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Piano Marvel Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Piano Marvel Review 2021 Top Full Guide

Piano Marvel is software that connects to your personal computer or iPad to deliver lessons and track your learning progress. The system learns by level and divides different courses such as technical and listening courses, reading tests, or a vast song library. It is also the only system that confidently claims to be the fastest and most effective way to learn to play the piano without a piano teacher’s involvement.

Have you tried working with this system yet? If not and are planning, this is the place you need to visit. Here, Fidlar has gathered the essential information and existing features of this teaching system. Let us take a close look and see if this is the system used by many people and the best teaching method as declared at Piano Marvel Review.

What’s Piano Marvel?

Piano Marvel is an online piano instruction and evaluation program. It may be utilized with a personal piano instructor or by yourself.

The platform provides teachers the resources to monitor every one of the pupils’ training time and progress. Pupils get scores that make gold, silver, and bronze decorations put in their digital trophy case.

It’s an interactive teaching tool joining cutting-edge technologies with a good platform designed with the assistance of genuine music instructors. It permits you to learn through songs and exercises designed to challenge all ages and skill levels.

Piano Marvel makes learning exciting and addictive. While some other best online piano learning piano applications have long introductory courses and explainers, Piano Marvel enables you to start playing straight away.

The program was started on March 26, 2009, by Aaron Garner after finishing his Ph.D. and teaching basic-level music. Its headquarters are located in Rye, Colorado, with an estimated yearly revenue of $12.3M and 85 workers. Aaron Garner was the CEO since the beginning.

Piano Marvel has quite a fascinating history. Following Aaron graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in piano performance from the University of Southern Colorado, he moved to find a Master’s degree in piano performance and pedagogy.

When he had been at the University of Northern Colorado, he had been given a chance to teach the course piano for five years on a teaching assistantship program.

That can be when he felt the impulse to make software to educate piano pupils with different learning piano abilities. That’s the way the Piano Marvel app was born.

What's Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel Review


  • Piano Marvel is excellent at motivating its students to aim for excellence
  • There are plenty of resources such as video tutorials that help you at every stage
  • People of any age can start learning with it
  • Real-time feedback on pieces and online piano lessons
  • Lots of exercises for pitch-training and sight-reading
  • Piano Marvel emphasizes sight-reading, so you get a lot of tasks for mastery
  • Rhythm practice piano lessons are included
  • The expansive library in Piano Marvel is a huge advantage
  • Piano Marvel comes in book mode for acoustic pianos
  • Fabulous customer service
  • You can upload your music for practicing and learning
  • The lessons and concepts are broken down into digestible learning modules


  • It’s not the best to use if you only have an acoustic piano and not a digital one
  • Some piano basics aren’t included
  • Sound length is not well accounted for
  • The first lesson doesn’t include finger numbering

Key Features

Progress Tracking

This attribute enables you to determine where you’ve been and where you’re going with your practice. Details of all of the sessions you’ve undertaken on the program are all stored together with the dates. In this manner, you can know how quickly you’re going through the expertise to keep you inspired.

You may take your Piano Marvel classes using a private piano instructor who will help track your progress.

The platform also enables you to ship your progress to your friends and family through Mail.

Key Features

The Expanding Library

The program contains a vast library of songs and exercises, so you never run out of tunes to perform with. You will find over 1200 exercises and 1,000 performance bits for you who are available using the unlimited access subscription. Also, the system keeps adding more music to the library.

The massive assortment of exercises makes it possible to receive a well-rounded comprehension of enjoying the piano. A few of the exercises supplied by the stage include command and practice for sight-reading, ear training, flashcards, scales, arpeggios, and much more.

Standard Assessment Of Sight Reading (SASR)

This is only one of the latest features found in this program. The SASR scores and monitors your capacity to sight-read sheet songs. The score you receive is contrasted to that of other users, and your progress is monitored so that you can see how you’ve been improving over time.

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Video Tutorials

If you’re a beginner, the program supplies you with free movie tutorials that will assist you in kick-start your learning experience. The tutorials offer you all of the tools you want to understand how to play the piano efficiently. These tutorial movies help you improve your abilities in hand placement, finger positioning, dynamics, music viewing, and a lot more.

Move At Your Own Pace

This isn’t always a characteristic, but it fits in this listing, however. Piano Marvel permits you to understand how to perform depending on your attention and comprehension.

It is possible to begin at the start or, if you already know a couple of items, you can jump into more challenging exercises and songs. The program doesn’t limit you to a specific group of exercises or songs.

Instant Feedback

The platform provides you immediate feedback on each crucial input. A green comments light reveals you’re right, while a red one means you’ve made an error. In this manner, you do not need to wonder if you’re playing a note or rhythm erroneously. The solution is directly in front of you with each crucial input.

Hardware & Software Requirements

To operate Piano Marvel with its features, it is best used with a notebook or desktop. The computer should have a RAM of 2GB along with also a USB port.

For your authentic piano-playing, you will need a MIDI keyboard or an electronic piano with USB connectivity along with the MIDI-to-USB cable to cooperate with it. You can use this particular piano learning program with an acoustic guitar in their novel mode.’

For easy usage, be sure you’ve got a secure and adequate online link or an ethernet connection. And Finally, download the Piano Marvel Software.

Subscription Plans

Piano Marvel gives first-time customers a free one-month trial. It’s possible to spend this time studying the stage and analyzing how much it is helping you. But after one month, you have a choice to try additional subscription programs.

A monthly subscription costs $15.99 per month. But with my referral code (MIDDERMUSIC), the subscription will only charge you $12.99, register here!

Also, you have the fantastic choice to purchase a whole year’s worth of subscription. It costs $110.99 a calendar year, which is significantly more affordable than the monthly program. You get everything currently in the monthly program, but for a far cheaper cost in the long term.

How Does This Work?

Piano Marvel employs an online connection to connect to its database, so be sure you’ve got smooth net capabilities. When you’ve obtained a secure net, attach an electronic or MIDI computer via USB or MIDI-USB cable.

Piano Marvel can do its settings and calibration. It will probably instruct you to press on the best and the lowest key to have a sense of the keyboard you are working with. Following that, you are all set! The program tracks your progress via the MIDI data.

There are different kinds of classes that Piano Marvel provides. All of these are techniques and procedure lessons. Each class has approximately 30 classes to be accomplished. In every lesson, you will find approximately 20 exercises available.

Method lessons are written of new theories like music concept, hand placement, notation, arpeggios and scales, and chord variations for your pupil to learn.

Each lesson includes tutorials and quick lesson summaries. Piano Marvel uses cautious pacing that attempts to succeed while staying exciting.

The technique is the point where the student develops abilities through copying and reinforcements. All these are performed through scales, chord variations, pitch, rhythm, and notice recognition.

Practice makes perfect applies very much to the technique here. Pupils go through the exercises to learn different concepts as far as they can.

Exercises are conducted via sight-reading from the pupil. The program provides staff and sheet music to your pupil to play and read with. The instantaneous feedback kicks in throughout the color-coded notes and lights.

If a pupil plays the order correctly, they’ll observe green responses. If something is performed improperly concerning pitch or rhythm, the input gets reddish.

The expansive library of sheet music included with Piano Marvel is currently a massive plus. And it is continuously growing also. On the off-chance you can not find the piece that you would like to learn, there is a particular Ask tab.

If you click on it, it is going to direct you to Piano Marvel’s website. There, you can email them a tune request.

Each tune bit also includes a training mode. When playing with it, choose the button which states Practice Mode, which lets you attack the bit little by little. You get more finite bits to learn and exercise. It is also possible to slow down the tempo and accompaniment to fulfill your pace.

The program has different degrees. You begin using Core C for degree 1 because most piano teachers could do it. More notes are gradually added.

It is possible to start exploring chords along with other essential requirements by about level 3. At level 6, you get started learning regular pieces. Each time you understand new theories, the method classes are there to fortify and reinforce what you’ve discovered. A number of them are exercises in addition to standard piano bits.

From the program, pupils also have a trophy case to fill up. Section of this progress tracking is that the decoration system which gets given to the pupil. There are silver, bronze, or gold decorations, corresponding to how well you did on a lesson.

Bronze means approximately 80% nicely done; silver is currently roughly 90%, gold is approximately 96%, along with a great score of 100% provides you a Super Gold decoration. This benefits system is just one of Piano Marvel’s ways of inspiring its pupils.

New users have to test out Piano Marvel for free for a month, which should be sufficient time for pupils to work out how helpful the program is to help them understand the piano. Despite all the free trials, you can realize your clinic and degree progress.


Piano Marvel is an excellent software designed to help beginners and pros alike comprehend that the piano. I highly suggest it if you’re a beginner. It’s outstanding in how it allows each student to learn at their speed. Next time we will have a post to compare the playground sessions vs piano marvel. If you need any more information, please let us know at the comment.