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Novation Launchkey 49 Reviews 2021: Top Full Guide

Novation Launchkey 49 Reviews 2021 Top Full Guide

The Launchkey 49 Mk2 is a plug and play control made for producing and performing digital music. It features faders, knobs, keys, and velocity-sensitive RGB pads that fully control Ableton’s sound and MIDI functions.

Aside from its compatibility with Ableton, it automatically maps into other significant music manufacturing software & DAWs. Keep reading Fidlar‘ s post to see our Novation Launchkey 49 Reviews.

Novation Launchkey 49 Reviews

Tech Specs

  • Keys: 49 note velocity sensitive synth style keyboard
  • Pads: 16 full-color RGB backlit velocity-sensitive drum pads
  • Arpeggiator: No.
  • Motorized Controls: No
  • Octaves: Octave Up and Down buttons
  • Bundled Software: Ableton Live Lite 9
  • Power: USB and DC powered
  • Connectivity: 1/4” jack socket, USB socket, DC power socket
  • Control Hardware Directly: Yes
  • Compatibility: Class Compliant. Mac OS X 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, Windows 7,8, iOS
  • Dimensions: 30.51″ x 10.63″ x 3.54″
  • Weight 8.16 lbs

Novation Launchkey 49 Reviews


  • Extremely Affordable
  • 16 RGB Lit Drum Pads
  • Best Software Package Available
  • Lightweight


  • Not The Most Durable
  • Lacks Aftertouch
Novation Launchkey 49 USB Keyboard Controller for Ableton Live, 49-Note MK2 Version
  • MK2 version of Novation's 49-note USB keyboard controller for Ableton Live

The Build

Novation made some slight improvements and came in using an aesthetically pleasing layout. The brightly colored drum pads are fantastic for enjoying life as they illuminate the space.

Novation Launchkey 49 Reviews The Build

The construct overall feels considerably stronger. I don’t think that it competes with all the durability because of the Arturia Keylab MKII or the Akai MPK2 collection, but it’s an improvement for sure.

Bear in mind this keyboard is a lot more affordable than these two keyboards. Prices need to be cut, and that I think Novation chooses to cut the construct section, as opposed to other locations.

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The application section is where Novation murdered it. The package in some unbelievable applications at no cost. A number of them are free models, but they still permit you to look at each out.

Ableton Live Lite

The ever-popular free version of Ableton Live. This is among the most effective free DAWs which you could access. This offers you all of the tools that you want to begin composing your next hit song immediately. It’s also relatively simple to use since there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube.

I suggest using the program because it comes for free. You do not require anything apart from that, particularly when you’re only getting started.

Novation Bass Station

This is an excellent software VST that’s modeled following the Novation Bass Station synth. In case you haven’t heard of the synth before, it is a fantastic hardware synth that packs some wonderful bass noises.

The Novation Bass Station is an excellent VST that costs a reasonably good quantity. This, in my view, makes the 49 key midi controller MKII a fantastic buy.

Novation V-Station Software Synth

It is a polyphonic synth that is employed for both PC and Mac. The Novation V-Station is quite simple to use and includes 400 different places to store stains.

It includes 400 user stains and 200 pre-sets. You’ll also discover three oscillators accessible to tweak on this VST.

Addictive Keys

I’m honestly shocked that Novation includes this using their Launchkey 49 MKII. This is a costly plug-in in case you need to purchase it. Addictive Keys is a super-strong piano plug-in that allows you to access super-in-depth.

Notice: This is a powerful program that demands a great deal of room. Make sure that you’ve got a quick computer.

Loopmasters Loops & Samples

You receive 4 GB of free samples and loops. This is a complete steal. A good deal of contemporary songs is created from using loops and samples today.


You’ll find a few free keyboard classes from Melodics together with the purchase of this 49 key keyboard MKII.

Live And kicking

Like its predecessors, the Launchkey MK3 has amazing synchronicity using Ableton Live, and the controller comes effortlessly. To get Live’s Session style, hold Shift and hit on the Session pad, and you will be greeted with an 8×2 grid of those clips from the Session view, all of which are color-coded through the RGB lights and also coincide with all the clips to provide visual responses.

From here, you can start your Live Clips and Scenes and quickly change modes so that you can easily prevent, solo, and mute clip and jam with clips you have already made.

Additionally, it is straightforward to document, quantize, turn the metronome off and on, reverse, and (together with all the 49 and 61-key versions ) arm and pick different tracks.

Pressing Shift and the Drum pad will observe the pads stick into a velocity-sensitive drum style, which allows you to perform with your Drum Rack, together with the up and down buttons to scroll through the own bank of 128 pads.

The Launchkey MK3 is exceptionally adept at blending responsibilities also. Its intuitive controls provide access to center mixing parameters. Only press Shift and the Volume, Pan, or Sends buttons to allow control within their particular criteria.

On the more significant 49 and 61-key versions, the 45-mm faders control quantity by default, using the initial eight commanding track volumes and the ninth controlling the master volume, even though this can readily be delegated to control the ship and B levels somewhat.

You could even control individual devices employing the encoder pots when in a Device manner, or even the sliders, together with the up and down buttons to browse through different devices in a path.

Sweet Harmony

The Launchkey MK3 has plenty of excellent standalone features. Together with all the velocity-sensitive drum pads capable of outputting MIDI controller notes from C1 to D2, and working superbly for finger-drumming tasks.

The most exciting components of Launchkey MK3, nevertheless, should be found in Harmonic manners. We examine the next in REAPER, but it will work precisely the same on your DAW of choice.

Press Change and the Scale chord pad to place the 16 pads to Scale Chord style, for which each pad becomes a different chord at the selected key, organized into rows covering triads, sevenths, ninths, and sixth ninths.

This is a very creative tool for composing powerful chord progressions, even or mainly if you’ve got no pre-existing understanding of music theory.

There are just two other chord manners, User Chords, which permits you to assign a chord up to six notes to every one of the 16 pads, and Fixed Chord, in which you play a chord form and may then transpose it publicly by pressing the keys. Having three different manners is marvelous.

If you would like to put a conventional chord progression fast, construct a complex palette of chords, or do a little traditional house-style one-finger chord is playing or possibly a combination of the above mentioned. There are a whole lot of inspirational alternatives to play here.

Scale style permits you to define a root note and a scale or manner, together with the selection of minor, major, Dorian, Mixolydian, Phrygian, harmonic minor, and minor or major pentatonic scales.

Afterward, then all of the notes snap to the nearest right note when you perform with the keys. It is still another excellent role for less-skilled keyboard players.

A thorough arpeggiator includes seven manners: Up, Down, Up/Down, Played, Random, Chord, and Mutate. The first four are self-explanatory.

Random indefinitely play the notes of your chosen chord at a random sequence; Chord immediately re-triggers the entire chord; and Mutate enables experimental patterns utilizing the Mutate knob, which yields a progressively chaotic version as you flip from left to right. When you are happy, quit turning the knob.

There is an equally varied range of alternatives for rhythmic settings, such as triplets, different patterns of rests between notes, a Random setting, and the Deviate style, which sees a brand new pattern each time that the deviate encoder is transferred.

Having such a wealth of creative options that produce strong musical sense is an exact plus point. Many times, key and chord modes can be prohibitive and just function in a one-dimensional fashion. However, the Launchkey MK3’s Scale, Chord, and Arpeggiators manners are terrifically powerful and will inspire users.

Phat control

As a result of MK3’s comparatively lightweight, it will prove especially beneficial for cellular musicians and producers.

Nevertheless, we discovered our featherweight LK49 review unit would slip about a little on the computer keyboard rack. Though this would not be a problem, it sat flat on a desk using its protective rubber feet grounding its position.

If you are in the market for a well-built, feature-packed keyboard control (who is not?), we induce you to consider the new Launchkey. Its keys are unique, and the entire unit feels exceptional.

If you are compositionally jaded or have dropped out of love with your installation, start the Launchkey’s Chord and Arpeggiator manners, and you will quickly be in full flight after again.

The easy Ableton Live integration is a standout feature also, while the other features work correctly in the rest of the DAWs. Providing a lot more than only a typical control keyboard, the Launchkey MK3 is just another triumph for Novation.


The Launchkey Mk2 49-note is one of the very best MIDI keyboard controllers for music production and live performances if you’re an Ableton Live user. It’s suited to both the professionals and people that are only beginning.

Packed with features and the right software package at a fantastic price, the Launchkey Mk2 49 is a rewarding addition to your music production setup.

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