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Piano For All Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Piano For All Review 2021 Top Full Guide

If you are in the market for an internet piano method, you have probably encounter Pianoforall. With over 250,000 pupils, Pianoforall is a favorite online piano class that employs a chord-based, perform, ask questions later approach, making you look just like a pro immediately.

Creator Robin Hall states his ebook class will teach you to “play piano by ear, improvise, produce compositions, then finally read piano sheet music,” with every bite-sized lesson intended to move you from 1 skill to another in a brief period in a logical manner. Keep Reading Fidlar’s post to see our Piano For All Reviews.

Who’s Robin Hall?

Robin Hall created piano for All. Robin is a master piano player. He’s proficient in playing conventional grand pianos in addition to keyboard playing.

There’s a difference in the two styles; playing the grand piano is a more conventional approach. Playing with the keyboard concentrates more on pop culture kind songs. But, you’re ready to play both types on the two kinds of pianos.

That’s the reason why learning how to play the piano is such a sought-after ability. Robin was initially a cartoonist before he generated the Piano for All program.

While drawing animations and instructing others how to draw cartoons, he was also giving piano lessons. Then he chose to create his piano lessons available to all by producing the Piano for All program.

Robin works challenging to accelerate the client’s learning progress. He provides the consumer with many memorization methods and shortcuts, ensuring that they can keep information quickly.

He includes ebooks with animations he exemplified to help keep the reader amused and anxiety-free. The ebooks behave as self-help publications along with the consumer’s piano playing travel. The novels give techniques the consumer may utilize to decrease stress when learning how to play the piano.

Piano For All Review

Piano For All Review


  • Visual and auditory lessons. Unlike classic ebooks and printed curricula, Pianoforall provides you with visual and auditory ways to learn the content, which is especially helpful for beginners who aren’t yet comfortable reading music. Having the videos and audio clips embedded in the ebooks makes it super easy to access this content when you need it.
  • Jumps right into playing. You’ll feel like you’re making progress from the first session.
  • Uses well-known songs. Not only does this make it easier to play by ear, but you’ll also enjoy being able to play songs that you recognize.
  • Promotes musicality. Playing by ear, improvising, and composing melodies are often mostly ignored in piano methods for beginners. Pianoforall teaches these skills thoroughly, giving you a solid base of musicality and ensuring that you’ll always have something to play.
  • Makes you use your left hand more than traditional piano curriculums. As is the case for many piano players who take the traditional approach, I was accustomed to focusing on the right hand. As my pieces got more complex, I had to devote a lot of time to practicing the left-hand parts alone. Since Pianoforall encourages you to practice more with the left hand than the right, students of this program will be less likely to have a “lazy” left hand.
  • Information is laid out clearly and easy to understand. While a bit plain compared to printed curriculum like Faber’s Piano Adventures, these e-books are well-organized and visually clean.


  • Small concentrate on technique. Conventional piano instructors remind their students of the hand position, posture, wrist, wrist, and body motions. While lack of instruction is a clear drawback of internet piano classes generally, Pianoforall specifically doesn’t address it. I suggest supplementing the path with courses (YouTube counts) that educate posture along with other practices.
  • Avoids reading songs. In the novels that rely heavily on sheet songs, the titles of these notes are often provided, and at times you are given a choice to improvise. Therefore, although the program aims to teach you how you can read music, it would be simple to develop a less-than-stellar grasp of the ability.
  • Leaves out several piano notation symbols and phrases. While the number of symbols and terms that these program covers is sufficient for people who wish to improvise, play by airplay fundamental sheet music, pupils wishing to go beyond might find themselves confused by unidentified markers. If you are one such pupil, Hall recommends supplementing his path with a substance that educates the symbols and terms of music notation.

What Is Included?

  • Nine ebooks and one bonus novel All these comprehensive ebooks take you through different piano music styles using chords, songs, and drills, instructing you just enough concepts for every lesson. I will go into detail on every publication below.
  • 200 video courses Embedded from the ebook itself, such videos strengthen skills with clarified keyboard presentations by Robin Hall. He plays with the lesson onto a decrease computer while an animated keyboard over shows you which notes he’s playing, which makes it clear that notes you ought to play with, what your palms must look like, and how it must seem.
  • 500 audio exercises and tunes All these are using every exercise to show you fast what it ought to sound like. Auditory students immensely will benefit from hearing every exercise before trying it.

Features piano for all

Key Features

A comprehensive song library

Pianoforall was made to educate its students on how to perform tunes. The platform consequently uses famous hit tunes that seem familiar to all around the world.

These are the templates you will be using to find out about the chords, melodies, and all of the intricacies required to create that specific song. Thus, it’s a powerful learning tool that makes it possible to get the big picture faster than ever before.

This platform’s tune library includes over 400 songs. These tunes are predicted to assist you quickly and easily find out the tool to become the best that there ever was.

These tunes are arranged by their degree of difficulty, from the elementary songs to the complicated ones. You could even learn each tune individually and at your own pace. This is unquestionably the best method to learn the piano should get at all; you’re a slow student.

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Interactive lessons.

These classes consist of nine to ten interactive ebooks that you may download from the website after finishing your obligations. These books are made to be simple enough for your rookies in piano to get the hang of playing with the piano hassle-free.

The ebooks include audio and video lessons, which may be used one at a time. It is possible to select between either of these based on a favorite method of studying.

Their rising levels of difficulty arrange the classes. The most superficial courses are located at the start of the program, and these enable the student to construct a solid foundation that will be convenient in understanding future classes.

These interactive classes permit the student to fully participate in the class and provide the student with a chance to immerse him/herself in the program entirely. This has proven to be among the very best techniques to understand how to play the piano.

Use it on any device

You’ll have Pianoforall on some of your own devices. It’s possible to use the system anytime, anyplace you’d enjoy, thanks to the advantage it provides. Take your piano classes on the move. In this manner, you can not afford to overlook any courses.

Offline access

As a result of downloadable articles, you don’t need to be linked to a community. The ebooks utilized for taking the courses could be downloaded and saved to a computer or some other device of choice.

You can shut down the online connection because you won’t be needing it. This can save one of the distractions the web includes. Focusing on your course becomes a job for this reason.

Super responsive customer support.

Many men and women require a little additional help on the way. Pianoforall offers you a helping hand if you need it most. All applications ordinarily will come with a customer care area where you could create purchases, seek clarification on challenging problems, or make suggestions.

What makes the difference is if the client service is responsive and powerful or not. Pianoforall presents responsive customer care services that are prompt to provide feedback.

Knowing that they have got your back is sufficient to build your confidence as you work. Bear in mind, the earlier the client service answers you, the earlier you’re able to keep on with your curricula and learn the piano sessions.

If you’d like closer oversight, you’ll have your work critiqued by Robin Hall. He enjoys helping pupils to learn quicker. This one approach to be sure you are making fantastic progress. Another opinion will not hurt.

Free lifetime updates

As soon as you’ve signed up and paid for your ceremony, you won’t be asked to cover future updates. Love continuous, uninterrupted learning sessions across all of your devices. Free upgrades make the service very economical to get.


This is a part of Pianoforall’s landing page. It comprises testaments into the stage’s piano instruction procedures. All these testimonies help to provide the students with a fresh outlook on the website.

How It Works

Purchase the course to obtain the complete bundle of nine ebooks in PDF format. You don’t have to be online each time you practice your piano abilities. You can instantly download these ebooks to a device of choice, whether it’s a computer, telephone, or tablet computer.

The class also has 200 video courses and 500 music lessons from the maestro himself, Robin Hall. During these, he guides you on how best to play the piano, providing more facets of keyboards and piano. Each of the keyboard and piano lessons is newbie-friendly.

The EbooksEbooks

All these would be the interactive ebooks:

  • Party Time/Rhythm Piano
  • Blues and Rock ‘N’ Roll
  • Chord Magic
  • Advanced Chords Made Easy
  • Ballad Style
  • Jazz Piano Made Easy
  • Advanced Blues
  • Taming the Classic
  • Speed Learning

The ebooks are arranged in a particular order, allowing one to build on the course one has learned before slowly. This tactical, well-planned arrangement will require you to step by step through the full course. The very first ebook covers the basics of this program.

With every new book you start, you find something new that traces back its notions from the prior publication. Thus, it’s just like a well-crafted syllabus. Each book teaches you something entirely different that needs to be grasped before proceeding into the next.

Each publication has its field of specialty. It takes you to a different area of attention and shows a different idea. For example, Chord Magic/ publication 3 emphasizes the chords considerably greater than melodies.

It guides you on the techniques you can use to learn the different piano chords utilizing tools such as memorization and how these chords may be turned into music tunes. It guides you to change chords with inversions rapidly. Using this book, you can learn your chords in record time.

Video Lessons

The class also provides detailed video courses along with the piano novels. These visual aids are linked to piano publications and assist the pupil in cementing what’s been learned before utilizing the audiobooks. A lot of men and women prefer learning videos instead of audiobooks.

The movies are a comprehensive package, covering nearly every piano-playing technique. They feature a teacher that gives instructions about the best way best to play.

He shows you what there is in the chords and how you’re able to play with them, and where every chord is about the piano. Videos are a practical presentation of these ebooks and a far better way to find the piano quicker.


Piano For All is excellent since it is convenient, and you may use your cheap digital piano to follow along with fretting about not having sufficient keys. It’s audio and video integration works nicely for the most part, also that I think that it’s most beneficial.

I believe that the advantages of having somebody experienced such as Robin Hall revealing you the strategies and secrets and tricks of making learning enjoyable and straightforward are worth far more than the fees. It is $40, if you don’t want the DVDs too, which I do not know whether you want them, as you can stream all of the music and audio via your PC.

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