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Nura Headphones Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Nura Headphones Review 2021 Top Full Guide

You are a meticulous music player, so the headphones you want to own must meet many factors such as powerful bass, precise sound fidelity, luxurious design, and comfortable to use in a long time. Then our recommendation today might be your ideal device.

Nura Headphones a headset that gets many compliments on the design and the way the headphones deliver sound neatly into your ears, equally important because its price is not too high.

There’s no reason to stop you; let’s Fidlar dive into the details of every part of the headset and the sound it delivers right at our Nura Headphones Review, or see if it’s worth it, like as many people comment or not.

What’s The Nuraphone?

The nura nuraphone headphones are an over-the-ear, lively driver headset with Bluetooth. This isn’t a radical proposition in 2019. Rarely does over a few months go by with no analyzing anything.

We have recently looked in the Audio Technica Mx50BT, a headset that will these things with considerable aplomb and can be yours for $180. On its surface, the Nuraphone priced at $350 appears somewhat high and out many people’s expectations for a brand-new firm.

What's The Nuraphone

The Nuraphone includes a party piece the Audio Technica nor any headset we have yet tested owns. It promises to personalize the operation to your hearing according to tests it runs when you start this up.

Just a couple of decades back, this could have become Earth’s World’s stuff with Maggie Philbin pontificating above a prototype, which seemed like Space 1999 prop. Here, it is a realized production-line apparatus.

The thing is, how does this work? It is all very well saying that the operation is tailored to you personally, but it comes down to the way that has been completed.

Let us face it; not all correction is equivalent, so does this interesting apparatus deliver on the promises that it makes, or is isolation still the best choice?

Tech Specs

Nura Headphones Reviews

Tech Specs

  • Weight: 329g
  • Dimensions: 190 x 170 x 88 mm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth,
  • Noise Cancelling: Dual passive
  • Built-in Microphone: Yes
  • Pack Ins: USB-A charging cable, Magnetic locking protective case
  • Battery Life: 20 hours
  • Colors: Black


  • Unique listening experience thanks to the personalization feature.
  • Very well-built design.
  • Good isolation performance.
  • Amazing battery life.


  • Odd comfort feeling due to the in-ear fit inside the over-ear cups.
  • No included standard audio cable.
  • Near-useless ANC feature.

Design And Features

There is a lot to talk about in regards to the look of these Nuraphones. In the end, this is a set of cans that nearly consciously distances itself from the conventional wisdom surrounding almost all of its rivals.

This mindset is apparent using their form element. Look at them, and also, the Nuraphones seems to be a relatively standard set of the over-ear headset.

They have got a marginally featureless vinyl Matt black layout, which, although not just dull looking, would fail to stick out in a bunch.

Design And Features

But have a look at the interior of the cans, and you will instantly see a set of earbuds suspended inside the broader cup.

If you are anything like us, you will instantly become suspicious of the design option. Every set of ears is shaped slightly differently whatsoever, and it seems impossible that these earbuds would have the ability to fit within any set of ears.

But after the two trying out the cans on ourselves and some of our colleagues at the workplace, it appears these fears were unfounded. The cans’ earbud part has just enough bent to bend to the ears’ requirements, and the result is a surprisingly comfy fit.

Ostensibly, this kind of factor was a choice designed to gain sound caliber. It enables both the in-ear and an over-ear acoustic motorist to be utilized in parallel. Still, also for us, the more considerable advantage was that the boost it provides to noise isolation.

Their form factor implies you have not just got an earbud sitting in the ear canal’s entry but also an over-ear pillow sitting over your whole ear. This effectively means you have two physiological barriers meaning the sound from the external world can not reach your ears.

To be clear, the Nuraphones aren’t noise-canceling cans, but their form variable cubes out high-frequency sounds (for instance, office chatter) greater than every other set of headphones we’ve ever used.

Alas, the shortage of busy noise-cancellation means you’ll still hear a lot of historical noise when using the cans, including train or airplane sound.

Even though the earbud sits nicely on your ear when you are wearing the headphones properly, their existence does imply that the Nuraphones are relatively uncomfortable to wear in almost any other manner. Trust us when we say you’re not likely to need to wear these cans with only one earcup on.

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Sound Quality

Given how necessary the installation and configuration are into the performance of this Nuraphone, the fantastic thing is that the process is simple and very plausible.

Set them on, and also, a digitized voice (that seems really like Tress MacNeille) can lead you through the process. It does not take too long, and it is not too alarming in your hearing.

The fantastic thing is that toggling involving my profile and bare’ configurations does seem meaningfully better.

The Nuraphone wireless headphones are not a tracked headset I don’t believe it is the last thing in precision, but I do not feel this is precisely what the business is planning for. What you get instead is reliable, which is extremely easy to listen to for prolonged periods.

The Nuraphone provides Marina’s Love & Panic using a very pleasing sense of warmth and participation. This is a great recording, and also, the Nuraphone does an excellent job of making sure that vocals sound wealthy and incredibly believable.

Part of this is down to this exact successful implementation of this noise canceling. As (presumably) it’s dialed to the processing being implemented to make my profile, it’s accomplished with no tonal imbalance, which could sometimes affect layouts of this kind.

The Nuraphone is equally as superior as the PSB M4U8 and Bowers & Wilkins PX, and that’s a relatively large bar to strike. No less significant is how you take to changing it out and in.

I found myself walking into the stores, turning it off to the short period once I was in close traffic, and then switching it back on again after away from the street.

Provided that random strangers do not see you tapping on the side of your mind in a fashion, they could construe to be you, indicating they are mad, and it works a charm.

However, the celebration piece of this Nuraphone is if you are using it for movie and TV work. I chose to test it by seeing a section of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II on Netflix about the iPad.

However, the results were so persuasive that I saw the entire thing. To get a closed-back design and one which, remember, has stuck protrusions to your ears at precisely the same time the functionality of this Nuraphone is cinematic.

The soundstage goes well beyond the enclosure’s physical space, and it manages the neat trick of being in a position to push the sound into the front of you.

My moment with the Nuraphone has not collaborated with a flight; however, I’m ready to say that this is the best alternative in the purchase price for seeing movie and TV stuff on a plane.

Is it ideal? No. There’s the choice to correct the immersion mode’ of your Nura profile. Everybody will have a different profile except for mine; less is more.

Nuraphone claims that raising it makes the presentation more akin to a live performance, but it truly isn’t much to enjoy that. Instead, you’re treated to more (much too much) bass plus an actual loss of a number of this pace and immediacy that a judicious application of this computer software can provide.

As mentioned, the battery life of this Nuraphone is quite remarkable. Still, the lack of Bluetooth 5.0 and the existence of the app imply that the battery lifetime of the Vital is markedly lower than it’s when paired with the Audio Technica Mx50BT, for instance. As you can probably gather, neither of those things are devastating so far as I am concerned.

Active Noise-Canceling

We were amazed to discover many new features in the Nuraphones’ most up-to-date G2 software upgrade, which provides a lot of value at no additional cost to owners of all their cans.

We complained about the absence of noise-canceling within our initial inspection, given how amazingly successful the passive noise isolation was, meaning that the cans’ passive capability to protect your ears from overall external sound.

On the other hand, noise-canceling describes busy noise emissions that soften consistent, low-frequency background sound, like whirring lovers or droning airplane motors.

Today, noise-canceling isn’t something you will want to get on all of the time. Noise-canceling produces a sound to cancel the background sound, and the Nuraphone’s generated noise is much more perceptible than that in similarly priced rivals, the more affordable Sony MDR 1000Xs.

However, on trains, even in air-conditioned buildings and on airplanes, some busy noise-canceling is far better than none.

Provided that you are not paying a cent extra for the luxury, and the headphones keep their excellent sound isolation, the Nuraphones newest upgrade is a welcome addition.

Nevertheless, it is also a reminder that not all sound-canceling was made equal and that the real high point of these Nuraphones remains the passive noise isolation they had in the beginning.

Besides sound canceling, a fresh Social Mode intentionally enables background sound so that you may talk to individuals while listening to songs.

The upgrade also packs at a battery index alert, multipoint pairing, and an automobile power on/off feature particularly useful in conserving battery.


Nura Headphones shouldn’t be used wirelessly for gaming due to their latency issues. Also, their design might not be the most comfortable due to the in-ear fit.

Their microphone performance also can’t compete against a good boom microphone from a gaming headset. On the upside, their audio quality is pretty good, and if used via USB on a PC, you can eliminate the latency issues and have sound audio reproduction.