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Orangewood Guitars Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Orangewood Guitars Review 2021 Top Full Guide

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar to start practicing, we have an ideal suggestion for you. Orangewoodguitar is a brand known for its quality guitars that deliver clear and sharp sound at a reasonable price. Orangewood Oliver Mahogany Live Acoustic Guitar is the guitar that we mention; it is one of the most popular Orangewood products, and especially it won’t go beyond your budget.

Maybe this guitar is relatively new on the market than brands like Yamaha, Martin, or Taylor, but they will not disappoint you. Join Fidlar in more detail and features of this guitar at our Orangewood Guitars Review; let’s see if it’s going to be invested.

Orangewood Oliver Mahogany Live Acoustic Guitar Review

Tech Specs

  • Body 15-13/16″-broad Grand Auditorium shape with cutaway; strong African mahogany top, back, and sides; scalloped X-bracing; ivory-colored binding, top, and rear; and natural satin finish
  • Neck 25-1/2″ scale African American mahogany acoustic-electric guitar neck with truss rod, C silhouette, 1-3/4″ wide at the nut, 20-fret ebony fingerboard, Tusq nut, Grover Sta-Tite 97-18 18:1 ratio open-gear tuners, ivory-colored plastic fingerboard and headstock binding, natural satin finish
  • Electronics L.R. Baggs Anthem system with Element pickup and internal condenser mic; Volume, Mix, Stage, and battery test controls

Tech Specs


This guitar’s typical acoustic sound is excellent, certainly a step over other equally priced acoustics, such as my Yamaha F325D. The guitar’s expansive concert layout makes a full, balanced tone that easily matches small rooms and brings ears.

The mahogany wood adds a certain bass-like quality for your liking, permitting the snap of the strings to contrast the heat and roundness of the low strings.

Despite being plugged in, the guitar readily fills the area with rich harmonics that many guitars in this price range just can not. It’s not any Gibson Hummingbird in terms of making rich, complete audio, but it’s the best that you can get sub-$300.

Once plugged in, the guitar begins to reveal only a little more of its worth. The Fishman Sonitone is still a terrific, easy pickup, but it isn’t effective at shooting that aural fullness because of the under-saddle position.

The tone and volume knobs can also be somewhat challenging to achieve, being found from the hole, making it more of a job to attempt and alter them mid-song.

Under-saddle, or piezo pickups, are inclined to pick up a little more of the series’s vibration energy, producing excellent output and amazing cleans.

Still, some of the beautiful bass tones I said previously are cut away. In general, it is still phenomenal for its worth and could be a tremendous gigging tool for any guitarist. But be warned that this guitar has a lot of opinions when plugged.


The playability was a whole lot better than I expected from this box, to be fair. The guitar came set up flawlessly and fairly much in tune after transport using an assortment of weather conditions.

A number of those frets were somewhat challenging, but the activity was superb. It is a concert guitar, rather than a cutaway design acousticguitar; lots of the upper tier are somewhat tricky to reach.

Even though this might be an issue for several guitarists, I would strongly recommend this guitar to gamers that mostly remain between frets 0 and 15. For people who desire more, there’s also a cut-out Mahogany Live version called the Morgan.

Complete & Construction

The construction on the guitar looks rock-solid to me. Personally, the Fishman electronics did not produce a great deal of hum or buzz, only a whole lot of opinions when plugged into an assortment of solid-state and tube amplifiers.

Complete & Construction (1)

The input was a pretty solid wood acoustic guitar, and that I did not observe any cracking or sound once I attempted to shake the cable and enter the housing around. What’s more, the pure Satin finish is excellent; it seems robust and reliable and gives the guitar a fantastic looking, polished wood finish.

Some things must be cheap with this particular guitar, though, along with the tuners and frets requiring some work. The tuners are somewhat difficult to turn and usually appear to be economical and prone to harm, but they maintain the song nicely!

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This guitar is one of the very best acoustic-electric guitars available on the market for the price, hands down. For $275, you obtain a gig-ready guitar that’s capable of extraordinary seems equally plugged and un-plugged.

What’s more, the stunning end assists the guitar stand out somewhat from the bunch of inexpensive Yamaha, Epiphone, and Mitchell versions.

Better still, the guitar includes a hefty, padded gig bag that kept the guitar in fantastic shape via its transit. If you’d like a different acoustic-electric on a budget, then this is the guitar for you.


Suppose you crave an all-mahogany guitar that provides lots of bang for your dollar and does not require a pickup. In that case, the conventional acoustic Orangewood Oliver Mahogany Live Acoustic Guitar is probably an excellent selection for most gamers’ needs. Adding the pro-level L.R. Baggs Anthem system bumps up the price to $300, a price that may be well worth it if you plan on gigging and wish to provide an excellent tone to the audience. We hope that our orangewood oliver mahogany review can help you which should you choose.

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