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What is Pele Net Worth 2023: Overview, Interview

What is Pele Net Worth 2023 Overview, Interview

Former Brazilian football player Pelé is recognized as the greatest player in the history of the sport and was the highest-paid athlete during the height of his career. He contributed to the national team of Brazil, scoring records and three World Cup victories.

Let’s know more about him and look at Pele net worth in 2023, records, career, and more.

What is Pele Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Pele’s Net Worth and Salary 2023

Enigmatic football icon Pele is regarded by many as one of the greatest players of all time. The Brazilian legend accumulated his net worth through endorsements, investments, and his career earnings in football.

Pele’s career spanned nearly two decades, with most of it spent at the legendary Brazilian club Santos F.C. and at New York Cosmos in the United States.

His net worth as of 2023 is around $100 million, making him one of the wealthiest retired athletes in the world. He has also established himself as a global ambassador for several multinational companies, such as Hublot, Puma, Volkswagen, and Emirates Airlines.

There wasn’t much money in the game during Pelé’s career. As a result, the Brazilian’s football career didn’t bring in much money. Nevertheless, during his three-year tenure with the New York Cosmos in the middle of the 1970s, he was able to amass roughly $6 million.

Pelé, who retired from playing in 1977, now makes most of his money from sponsorship deals. With $14 million in jewelry, he earned the 13th spot on Forbes’ list of the highest-paid retired athletes in 2015.

Pele Overview

Pele Overview

Early Life

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé, was born on October 23, 1940 in Três Coraçes, Minas Gerais, Brazil, into a soccer-playing family.

Goalkeeper Bilé’s name was mispronounced by the young soccer player, who adopted the nickname Pelé, which he kept throughout his career.

Pelé learned the football game from his father while growing up in the slums of Bauru, So Paulo, and soon started playing for many Brazilian juvenile teams.


When he was 16 years old, Pelé earned his first professional deal with Santos FC and quickly rose to the top scorer in the Brazilian league.

Pelé stayed with Santos for most of his career despite receiving offers from some of the richest soccer teams in the world, aiding the squad in winning the 1962 Intercontinental Cup.

He was the player with the most goals scored throughout his stint at Santos; Lionel Messi would only top that total in 2020.

He also enjoyed a winning streak in his international career, winning three World Cups with the Brazilian national team between 1958 and 1970.

Pelé, renowned for his adaptable playing style and association with the phrase “The Beautiful Game,” has frequently been contrasted with soccer greats like Cristiano Ronaldo and other greats.

Since his retirement, Pelé has made cameos in Mike Bassett: England Manager and the Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone film Escape to Victory.

With one of the wealthiest models in the world, Claudia Schiffer, he assisted in opening the 2006 FIFA World Cup final.

Personal Life

Pelé had three kids with Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi after their 1966 wedding. In 1982, after divorcing his first spouse, Pelé started dating Xuxa, a Brazilian TV host who was just 17 years old.

He wed Assiria Lemos Seixas, a psychologist, as his second spouse in 1994. Before divorcing Seixas in 2008, he had two additional kids with her.

Pelé declared his intention to wed Marcia Aoki, a Brazilian-Japanese woman, at 73. They dated for a long time before getting married in 2016. Additionally, Pelé has had several children due to affairs over the years.

Real Estate

According to rumors, Pelé sold his Hamptons home for $2.85 million in 2018. He had previously paid $156,000 for the house in 1979. Over time, Pelé grew the house into an opulent 3,500-square-foot residence.

Another significant benefit is having easy access to the beach. At the age of 77, Pelé wasn’t living in the mansion because he had long ago retired in his native Brazil.


Most of Pelé’s controversies developed after he retired from playing professional football. The former football player was charged with taking $700,000 from UNICEF in a corruption case in 2001.

He was prohibited from attending the 1994 FIFA World Cup draw in Las Vegas, partly due to his conflict with Joao Havelange, the organization’s president at the time.

Pelé filed a $30 million lawsuit against Samsung Electronics in 2016, alleging false endorsements and infringements on his right to publicity.

The accusation stemmed from a 2015 Samsung advertisement that included a man who almost identically resembled Pelé and another scene with the player’s recognizable bicycle kick.

Why is Pele famous?

He earned the titles “The King of Football” (O Rei do Futebol) and “The King Pelé” (O Rei Pelé) during his playing career. Pelé, who was recognized from an early age, started playing for Santos Futebol Clube at 15, for his country at 16, and at 17, he won his first World Cup.

FAQs about Pele

FAQs about Pele

What is Messi net worth?

Lionel Messi is reportedly the richest football player in the world, with a net worth of over 620 million US dollars.

How much is Neymar net worth?

Football (soccer) player from Brazil Neymar has a $200 million fortune.

How much did Pele get paid a week?

Pelé makes £1,612,000 a year while serving as a DM for Reading, or £31,000 per week.

What is Ronaldinho net worth?

The former Brazilian football (soccer) player Ronaldinho has a $90 million fortune.

What is Maradona net worth?

Maradona’s estimated net worth at the time of his passing was $500,000.

How old is Pele?

Pele age is 82 years old.

How tall is Pele?

Pele height is 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in).


Pelé is a true icon of the sport, and his legacy will live on for generations. His remarkable accomplishments on and off the pitch have made him one of the most influential sports figures.

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