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P90 vs Humbucker 2021: Best Reviews

P90 vs Humbucker

The P90 vs Humbuckers are big names in pickup equipment, bringing great reverberation to the electric guitar industry. Although they have many similarities, if you are an electric guitar player, you will notice quite many differences between them. If you are confused about choosing between them, let Fidlar help you clarify the problem right here in this article.

What’s a P90 Pickup?

A P90 pickup supplies customers with a sound that seems somewhat like a single-coil pickup, a tiny bit like a humbucker pickup, using a classic low output thrown into the mixture.

Many famous guitars, such as the Les Paul (humbucker pickup) or even the Strat (single-coil), rely upon both of these kinds of pickups to make their sound.

What's a P90 Pickup

On the other hand, the P90 pickup is a pickup that is often forgotten in the guitar market and with no good reason.

I recommend the audio of a P90 pickup to artists who are searching for the audio body, which single-coil pickups do not provide, or if they’re searching for a high-end snack that humbucker pickups don’t supply.

When comparing a P90 pickup to a humbucker pickup, you are likely to observe the P90 pickup constitutes the midrange growl along with the twangy highs the humbucker lacks inside.

An interesting fact about the P90 pickup: that the P90 pickup pairs exceptionally well with Semi-hollowbody Guitars, which need a full-bodied, glowing tone!


  • Cheaper than humbuckers
  • Give a flexible sound.


  • You Need to Worry about buzzing.

What Are The Various Varieties of P90 Pickups?

There are many distinct variations of P90 pickups on the current market, but each pickup sports an identical tone and possesses unique shapes for their bodies. Here are the 3 Distinct Kinds of P90 pickups:

Humbucker casing: This is like the typical humbucker design because these P90s are a bit thinner and more than your conventional humbucker are. But, humbucker casing P90s does not need any modifications to your device.

Soap pub: This seems like the Gibson P90 using a rectangular shape; the mounting screws are in the pickup center, so it does not sit in your pickguard.

Dog ear: The puppy ear pickup includes a similar design to the soap bar since the dog-ear pickup also consists of a rectangular form. However, with the puppy ear pickup, the mounting screws are situated on a triangular extension on every end of this pickup. This will require some modification in your guitar, as puppy ear pickups using a hook in your pickguard.

What’s a Humbucker Pickup?

Humbucking pickups Will be a Superb Selection for you if You’re someone Who’s Searching for a pickup that can:

Create a big, warm sound that seems unbelievably different from the bright, lively sound that lots of single-coil pickups produce.

Single coil pickups are a magnet wound with cable, which divides them into susceptible antennas which are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic interference.

What's a Humbucker Pickup

But, humbucker pickups are made with two coils instead of one singular coil. Having two waves cancels out electrical hums and other outside sounds, which are frequently connected with single-coil pickups, while also managing to leave the sign from the strings undamaged.

However, how can a humbucker pickup solve each of the issues that include a single-coil pickup? Employing two coils that produce a sign instead of merely relying on a single coil to perform all the work!

Both coils that arrive with the humbucker pickup have reverse polarities and windings; this particular arrangement of these coils generates any undesirable electromagnetic interference.

This distinctive arrangement of the 2 coils also enhances the total quality and output of this sign while also increasing the period of your sustains and an increasingly lively selection.


  • Fat, big sound
  • Incredible sustain
  • You do not have to Be Concerned about humming.
  • Twice as much output as a single-coil pickup


  • Costlier than P90s
  • Less existence

P90 vs humbucker bridge

Humbuckers vs P90 Comparison

To establish the principal differences between P90 and humbucker pickups, we must thoroughly examine some vital facets of the devices. These include:

  • Build & Design
  • Tone
  • Volume

Let us explore all these characteristics of the P90 vs. humbucker pickups separately to evaluate their strengths and flaws.

P90 Build & Design

Classic P90s have a DC resistance of between 6.5k and 8.5k. Nearly all those pickups fall someplace in the area of these two values. Based on the magnets which are utilized to style the P90s, their design and inductance equally change.

The conventional P90 casing is quite much like the humbucker layout. They’re generally somewhat thinner and more than traditional humbuckers. However, they do not need your device to be altered in any way for setup.

There are two chief designs of P90 pickups the “soap bar” along with the “dog ear.” The soap bar layout appears quite much like the first Gibson P90 pickups. It’s a rectangular shape and screws for mounting in the middle.

The dog-ear pickup appears like the soap bar, but the mounting screws are located on triangular extensions extending from each side of this P90 pickup. These are usually more invasive to put in on your guitar the soap bar assortment.

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Humbucker Build & Design

Designed to fight the dilemma of unwanted noise made by single-coil pickups, humbuckers utilize two coils that have opposing polarities and windings. The assembly of the coils cancels out electromagnetic interference.

That is the primary thing that makes humbuckers exceptional they are the only pickups that use two distinct coils rather than one. The manner that the magnets are organized can also be exceptionally different from the P90.

On a humbucker pickup, there’s a single bar magnet [positioned under the two coils. This lessens the grittiness of this tone, and it will be a characteristic that P90s have in abundance.

The humbucker design stays very much like the first versions, which were created over half a century past. They’re made precisely the same manner; the one thing that differs is the sort of magnets used together.

P90 Tone & Volume

P90 pickups create a similar sound to the single-coil pickup, paired with a humbucker. It combines the two extremes to make a low-output, classic sound that’s instantly recognizable.

The P90 has a potent midrange. When paired with a tube amplifier, there’s very likely to be lots of hot saturation from the mid-century frequencies, which is fantastic for various types of music.

Another tonal characteristic of P90 pickups is generating the twangy, sharp highs that humbuckers struggle to provide. They’re highly compatible with semi-hollow guitars and offer them a much-needed brighter tone.

Humbucker Tone & Volume

As I mentioned previously, the primary intention of humbucker pickups would be to relieve the hum that’s present when using single coils. All in all, the tone of a humbucker is thick, warm, and balanced.

A tone is nearer to P90s than single coils, but there are still notable differences. They create a fatter sound with an extensive grip that lasts considerably more than P90 pickups.

When coupled with a tube amplifier, humbuckers reveal their actual power. Even though they’re more included than P90s, they could nevertheless produce red-hot overdrive tones when demanded.

Again, the total noise of this humbucker can be primarily determined by the form of magnets used. Commonly Alnico 2, 4, or 5 magnets are used based upon the taste of this manufacturer.

There is no denying that both P90 and humbucker pickups are unique creations. They provide great options to single-coil pickups and put in their personality to the design of a guitar.

When you examine the fundamentals of both of these pickups, it is clear that there are some stark differences. To start with, P90s utilize just 1 coil, whereas humbuckers famously use two coils.

That is only one difference, however. How the coils have been configured on the two pickups can also be entirely different, as are the structure and selection of these magnets. These versions cause noticeable differences in the tone and noise generated by both pickups.

Really, within the class of the two mini-humbuckers vs p90, you might discover there are even essential differences based on the model and manufacturer. Nevertheless, humbuckers tend to make a thicker, warmer tone than the P90s.

P90 pickups combine the qualities and characteristics of both single-coil pickups and humbuckers. It would be somewhat accurate to call them a hybrid vehicle pickup, which offers the best of the two worlds.

But because P90s only utilize one coil, they do not boast the same level of proficiency in minimizing unwanted digital hum in the sign and so are more inclined to noise problems.

There are, of course, ways about any issues you might encounter regarding unwanted hum when utilizing P90 pickups. You can use a sound suppressor pedal, a gate, or EQ to eliminate some of the difficulty frequencies.

I like humbuckers to both coil and P90s, only as they’re the best at maintaining the sign as clean as you can. They also generate a fat, immersive tone that suits my style of guitar playing.

For you, the response could differ. If you would like to get a wilder tone using the higher output and many figures, then the P90 will offer that.

If, on the other hand, you would instead stick to the most reliable kind of pickup and not need to think about digital hum tarnishing your sign clarity, subsequently, humbuckers are most likely the ideal alternative.

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Now that you know the characteristics of these two pickups, it will no longer be challenging to choose between them; experience it right on your guitar to get the most suitable choice. We hope this short article can help you better understand the pickup truck you are planning to invest in.