! It is, undoubtedly, the most convenient and inexpensive means to learn and improve your skill.

What're the Playground Sessions

Additionally, however, Playground Sessions piano will even participate with you, the student, in real-time! You’ll receive professional feedback regarding your operation straight away. And these critiques are not just your normal computer-generated responses. Even piano professionals and audio producers like Quincy Jones approve of these.

As a student, you will love this stage will provide you feedback and instructions regarding how it is possible to improve your playing the piano skills. Becoming mindful of your own healthy and weak points can allow you to progress much farther and faster in your trip.

Playground apps were constructed for efficient usage. You do not even require a powerful computer to get the ball rolling. The platform works with all kinds of operating systems. Whether your system is running on Windows, Mac, or even iOS, it does not matter. This platform’s flexibility is like no other.

Complete with movie tutorials, gamification, and real-time comments, the piano program will instruct you with all of the piano critical theories and ideas right away. These modules allow you to not play the piano efficiently but also delight in the entire process.

Aside from the course, the port also contains over 500 tunes, which you may learn to play the piano. These tunes are more than sufficient to familiarize you with all these stages.

As soon as you’ve mastered the first 500 tunes, a whole plethora of tunes will become accessible to you upon extra buy. After buying, you’ll have the ability to practice the tunes whenever you desire.

Playground music app can enable you to grasp the sounds of all of the different piano keys. As soon as you’ve mastered this procedure, you’ll not have a problem identifying and enjoying keys and notes quickly. From the time you’ve completed all of the levels, you will grow to be a piano specialist.

Playground Sessions Review

Playground Sessions Reviews


  • Built-in teaching materials
  • Helpful exercise designs
  • Highly interactive interface
  • Extensive library of practice free songs to choose from
  • Progress reports orange-tinted piano keys
  • Instant feedback
  • Tutors available
  • Learn from scratch
  • Work from various devices or operating systems


  • There could be more video piano lessons available. Check out Flowkey for a course with more options, or look in to Hear And Play for their song tutor software that turns any midi file into a piano lesson
  • Lessons can be hard. Beginners may want to sign up for Skoove for a more beginner-level course.
  • Quincy Jones does not teach lessons.

Playground Sessions Song Library

The library includes over 400 preloaded tunes with varying degrees of difficulty. This can be beneficial for people who understand piano playing and don’t wish to begin with the most straightforward songs. Founded by artists such as Taylor Swift, The Beatles, and Beethoven are contained in a mixture of many tastes and fashions.

The assortment of song options also allows for the freedom to find out different music styles and learn more about musical genres’ intricacies. You can learn independently and at your own pace.

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The stage kicks off using an interactive boot camp role to help beginners know the course better. The Bootcamp attribute has various video lessons and tutorials to aid with this.

They’re sorted by difficulty level, which means that you can independently transfer between amounts as you learn each. It functions as a significant mark on your progress and development.

Inside this part, you have a pre-recorded schooling video lessons with David Sides. As he plays the piano, then you follow along directly below and monitor his movements. It provides a real-time program of your lesson and functional expertise.


Every software system wants a generous dash to start from, and that’s what Playground Sessions has to offer you. The dashboard monitors progress so that you may understand your command level along with other data analysis features.

Customer Support

Playground Sessions users aren’t in there after downloading the program. The stage has a service center for questions, clarification, and technical aid. It’s quite responsive and provides comments in a timely way. This enables users to be protected by knowing which education time won’t be slowed or disrupted by poor customer support.

Customer Support

Master Tutors

The listing of songs teachers on the website involves some well-known and recognized musicians. These teachers have assembled the revolutionary method used here and give their talents to a few of the movie courses. A number of those gifted teachers include Quincy Jones, Harry Connick, Jr., and David Sides.


Many men and women respond well to video games as learning programs and Playground Sessions capitalize on this. The machine has gamification features very similar to popular games like Guitar Hero. This leaves transitioning to online piano learning simpler as a result of familiarity. In reality, the precision measures for piano training are rather like the way Guitar Hero scores gamers.

Backing Tracks

In case you don’t have any plans for a solo piano player, Playground Sessions can back you up. Every lesson and tune come using a backing track constituted of drums, strings, and guitar to play along with. This makes it possible to become accustomed to the interconnected nature of musical instruments.

Technical support

Playground Sessions comes with an easily-accessed forum where you can consult previous conversations and increase your own.

There is a focus on developing a community, which we enjoyed, and you will also find helpful answers from moderators inside the Playground group if you raise questions or issues. It is also possible to telephone Monday-Friday, consult with an FAQ page for specific questions, or email customer care.


It’s not the most expensive application on the market based upon the payment plan you pick for as advanced a product. The monthly fee of $17.99 per month is fair, but you cover it indefinitely without owning it.

The one-time fee is costly, at $289.99. Not just that, you do not get access to the full song library upon purchase. You receive eight free tunes throughout your trial, and a couple of tunes are included with every lesson you get to.

It is possible to get more tunes by either getting credits or purchasing them, which seems like a rather unnecessary cost with this program’s cost. On the other hand, the worth which Playground Sessions offer nearly makes it worthwhile; it’s such high-quality attributes and programming which I almost need to let you bite the bullet!


Playground Sessions‘ credibility is undeniably impressive, you get exposed to great teachers with individuality as musicians, and the experience is pleasing. For the student that wants to begin to learn the keyboard and have a great experience doing it, this is the one. However, as impressive as Playground Sessions is, it is also pricey.

The cost can be discouraging at first if you aren’t sure what you’re getting into, and I hope that this review helps make that decision. If you were taking the best online piano lessons seriously and wanted to learn or improve yourself, I would highly recommend it.