Pdp Concept Maple Reviews 2021: Top Full Guide

Pdp Concept Maple Reviews 2021 Top Full Guide

The PDP From DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack Drum Set is a boutique-inspired kit using a cost that will not hurt the pocket. It’s a perfect choice for beginners and intermediate users, though, for many pros, it is often very underwhelming.

The set is composed of a bass drum, snare drum, stand toms, and floor toms. It’s advanced features and utilizes exceptional substances, making it among the most notable choices available in the industry.

Is this the ideal option for great cheap drum sets? There’s just one way to discover! Continue reading the remainder of this PDP Concept Maple Reviews, and Fidlar will show you complete details about this drum kit.

The PDP From DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack Review

Tech Specs

  • Finish: Natural Lacquer
  • Configuration: Shell pack with snare
  • Number of Drums: 5
  • Snare (Depth x Diameter): 5.5″ x 14″
  • Mounted Toms (Depth x Diameter): 8″ x 10″, 9″ x 12″
  • Floor Toms (Depth x Diameter): 14″ x 16″
  • Bass Drums (Depth x Diameter): 18″ x 22″
  • Shell Material: Maple
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PDCM2215NA
PDP By DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack with Chrome Hardware Natural
  • Dual-Turret Lug, True-Pitch Tension Rods and Die-Cast Claw Hooks
  • Graduated Counter Hoops
  • 7-ply Tom/Kick Shells and 10-ply Snare Shells
  • MAG Throw-Off and Fully Chromed Snare Wires w/ Carbon Steel Coils and Brass End Plates
  • Stands and Cymbals Not Included

The PDP From DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack Review


Simple but stunning, this is among the best ways to explain this particular drum kit. Regardless of the simplicity, however, it’s packed with plenty of features that will allow it to provide exceptional performance.

The PDP From DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack Review Features

Additionally known as STM, this is among those advanced features which make this product far before its league. This mounting method for your rack toms makes sure it will be secure, unlike many others that could wind up being wobbly, particularly once you begin to feel the warmth of this set.

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Maple Shell Packs

Its walnut shell construction can let it deliver plenty of advantages, such as improved sound quality along with the lesser effect of vibration to the audio that’s produced. Nevertheless, the walnut Isn’t as high-end as people who you can find in much more expensive versions,

Authentic Pitch Tension Rod

This is yet another thing that makes this drum impressive when it concerns the quality of the hardware. It’s developed primarily by the enterprise to improve the accuracy and accuracy of the tuning.


You will find far more shell package and complete variety for your Concept Series. And that’s the reason there might be on greater demand for PDP walnut kits.

A basic Concept walnut drum kit features a construction identical for both kinds of timber in the cubes. They utilize 7-ply for the toms and bass drums, along with a milder 10-ply trap.

This construction is technological, marked with a cross-ply procedure. The outer and inner plies all operate horizontally.

The standing of DW in lacquer completed is evident in such sets. Hence PDP is described as a market leader.


I had been impressed with the installation. Though there were some difficulties initially, that’s normal. In the long run, I’d expect a booming mix of attack notes, thickness, and atmosphere with every stroke.


The bass drum produces exceptional sound. It has a cushion that provides just the ideal amount of muffling, making a wet sound with good underfloor heat beneath. The pillow controls the tone, so keeping it focused.

The trap, on the other hand, didn’t turn out as I’d anticipated. It produced a lot of overtones, which isn’t my preference. And even after adapting all the way tight, the impact remained. But a lot of drummers do not mind such. Besides, I managed to figure it out, and it is in the ideal condition, only where I could tolerate it.

The noise on the mounted toms is from the world. I’ve appreciated the tone equilibrium and the Gorgeous design it produces,

The flooring Tom doesn’t fail either. Though it’s somewhat hard to the song, it will provide you the same tonal quality as the mounted Tom as soon as you get it.

Tuning appears to be somewhat complicated. You might need to return a few times until it retains. But once finished, you can perform rather than feel like quitting.

It’s safe to state the Concept Series is a reasonably impressive drum kit. Considering the cost of this quality, I’d happily recommend it for a beginner.


The PDP by DW CM5 Concept Series Maple 5-piece shell package defies logic regarding everything you get for the money! With 7-ply tom/kick cubes, a 10-ply trap shell, STM suspension Tom mounts, Authentic Pitch pressure rods, MAG trap throw-off, die-cast low-mass claw pins, proportionate counter decoration, a durable lacquer finish, and much more, the CM5 is excellent for intermediate to professional drummers – plus a complete steal at the cost!

PDP Quality

From cubes to hardware, you can trust PDP quality. A subsidiary of Drum Workshop, Pacific Drums and Percussion has produced legendary DW caliber available to operating drummers at incredibly reasonable prices. PDP’s drums, stands, pedals, and other drum components are made and constructed by drummers for drummers.

PDP equipment can manage whatever misuse your gigging program can dish out and keep on truckin’ night after night. Whether you are a percussion student or a veteran drummer, you can trust PDP for lasting, great-sounding, cheap gear, and drums.


In sum, The PDP From DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack is a high-end product geared towards people with some expertise in playing drums. It’s constructed from high-quality maple and incorporated with technologies that are exceptional to improve its functionality.

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