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Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Reviews 2021: Top Full Guide

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Reviews 2021 Top Full Guide

If you are starting as a DJ, choosing a controller can be a little overwhelming, there are many brands and options on the market today with a wide variety of prices. If you are still in the search process, here, we have an idea that might be ideal for you.

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is the product that we want to mention here, a product of a well-known brand in the audio equipment industry. It is introduced as a control with many upgraded features, an attractive layout, and much more. Let’s Fidlar take a closer look at the device and its features at Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Reviews.


Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Controller Review


  • 2-Deck DJ Controller for Serato DJ
  • Two newly developed high-resolution 5” jog-wheels made from metal
  • Dedicated filter controls per channel
  • Multi-functional touch strip for dynamic effect controls and strip search
  • 100mm pitch fader for precise tempo control
  • A dedicated title search of the library with the control
  • 16 Performance Pads with various modes
  • Versatile effect controls
  • 5-Segment LED Master Level display
  • Integrated Class Compliant Audio Interface (24-Bit/44.1 kHz)
  • Output: Unbalanced Stereo RCA output, 6.3mm and 3.5mm headphone output
  • Inputs: 6.3mm microphone
  • frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz (±3dB)
  • Includes Serato DJ Intro – upgradeable to Serato DJ (subject to charge)
  • Includes Prime Loops Remix Tool Kit
  • Dimensions: 30.3 x 233 x 550.9 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg


  • Long pitch fader ideal for beatmatching
  • Good responsive jog wheels that look the part
  • Well equipped mixer with 3 bands EQ, Master VU meter, and filter knobs


  • RCA master output only
  • No, wait to connect any external source, so no option to have a failover source running through the mixer in case of computer
    failure during performance
  • No knobs for Dry/wet setting for effects has to change by using the touch strip

Build Quality & Design

At this price point, you will find definite build quality compromises you have to know about. The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is mainly plastic. Not cheap flimsy plastic, but still plastic.

It is pretty much the standard for entry-level controls. Luckily, that does not indicate that entry-level controllers are delicate parts of garbage. The Mixtrack Pro3 feels strong. It ought to last you a fair quantity of time-based on how many times you use it.

Build Quality & Design

Additionally, it has a slightly larger footprint compared to many other entry-level controllers. It is slimmer but opts for more breadth. This assists in spacing out the parts well.

Compared with the preceding version of the control, the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 DJ mixer controller features a far more professional appearance. Gone is your garish chrome and in its place is an excellent matte black finish. While an improvement on the previous version, it looks somewhat on the toy aspect of control designs.


Numark Serato DJ Intro is comprised together with all the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 DJ controllers. This does permit you to begin fast. However, the attribute set is stripped back again.

If you would like access to all of the features, you’ll have to devote extra to update the program. I know the requirement to keep prices down at the entry-level cost point. However, it is just another cost down the monitor, so bear this in mind.

The Intro program is friendly to get started but is lacking one vital attribute. You won’t have the ability to list your mixes using this computer software.

If you first start DJing, listening to your mixtures is among the most effective approaches to learning from the mistakes and improving. Additionally, there’s nothing better than enjoying your mixtures after you’re completed on the decks.

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Performance Pads

You will find eight pads found beneath each jog wheel. The base four pads are utilized solely for sexy cues that you’ve set. They’re on the smaller side compared to other controllers but have an excellent sense to them. Jumping between cue points is natural and comfortable enough.

The best four pads are delegated to looping controls. Sad to say, the looping controls feel awkward. Putting an automobile loop functions fine but adjusting that loop is a mixture of button presses, which does not feel intuitive. You might even set manual loop spans if you would like.

Beyond this, the pads do not do much more apart from a sampler manner. Other controls in the entry-level area provide a great deal more specific mat functions.

These pads might have easily been regular buttons, and the Numark DJ controller would not have served any differently. There aren’t any Slicer or Beat Jump purposes. It is about as bare-bones since it’s. They’ll find the work done for basic controls but do not expect anything much past that.

Mixer Section

The mixer section is nicely featured, offering three-band EQ for each of those two channels. Also included are a top and low pass filter knob. This is a beautiful feature that is not always current on entry-level controllers. It is a fantastic approach to aid with alterations.

The VU meters are all related to the master output to not understand the individual amount of each station. Furthermore, there aren’t any gain controls for each station.

But, there’s a master gain knob. As an expert DJ, I enjoy using individual gain controls to enhance my alterations and amounts further. However, as a beginner, you can require the in-built audio limit that includes the program.

There is a navigate knob in addition to dedicated load buttons for fast loading and unloading of your audio library. Cue Mix and Cue Gain knobs will also be there to permit you to researched and organize your mixtures properly.

The channel faders feel fine and supply a fantastic amount of immunity for reasonable adjustments. The crossfader can be loose enough for rapid cuts.

Pitch Faders

This is only one of the standout features of this Numark Mixtrack Pro iii. Short pitch faders usually plague entry-level controls. The streamlined nature of those controllers contributes to cuts in certain regions. Usually, they are only 60mm long. The Numark Pro3 provides 100mm pitch faders.

One of the primary skills you want to learn is beatmatching. Having long pitch faders causes this original steep learning curve a lot simpler. It is possible to make slight adjustments to the tracks’ speed readily with the lengthier pitch faders.

Connection Options

I don’t anticipate many link choices regarding entry-level controllers, and the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is not any different. Just one RCA output choice can be obtained. Beyond this, there’s a mic input using a committed gain knob.

Two headset jack choices are a nice touch permitting for the two 1/4 inch and ⅛ inch input signal. This makes it significantly easier to plug in and play a set of fabulous DJ headphones.

One key issue to notice is that the Numark Mixtrack 3 Pro features an in-built committed soundcard so that you can instantly connect it to your house studio tracks.

As a result, you don’t have to run the audio via your notebook or PC soundcard. This also suggests that the headset output is loud and friendly. If you’re planning on blending in a loud environment, it is perfect for getting that loudness on your sleeve up.


FX controls are situated on the peak of this Numark Mixtrack DJ controller 3. Three FX could be loaded at once; that’s ample for new DJs. Needing to restrain the effects through the signature strip feels somewhat strange.

Mainly because you can change one effect at one time; that being said, you can add some effects for the collections. That is more than a few controls provide.

Remember that the program restricts the FX choices. If you’d like access to FX, you will have to update to Serato DJ Pro.

Touch Strips

Among the critical differences to additional entry-level controllers is that the inclusion of a signature strip for every station. This can be used for rapid skimming through the wealthy track.

It’s a lot faster to do this using the signature strips than these jog wheels. They’re also employed as the wet/dry parameter for wealthy FX. Many DJs favor having a dedicated knob for this controller, but the signature strip does a good job.


The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is approximately the same dimensions as other entry-level controllers. However, there are several significant differences.

The control is a great deal more comprehensive than many. However, this will give it a spacious feel. Likewise, it’s hugely slimline at only 30mm. When you mix this with it weighing in under 2kg, you’ve got an extremely portable control on your palms.


To cut it short, the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is a fantastic alternative if you’re an approaching DJ. Or, if you’re working to receive your hands in a cheap, simple to carry around and multi-functional control.

There are lots of features that are unique, along with the many other standard features. Because of this, the Mixtrack Pro 3 stands out as both economical and distinctive. We hope our Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Features Review can help you know which should you choose.

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