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Pearl Decade Maple Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Pearl Decade Maple Review 2021 Top Full Guide

Pearldrum is a very famous drum brand with many prized products. Pearl Decade Maple shells pack is a complete tool drum for an unbeatable price. It is considered a drum kit with distinctive timbre and durability, large-range sound suitable for many music genres from Jazz to Metal.

If you are overwhelmed by hundreds or even thousands of products on the market today, there is no reason not to join Fidlar to learn more about the drums loved by so many people right at Pearl Decade Maple Review of we. Let’s see if it’s worth the investment.

Pearl Decade Maple Series Drum Kit Review

Tech Specs

  • Finish: Satin Brownburst
  • Configuration: Shell pack with snare
  • Number of Drums: 5
  • Snare (Depth x Diameter): 5″ x 14″
  • Mounted Toms (Depth x Diameter): 7″ x 10″, 8″ x 12″
  • Floor Toms (Depth x Diameter): 16″ x 16″
  • Bass Drums (Depth x Diameter): 18″ x 22″
  • Shell Material: Maple
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DMP925SP/C260

Tech Specs


Its new shells and fresh lugs characterize the apparel. The central selling point is that the thin 100 percent walnut shells, and Pearl asserts that is the initial all-maple lacquered drum kit within this cost range to take a lifetime warranty.

This warranty is important because since Stagg produced the very first budget Chinese walnut kit back in the 1990s, the premise was that funding walnut kits should demand a less-lasting quality of walnut.

Pearl’s normal 7.5millimeter Export casing unites three 1.6mm with 3 0.9millimeter plies. The Vision also did (with heftier bass drums and floor toms).

The thing about the new DMP is the cubes are thinner. Hence that the DMP’s walnut shells can also be 6-ply, but only 5.4mm thick. Every one of those six plies is precisely the same 0.9mm, which makes this is an even-ply shell, using precisely the identical lay-up as Pearl’s Reference Pure.

The toughest rock pine from slow-growth dense interior woods trees from North America is a byword for drums. You can not expect here, but walnut is walnut, and the wood used here appears acceptable.

Whatever the instance, Pearl’s proprietary shell-making procedure saturates the plies with adhesive then bakes them tough as iron. So whatever the timber and yet thin, the cubes are robust. Hence that lifetime warranty.

Indeed, the walnut requires a complete well that the exterior of this inspection drums is simpler than George Clooney. You would have needed to purchase a top-of-the-line kit to receive a complete this great only a couple of decades back.

The insides will also be buffed smooth, functioning up to the 45° bearing edges that are again as accurate as those of drums, costing much more.

Pearl is different from other significant producers in using the standard way of overlapping scarf unites rather than the more comfortable butt joins.

It produces a small ridge, but the Superior Shell Technology (SST) system also produces accurately round shells, and these step up impressively. Thus all-in-all, a huge thumbs up for an exemplary task, especially at this price.

The inspection kit is at Satin Black Burst, and when this does not do it for you, check out the four other High Gloss or Matte Lacquers at Satin Slate Black, White Satin Pearl, Satin Brown Burst, and Gloss Deep Red Burst.

Additionally, Pearl says, For the fall season, we’ve introduced three Galaxy Flake endings in Ocean, Crimson a Slate, available in 2 configurations, both Fusion along with the 22″ Rock Fusion.

Another new feature is the mini-lug, a type of blobby square identifying but less appealing to my eye than Pearl’s current curvy layouts. The toms and bass drum have single-ended variations with rubber isolation gaskets.

The bass drum has 16 lugs while the toms have 12. This usually means the 16″ flooring Tom includes six-lug decoration (like on the Export too ), and it is a budget-chasing attribute and appears out of place with this classy kit. The trap has eight of a double-ended variant of the new drug design.

Since the Decade Maple drum kit is a step-up kit, Pearl decided to incorporate a hardware update with every shell package. So you get a meaty 830 series collection consisting of straight and boom cymbal stands, hi-hat and snare stand, and a P-930 Demonator kick pedal with a cool longboard.

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Setting up is a doddle using Pearl’s functional, feature-packed hardware. The vast story, though, is these shells. The walnut might not be the best cut of top-money apparel. However, the toughened cubes are 5.4mm lean considerably thinner than many additional funding kits.

Consequently, you get a more succulent, resonant, ultra-clear, and pithy sound contemporary audio, bright but using all the middle-frequency body which characterize maple.


Both little toms sing, even if tuned down a little to have a slappy assault. And even though the 16″ flooring Tom has six-lug hoops, the consequent fall in metalwork allows the drum to start up.

You’ve got to be cautious to not song too low, or as a consequence of the minimal drag count, the mind can flap a little. However, a half-turn above, it begins to roar, and entering center tuning, the racket’s width is similar to an 18″ Tom.

Sat supporting the bass drum that the noise is initially stiff and surprising, rather cracky. This can be misleading, though, because as soon as you head out front, the perceived pitch falls considerably, and the tone rounds outside. You realize this is just one big fat, controlling bass.

Pearl has thrown into a beneficial twin-section (33cm x 30cm) black cloth bass drum pillow muffler. It’s Velcro to keep it from going after appropriately positioned.

The white-coated single-ply front headset is emblazoned with Pearl’s emblem and sports a 51⁄4″ (13 cm) air hole in the bottom right. You can about get your arm to correct the pillow damper.

In terms of the trap, we had been pleasantly surprised. When there is a weak place in budget apparel, it will be the snare drum. However, this one is sharp and crisp with a sweet tone.

It responds equally over the whole surface and, much like all the other drums, advantages from the thin shell and accurate bearing advantages to produce ringing, cracking, unhampered rim-shots.


The hoops are thin and permit the heads to discriminate freely. The lugs are, well, lugs. They’re a little on the blocky side, but at precisely the same time, curved and smooth enough to not stick out like a sore thumb.

The ground Tom ft have openings to provide a cushion of air that permits the ground toms to resonate a bit more. The claw hooks to your kick drum are lined with rubber to protect the hoops.

The Uni-Lock gearless tom arms stood out. My preceding kit had an L-rod ball-in-socket Tom’s arm, and it needed to droop throughout a performance. When I had it as tight as it could go, it’d still droop.

I didn’t enjoy that whatsoever. I was thrilled to figure these out do not have this matter. I loosen it with a drum, place it where I need, tighten it, and it remains. A couple of hours after acting, and it is still there. I don’t fret about a tom or two falling and placing a nick in my kick drum.

When I saw the Opti-Loc, it informed me of this Pearl ISS bracket. I then thought of the Pearl OptiMount, then a mix of both. The Pearl Opti-Locs mounts on two pressure rods on the top (such as the OptiMount), and there’s a third mounting point in an airport (you’ll find two on those toms) at roughly 1/3rd of the way from the base of the tom. The strain is much more evenly dispersed.

Publish the Opti-Loc and Uni-Lock systems with each other, and you’ve got a sturdy drum that just moves in how you want it to.


The Pearl Decade Maple Drum kit includes Remo UT heads. The trap and Tom’s heads are Ambassadors. The kick head is a Powerstroke 3.

The UT variations of these, anyhow. The trap head is coated, while the Tom and kick heads are apparent. The kick drum head includes a vent hole for correcting the muffler or for preparing a mike.

The heads themselves are fragile. I didn’t devote a great deal of time to get the heads and tuned up, maybe an hour total. They do seem adequate if you opt to utilize them for some time till you get new heads.


Pearl put ten full years designing Pearl Decade Maple drums, and it reveals. All these are fantastic tools, and the price makes them an incredible price. I discovered that the casing construction caliber to be top-notch along with the noise exceptional. A few minor hardware concessions keep its price, and the whole rig feels sturdy and robust. We hope that our Pearl Decade Maple Drums Review can help you know more about this drum kit.

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